Choti Sardarni 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Meher proves Sarab’s innocence

Choti Sardarni 15th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Param says what happened? Sarab says we found our Guddi. Param says I found her the first day. Aditi hugs him. Meher says why didn’t you tell us the first day? Aditi says I was scared. Sarab says God has given me my blessing. Thank you Meher for finding us our Guddi. Vikram says I am your official BIL now. Kulwant says he has made permanent relationship with this house.

Vikram makes Aditi wear the ring. Sarab gives ring to Aditi. She’s about to make him wear it. Vikram gets a call from his boss. He says you’re removed from this case. Rahul will take over now. Vikram is shocked. Seema says stop picking calls now. Do it. Vikram recalls Sarab said he will clear his name before the case ends. Vikram says you’re an amazing player Sarab. You are getting me married to your sister and got me removed from the case? Sarab says why would I do that? Vikram says yes that’s disgusting. Meher says do you have a proof that he got your transfer done? He could do it after your wedding. Seema says this isn’t the time. Pandit ji says we are running out of time. Vikram says I don’t want someone messing with in interference. Sarab says we can discuss this after the engagement. Vikram says there’s nothing left to discuss.

Vikram says you’re done. I am out of this case. You must be very happy now. Aditi says to hell with your case. Is this how you will treat me after wedding? This moment was for our engagement not the case. Vikram says Aditi please. This is a fraud. Seema says there’s no mahorat for engagement till next three years. Do it first. Meher says Aditi please calm down. Aditi says I can’t do this engagement. She runs upstairs. Vikram says are you happy now? Harleen says I know you didn’t do this Sarab but only you can stop this transfer. Use your contacts and stop it.

Sarab says I can’t use my power to interfere into anything. Harleen says Aditi please stop. Aditi says no di, Don’t stop me. Sarab says I guarantee everything would be fine in next three minutes. Meher says I want you all to look here. Sarab is accused falsely of scam he never did. Vikram couldn’t find a single proof against Sarab. Due to some mistakes in his investigations, he couldn’t find anything against Sarab. Vikram says now you will tell me how to do investigation? Meher says no will just tell you your mistakes. What’s your favorite vegetable? Vikram says what? Seema says he eats sarson ja saag. Meher says it’s only grown in winters. Vikram says even kids know that. Meher says but your knowledge is even less than a kid. This invoice says the sarson seeds were purchased in march? Who harvests sarson in march? Same mistake is done with other invoices.

Meher says no one focused on the common sense? Sarab says and it was told that all seeds were rotten but they were never purchased. Meher says your focus was only on Sarab. And the ones who scammed were very at large. She shows the video of the person who did this He says I am ready to surrender. Kulwant says CBI couldn’t do what my daughter did. She claps. Everyone claps for Meher and Sarab.

Vikram says why did you tell me before? Sarab says I was waiting to get done with the engagement. I don’t know who did your transfer. But you have hurt my sister a lot. You have to apologize my sister Guddi. Meher says aditi, you can decide what you like. Sarab says you have hurt my sister.

Sarab says you’re not a bad officer or human. No one becomes a smaller person by apologizing. The decision will be yours and Guddi’s.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Like seriously mehar can handle family, she can handle politics, even she can invest a case better than a CBI officer. But she can’t say Sarah about her and manav relationship she can’t tell him that what happened or what her family did with manav.if she is so great why can’t she tell truth to sarabjeet. This show is showing that if a girl’s or boy’s family don’t like a girl or boy of your choice then they should kill them.Mehar always talks about truth trust honesty so where is her honesty. Does she not think that her family should get punished for killing an innocent.

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