Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Vijay brings magician Trikon to the court

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The episode starts with Vijay unhappy with Birbal getting the title of ‘Raja’. He can give Birbal a gift and this would be enough. Akbar says this title is a gift for Birbal, he does not need anything else. Vijay argues Birbal only has a bit of sensibility and ability to converse, nothing else. Akbar says Vijay is right, he did not think about it. He decides that he gifts his Utri state to Birbal as a gift; since he is the owner he will learn its manners.

In the evening, Akbar sat in his court. An announcement was made for arrival of Birbal. Birbal runs to the court late. Vijay makes fun of him with his fellows for being late. Vijay says ministry suited Birbal, he should not have been made a Raja. Birbal says one must not worry about the seat, if your are able then every seat is worthy. He tells Akbar he went to barber. Vijay objects that it was time of court. Birbal says the hair grew in time of court. The court man announces that Maharani invited Akbar in her room at once. Akbar vanishes from the court.

In the room, Maharani was in the room with an old painter. Maharani complains this man insulted her. Akbar judges he must have drew an unpleasant picture of her. The old man says he did not even start. Changez thinks Akbar never thinks about a matter and already dives his head into it. Maharani complains that he is not ready to paint her while eating grapes. The old man says grapes are not available in the palace. Maharani says she sent someone to bring the grapes. The old painter says its important he reaches his wedding today. They were shocked. The old painter says he will marry second time today, as his first wife has gone to her parents. Akbar tells Tara Bai to see him off at the last door of palace. Sheikhu comes and swirls the old painter. He begins to pant. Akbar tells Sheikhu to be careful, he has to marry yet. Maharani objects that Akbar did not stop this man. Akbar says they must let him leave, if he is able to survive, he will be back to paint Maharani. Sheikhu suggests that Akbar must learn something from him. Maharani was angry. Sheikhu says he meant painting. Maharani and Akbar were both angry at Sheikhu. Akbar tells Sheikhu to leave the room. He wonders if he is really his child. Maharani was annoyed. She complains that she had found that painter with much difficulty. Akbar kneels in front of Maharani. He promises to get her a precious gift soon. Tara Bai comes from behind. Maharani says Tara bai must find a similar caring person to marry. Akbar was stunned.

Vijay was in market. The shop keeper apologizes as grapes are not available in the season. They are not receiving any carts of fruits these days. Vijay deters that Maharani needs them urgently, no matter they cost shopkeeper his life. A man calls from behind that only three things cost worthy; yesterday, today and tomorrow. Vijay asks if he recognizes him. The man says he only recognizes three things; chance, intention and need. He knows that right now Vijay needs grapes. He laughs and swirls his stick to produce a basket of black grapes. His team introduces him as Bahrain’s magician, Trikon. Vijay asks why he came here. Trikon says he was going to China, then decided to stop by. Vijay thinks he must take this magician to court to fascinate Akbar and Maharani and make Birbal jealous. Trikon agrees to go at once.

Akbar and Tara were in the room. Tara complains that her life is finished at the name of Daasi, when will this end. Akbar tells Tara Bai to stay like this for a few days. Akbar says he is happy today, as he will apply flowers in her hair today. Sheikhu caught them red handed. He objects that Akbar is applying these flowers in a Daasi’s hair? Akbar furiously shouts that flowers are applied in hair, why Sheikhu came here. Sheikhu says Maharani invited Akbar to the court. Akbar scolds Sheikhu and sends him away. Tara bai does not let Akbar apply the flowers in her hair and tells him to go to court.

In the court, Akbar does not let the court man shout his name. Maharani demands her gift. Vijay comes to the court. Akbar asks Vijay if he brought the gift. Vijay was confused, then announces about Trikon. Trikon comes to the court.

PRECAP: Trikon promises he will show them the magic tomorrow, it will astonish everyone in the court. Trikon locks Maharani in a box and attacks the box with swords.

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