Choti Sardarni 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Meher follows Sarab

Choti Sardarni 14th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Harleen says to Meher, can you please take my locker and papers to the locker? My back hurts. Meher says thank you. Param and I can take it there. Harleen says Param needs rest. Harleen leaves. Meher comes to the locker. She calls Harleen and says I was asking which bank is it? Harleen tells her. Meher sees Sarab’s car there. She says let me surprise him. Meher calls Sarab. He says I am in a meeting. Meher sees him on the road. She wonders why did he lie? Meher follows him.

Sarab comes to a building. Meher says he is fooling me. Sarab meets a girl Sanjana. Meher is dazed. They shake hands. Meher is dazed. Meher follows him. She says if Sarab sees me, he might think I am following him. Meher sits there. Sarab sits with Sanjana on another table. They order coffee. Meher hears. Sarab says did Meher doubt? She says no I hung up before she could ask any question. Sarab says her condition. She says Meher won’t ever know. Don’t worry. Meher wonders what is he hiding? Sarab gives her money and says please don’t hesitate about money. Please don’t tell anyone yet. She says I won’t tell anyone. Sarab says are they here? Sanjana says they are waiting for us in the room. Meher says in the heart are these people blackmailing Sarab? He isn’t telling me so I don’t take the stress.

Scene 2
Jagga says Amrita, Yuvi let’s go. Kulwant asks Jitto and Amrita who am I to you? They both say, mother. Kulwant says it’s all my fault. Please pardon me. I thought I would divide you all and rule. A mother is nothing without her kids. Please don’t go. Jagga smiles at Bitu. Rana smiles too. He takes off the mask and he was the driver. Yuvi says you? Jagga says we weren’t going anywhere. We didn’t want to make you cry. Amrita says we only wanted to make you see this can go wrong. Jtto says so we all pretended. Bitu says Meher told us this plan. She found something is wrong at the Lohri. Meher planned all those fights and then for Jagga to move out. Meher said mummy ji will realize how it feels when your family leaves. Yuvi says so we are not going? Amrita and Jitto apologize. Bitu says we will never leave you. Jagga says we know how much you love us.

Scene 3
Sarab comes upstairs. Meher is following them.

Rana says mummy ji is locked in her room for 3 hours and has asked Yuvi not to let anyone in. Yuvi says I am her guard. SHe is doing gayan inside. No one can go inside. Amrita says mummy ji open the door, please. Jitto says please mummy ji. Kulwant opens the door.

Sarab asks Sanjana are they forced or something? She says no. Most donors donate for the money. Meher says why s the lift not working? She says it won’t without a room key.

Kulwant comes out wearing a dupatta. She isn’t speaking. Amrita says she is on a speaking fast. Jitto says why? Rana says do you want to go to God? Kulwant slaps him. She writes, for your peace. I am doing this fast. If fooling me made you all happy, that’s my happiness. I won’t eat or speak. Kulwant comes to her room and says you taught me a lesson with Meher? Now see what I do?

Meher meets her friend Dimple. She says I am seeing you after college. Meher says what are you doing here? She says I am the front desk manager here. Meher says can you please help me? She says sure.

Param and Khushi are studying. Param tells Khushi the right spellings. Khushi says you have become intelligent. Harleen hugs him and says I hope my Param always smiles like this. Param wonders why is Harleen bua kissing and hugging me so much?

Sarab says to the donor thank you so much. He says kids are God’s face. Sanjana says we have gotten some tests done. We can’t say anything before that test.
Precap-Sanjana says to Sarab, I am sorry no one can give Param their liver. No one’s blood matches. Sarab sits in shock. Meher comes there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Just stretching it

  2. This show feel people stupid or something, if Sarab is O+ then it means he can donate to anybody, even param
    How dumb

    1. No param is AB negative. Rhesus positive blood is not given for people with rhesus negative blood

    2. Oh, I may have missed where they said what blood group param is

  3. Yvonne Codner

    Meher is the fixer, she will fix everything, hopefully!!!

  4. param is AB negative if sarab is o positive he can only donate if hes positive. hope this drama ends soon.still waiting to find out d results of d investigation of who kidnapped meher

    1. Yvonne Codner

      Joi, they think that we have forgotten that melodrama!! It needs closure!

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