Choti Sardarni 13th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Harleen gets to know about the baby

Choti Sardarni 13th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Param says papa wake up. Meher mama is vomiting. Sarab gets up and says Meher are you okay? He holds Meher’s hand. He says are you fine/ Come. Meher says yeah. Param says let me get water. Sarab makes Meher sit. Param says to Harleen Meher mama is vomiting. In her tummy. Harleen says what? He says please make lemonade. Sarab gives Meher water. Harleen comes and says what happened?? Param was saying. Meher says I overate last night. Harleen says did you call doctor Sarab? He says everything is fine. Param says I brought you lemonade. Let me get you banana. Sarab says I can hire you a caretaker. Meher says I don’t need one. He says then I will be your caretaker. At your service. He says this is time for your juice. Then you will go with me to the doctor. Then you will go for lunch, then walk and then dinner. Meher says okay.

Rana says mummy ji see this poster. Yuvi says to Kulwant give me that diary. Jitto says Yuvi you said you forgot your diary in school. Show me. Kulwant says you’re not the PM here. Go to school Yuvi.

A kid is crying. He says to Param mummy had a big tummy. She said she will have a small baby but then her tummy got so big and she died. Yuvi says this is why I said I don’t want any siblings. The tummy is cut and mummy dies. param says I don’t want a small baby then.

Param comes home upset. Harleen says what happened? He says where is Meher mama? Harleen says they went outside. Param cries and says mama papa lied to me. Yuvi told me Meher mama would die when the baby comes. I don’t want a babu. Harleen says did Meher tell you she has a baby? He says yes. Param says I don’t want a baby. Harleen says baby would come too and your mom would be fine. Harleen says thank you God. I will stay with Meher to take care of her.

Harleen says to Rovi we aren’t going anywhere. Meher.. I will tell you later.
Sarab says we will go to the doctor everywhere. Meher says you drive so slow. Let me dry. He says I am being careful. Meher says stop the car. She goes out and buys gol gappy. Sarab says you can’t eat this. It’s unhygienic. Meher says I will eat here only. Nothing would be like this. Sarab gives sanitizer to the cart owner and gloves. He gets angry and says make them yourself. Sarab makes gol gappy for Meher. It pops and Meher laughs. He gives her gol gappay and Meher eats. She says delicious.

Amrita says tell me why did you lie Yuvi? She slaps him and says so many complaints. Kulwant comes and says to Jitto are you here to get fights only?/ Amrita says she did what was right for him. You signed all those complaints. Kulwant says don’t argue with me. Kulwant shoves Jitto in her room and says get out of here. Yuvi says if she leaves I will leave too. She is really nice. Kulwant says you don’t know right. I got your admission done. NO one will say a word to him.

Meher and Sarab come home. Param hides. Harleen says congratulations. I am so happy. Everything is decorated. Harleen hugs Meher. Harleen says you were hiding it from me? I know this child would be like my Sarab too or his mom. I am so happy. I have canceled all plans to go to Canada. I want to stay with you. Param comes in and says I don’t want the baby.
Precap-Harleen says you should tell this to everyone. Meher says to Sarab I am really scared. What if the find out it’s not your baby?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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