Choti Sardarni 12th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Mannat saves Gullu

Choti Sardarni 12th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prince asking Seher, why did Nani shoot Gullu? Seher says it was an accident, Nani loves him a lot and can’t do this intentionally. They look for Kulwant. Kulwant is walking on the road recalling her confrontation with Jeeto. Ginny tries to stop Jeeto from going inside the OT. Mannat and Zoravar are with Gullu. Gullu insists to go to Jeeto. Mannat says sister will give you injection and doctor will treat you fast. Zoravar says I have seen you watching cricket and asks what he likes, batting or bowling. Gullu says bowling. Zoravar says they will keep the match and will out Mannat didi first. They distract him, so that nurse give him injection. Gullu shouts. Mannat says you are strong. Kulwant is still walking on the road and comes to the Gurudwara. She asks God to make him fine. Doctors come and check Gullu. They make arrangements for Operation. Mannat offers water to Bittu, seeing him crying. He says I don’t know what to say, and what to do? Mannat sits down and is about to hold his hand, but stops. He says I can understand your pain, I knew Harnoor, but she is not here anymore. He says Gullu is fighting with life and death and asks why did you come here suddenly after so many years. Zoravar hears him. Bittu says I am not complaining to you, if anything happens to my Gullu then I can’t live. Mannat recalls her moments with him and gets emotional.

Kulwant walks on the burning coal outside the Gurudwara. Karan comes there and asks her to come out from there. Kulwant asks him not to stop her and prays to Peer baba to make Gullu fine. Karan says I can’t see anymore and asks her to look at her feet. He says nobody could cross this, how can you? Kulwant says a woman can bear any pain, I just want Gullu’s safety. Dolly comes to the hospital with Kiara and Scarlet. She asks what happened to Gullu? Jeeto says Kulwant has shot him. Scarlet asks why she is here? Dolly asks what happened? Seher says I will tell you everything. She says it was an accident. Scarlet asks Zoravar if this is Mannat’s family. Jeeto says Kulwant might have gone to apologize for her sins.

Nurse comes out and tells that the surgery is still going on and the boy needs AB negative. Seher says my blood is A positive. Rajveer says my blood group is AB positive. Rana says I will do something. Mannat says my blood group is AB negative, I can give the blood to Gullu. Rajveer asks Nurse to take her. Jeeto feels bad and says I don’t want to see her face and her blood will flow in my son’s veins. Nurse takes Mannat for the blood transfusion. The blood transfusion begins. Dolly asks Zoravar if she is the same girl who couldn’t let him build the resort in Dalhousie. She says problem is in her blood, being Kulwant’s grand daughter. She says lets see what to do, once Gullu gets fine. Mannat comes out after giving her blood. Jeeto looks at her and gets upset. Mannat goes to pray to Baba ji to make gullu fine. Zoravar sees her caring side. Mannat prays to Baba ji not to punish her family for her mistakes, and promises to go away from them. Kulwant completes the penance and keeps her feet in the water. Karan holds her. She asks how is Gullu?

Doctor comes out and tells that they have done the surgery, but Mannat and Zoravar have saved him. Jeeto runs to see him. Seher goes to inform Kulwant. Mannat recalls her moments with her mother. She thanks Zoravar. Zoravar says I have seen that Gullu is fine due to you. She says I am responsible for his condition too. She says everything was fine, but I ruined everything. She says if Maa was here, then she would have made me understand, but I lost her. She says she had told me the truth while she was dying. She says with whom, I shall complain. Zoravar says whoever we love, is with us always. She asks what about the ones, who hate us? She says I have felt the pain of being illegitimate today. She says she got hatred and nobody is with her. Zoravar is about to pacify her, but stops. Scarlet hears them and thinks nothing shall happen between them. I shall do something. Dolly asks Zoravar to come home and rest and tells Rane that she will take updates on phone. They leave.

Kulwant comes there. Jeeto stops her. Kulwant requests her to let her meet Gullu once. Police comes and handcuffs Kulwant for shooting Gullu.

Precap: Mannat asks Raj, did Dadi get bail? Raj says to her no, that can happen only if Jitto Mami says. Mannat goes to talk to Jitto. She takes her out of the bedroom and slaps her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Hopefully they will put KK away for along time so much evil in this woman!

  2. Candiva007

    I’m sorry but what did Mannat do? She’s an innocent in the matter. If Jitto is upset she should be upset at her husband, Harnoon and KK not take her anger out on Mannat.

    Mannat didn’t ask to be born. She lost her mother and found her father, why treat her like she did wrong? All these years she thought her father died and just learned that he’s alive. So sad.

    Be upset at the ones that betrayed her, Mannat didn’t betray her. Okay she didn’t tell them who she was when she got there but she has such a pure and clean heart and didn’t want to break up their home when she saw the family together. She’d rather be an outsider.

    1. Snowflake

      Exactly!! But Jeeto is angry and not in a proper state of mind, she has to blame someone for her condition na…
      Even I feel sorry for Mannat… She doesn’t deserve this! Poor girl fought with herself to finally decide to come to them…. Hope time heals everything here🙏

  3. rubalmeet kaur

    I hope mannat and zorawer get married soon

  4. rubalmeet kaur

    I hope mannat and zorawer get married soon and dolly and kk fix their rishta

    1. Snowflake

      Hehe we all hope!! But we have only 2 weeks left so idk how that’s possible 😑

  5. Snowflake

    So bittu actually said that to her… Wow😣
    It’s actually not Jeeto’s nor Mannat’s nor kk’s fault. It is all Bittu’s fault. He cheated on Jeeto. All this is because of him. Jeeto and even he, have to stop blaming Mannat for everything that has happened!
    Thankfully Zorro didn’t say anything to her, and supported her❤️

  6. Snowflake

    I really liked they way Zorro and Mannat were distracting gullu… Hopefully we will indeed have a cricket match later on🤞
    Really want to see how talented Zorro is that he said that 😂 also included Sacrlett so she makes a fool of herself 😌

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