Bhagya Lakshmi 12th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishi and his family misunderstand Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 12th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rishi telling Kiran that Mom will handle Malishka. Kiran taunts Lakshmi and says someone is happy to see her hurt. Lakshmi looks at the newspaper and thinks this shouldn’t be printed. Karishma says who don’t want to see Malishka happy and wants to malign her reputation ad says it is Lakshmi. Lakshmi says no. Neelam says you had gone to meet Media yesterday. Lakshmi says I am saying truth. Sonia says you have maligned her respect. Lakshmi says I swear. Kiran says I never thought this will happen with my daughter due to your bahu. Neelam says she is not my bahu and wishes to throw her out. Rishi asks her to give a chance to Lakshmi to clarify. Neelam says she can’t say that she has not done this, as nobody else knows this much info. Rishi says I just wants her to say. Karishma says if you support her, then she will malign everyone’s image. Rishi says Lakshmi can never do this, it is very embarrassing for family, but everything is truth and there is nothing wrong in it. Ayush comes there and asks where is your phone? He says you are called to the office by Mama. Neelam asks Rishi to go and says I will talk to him. Rishi says ok. He leaves for office. Neelam asks Kiran to come with her. Sonia asks Karishma, who can do this? who has informed Media.

Shalu tells Malishka that she has told Media all the truth. She says I heard you telling Media that Lakshmi is leaving Rishi for money. Malishka says this is truth. Shalu says whatever I told was truth, and calls her as a selfish person. She says Lakshmi di had saved Rishi, and Ayush has confirmed this. She says she went behind the media and told them the truth. A fb is shown, Shalu tells reporters that Lakshmi and Rishi’s marriage reached court due to Malishka. Fb ends. Shalu tells Malishka that she didn’t tell them all the truth that she got Rishi married due to Markesh dosh. She says they didn’t know that such girls like you, ruins other girl’s life etc. Malishka gets angry and raises her hand to slap her. Lakshmi comes and holds Malishka’s hand, asking how dare she to raise hand on her sister. She says I will not bear this. Malishka says your sister has crossed all the limits. Lakshmi says I have seen everything and says she feels proud of her. She says you have done two mistakes and asks her to thank Shalu, as she didn’t tell all the truth. She asks her to have some shame. Malishka says you will repent and goes. Shalu hugs Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks why did you do this, you shouldn’t have done this. Malishka comes out and tells Neelam and Kiran that this is Lakshmi’s planning and plotting. Neelam says call her. Malishka says she didn’t accept, but Shalu said that she has done this. She says Lakshmi might have asked her to go and meet Media. Kiran says we are happy till morning and was winning, but everything went wrong. She says people might be thinking Savitri saved her Satyavaan. Neelam says Lakshmi is very clever. Lakshmi says you shouldn’t have called Malishka as other woman or sautan. Shalu says you have to teach her a lesson. Lakshmi says she don’t want to teach any lesson to anyone, she came here for Lakshmi. Shalu says you have to do something to make them quiet. Malishka says when I was about to slap Shalu, Lakshmi stopped me. She asks Neelam to give her permission to hurt Lakshmi. Neelam asks her to break her ego, respect, pride etc. Kiran asks what are you going to do? Malishka asks her to come when they hear Lakshmi shouting.

Lakshmi tells that she wants to be with Rishi, as his time is not right and she needs to be with him. She says what is important is, she needs Rishi’s life and she has to be here. She says she is not thinking about herself as he is not hers. Shalu asks what do you mean?

Abhay calls Virender and asks did you see the newspaper. Virender says no. Abhay asks him to see the newspaper for the shocking news. Virender gets the newspaper and reads it. He thinks this is not right and calls reporter. He asks Reporter to tell, who gave this info to him. The reporter says Lakshmi, just then his phone falls down. Rishi and Ayush hear him. Virender ends the call. The reporter calls Ayush and asks can I talk to Virender oberoi. Ayush says he is not here. Rishi asks him to go. He thinks Lakshmi wants to malign Malishka’s image and I was supporting her.

Some NGO women come to Oberoi house calling Malishka. Malishka asks them to leave. The women tell that they were in the house, and tells about the worker who couldn’t fight for her sister’s rights. Neelam asks why did you come here? They tell that they came to show the right way to Rishi. Karishma asks why you need to talk to Rishi. They show the newspaper. Kiran says Rishi is not at home. Lakshmi says he is not at home. The workers tell that they will help her. Lakshmi says I felt sad hearing about your sister. The worker says everyone heard about my sister, but nobody felt sorry. Sonia asks them to leave. Karishma threatens to call Police. The worker says call the Police. Karishma says you are actors who are bought by Lakshmi for 2-3 thousands. Neelam checks on internet about their NGO and asks Karishma to end the call. The worker tells that they have enquired about them. They question Neelam, what is she doing to save Rishi and Lakshmi’s marriage. Kiran says Rishi and Lakshmi’s marriage is ending. They ask who are you? Dadi says she is Malishka’s mom. The worker tells that they go after checking the background. Malishka asks who are you to question me. The worker says you are doing a mistake. Malishka says I love Rishi, I will be here and will throw Lakshmi out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Cette serie et de plus en plus ridicule tout les séries bhagya favorise toujours les mètresse à croire que en inde les metresse sont plus valoriser que les femmes légitimes

    1. i translated to English for readers:
      ‘’This series and more and more ridiculous all the bhagya series always favor the mistress to believe that inside the mistress are more valued than the legitimate women’’

    2. So true cudnt b said btr ekta seem to lov ppl husband n create havoc in ppl life n she seem to b a grt liar cuz all her shows liars always get rite n truth always get wrong.advice to ekta jus quit u r d wrst producer i ever came across

    3. All Ekta’s shows are very negative and all the characters are bad. They all will abuse and insult female leads. There is no happiness and good things.Devils always win. male leads are usually has no brain and female leads have no any self respect. Couple leads only come together at last episode. They will be seperated all the episodes until the last episode. Ekta gives watchers one tea spoon honey at the begining of show then she will give them tons of poison and deppressing.

  2. I can barely read the update. I dont understand how people are watching this negative show. TRP is 1.5

  3. It’s always the good person must fight for love

  4. That whole family and Malishka and her mother Kiran are so disgusting. Now the evil characters outnumber the good ones which means they get all the screen time.
    Can’t stand their ugly faces….lol AGAIN like in all of Etka’s crappy serials, evil prevails. UGH!!! not wasting my time anymore.

  5. Do anyone knows what happened in today episode?
    It doesn’t released for free on ZEE5 tell now

  6. The dumb senior oberoi come with half knowledge to blame lakshmi. They not even remembered how he used her. They call themselves big business man.

  7. So annoying….as usual the bad party always wins and the good one keeps losing LoL and some not even listening to the full explanation….it frustrates me a lot🙄

  8. @Gul, you are so right about Etka feeding honey followed by a lot of poison. Perfect description

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