Choti Sardarni 10th April 2021 Written Episode Update

Choti Sardarni 10th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Karan says I went there but she didn’t open the door. She said rules are rules. Sarab says never go there again. Sarab comes to the room. He sees meher. Meher says what would go wrong if Karan spoke to Sandhya? Sarab says why have you left me and kids alone? I am not me without you, please come back. Meher says I live in your heart. Sarab says we will be reunited soon. I won’t let you go away from me. Sarab recalls his moments with Meher.

Sandhya asks Sarab’s schedule so she doesn’t come in front of him. Kulwant says see I got parathas for you. You didn’t even come out for water. Kulwant says my Meher loved them. She makes Sandhya eat. Sandhya says I hope Meher gets better soon. I will take complete care of her. I will leave this house then.

Karan ignores Param. Param says what has happened? He says you complained to papa about me. Param says what you did was wrong. Karan says I had to talk to mama. Param says she can’t talk to mama. Seher says she told us she can. Param says she is lying. Karan says you are lying. Karan says why does papa hate her? Param says because she lied to papa. If you talk to her I will be mad at you. Sandhya gives a letter to Karan. Param says no. Karan says you said I can’t speak but I can read. Karan reads there is a surprise for you.

Sarab makes Seher eat breakfast. Sandhya is coming there. She sees him and hides. He leaves. Sandhya comes to Seher. She says how are you? Sehr says I don’t want to eat this. I hate this medicine. I want to play. Sandhya says okay no meds, no pipe, no food. Sandhya pretends to speak to Meher. She says your mama is saying you will have to eat. Otherwise, she won’t speak to you.

Scene 2
Ginni and Jeeto fight over remote. Ginni says I want to watch Zumba class. Jeeto says I took it first. They fight over it. Jeeto says you need to loe weight, Ginni says Rana I need a new tv in this house. Bitu says where will you get TV from? Your wife is gone.

Scene 3
Seher eats the breakfast and meds too. She asks her to put the pipe back on. Kulwant and Sarab see. Kulwant says see, she is taking care of Seher so well. Seher says please try talking to mama. Sandhya says okay okay I will tell her. Seher says mama has sent something for you. Feel her around, close your eyes. Sandhya kisses her cheek. Kulwaant says my Seher is a lioness. Live long. She says I am leaving. Call me if you need anything.

Karan is leaving for school with sarab. Sandhya sees Sarab. He has that paper in the hand. Sandhya is scared.

Episode ends.

Precap-Sarab says I have mentioned all the papers clearly. You are only here for Seher. Sandhya says I came here to treat Seher only but I think I need to treat this house first. I am sorry but I won’t follow any rule.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Samaila

    Applause for Sandhya 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. She’s right Gill family needs to be treated first.
    Harleen: for having two faces at the same time
    Seher: waise bhi treatment lagega
    Karan: bakwas fairytales
    Param: isse kya hogaya?
    Robbie: For acting so weird
    Sarab: for taking actions without thinking
    Everyone in Gill family needs treatment

  2. I adore Param. He is more of an adult than anyone else right now! He really does look after everyone and cares deeply for their happiness and well-being. He has every right to scold Karan.
    Today was yet another filler episode. Based in the precap, the makers really must have something up their sleeves with Sandhya. There must be some reason she is being defiant. For once, we are not left with much of a cliffhager, but I’m taking that as a refreshing break from all the drama!

  3. Radhika Purohit

    Atleast now sandhya wont break rules behind sarabs back!!! But i was kind of enjoying the hide and seek by sandhya🤣🤣 looks like the story is gonna get interesting… and i would say if sandhyas stand is right or wrong after seeing mondays episode…

    But in my opinion makers are doing more damage to sandhyas character than repairing it!!! I mean they first show sandhya hiding such important vital information from sarab because she apparently promised mehar not to tell anything… and the same sandhya is now breaking the promise she made to follow the rules!!! So i just hope whatever the issue is in mondays episode it better be a serious issue and not some petty issue over which sarab is frustrated… atleast if its a big issue can support sandhyas decision…

    And isnt it strange…. sarab is the one who is doing all the talking with mehar but sandhya is the one taking credit for having the power to talk to mehar!!!🤣🤣
    I had such high hopes for kratika maams character in the show but i never thought i would have to dislike this character🙈🙈 she says she wont break the rules and the same time she is breaking different rules… atleast now i am happy that she herself said she wont follow the rules..

  4. Okay Sandhya want to treat this house? But In my opinion she is the one who is making them ill. Now kulwant want for sure to communicate with Meher and ask for her forgiveness, then everyone starts to hallucinate Meher. Gill hause would be Mad house. Poor Param, he is the only one who understood the situation, is really disturbing to watch him this way💔💔. He took care of karan from the day karan was born. Now because sandhaya insurting herself in to their life, they may be rift between the siblings. Harleen tried that for so long did not succeed but this time can happen. Sandhaya is fixed in Seher and karan, Meher’s biological children, she never showed interest in Param, not he give any and Param witnessed so much in the past is very protective towards his siblings. The Dhillon’s they are from another planet anyway , they are doing redicul have no signs of sadness that they lost a family member but acting everything normal.

    1. @Ayni 😂🤣 if there’s one house that needs treatment, it’s definitely the Dhillon’s house!! Sandhya should focus her efforts there first 😜
      Param will always be a wonderful big brother to Karan…no matter what happens.
      I think param is trying to listen to his father and not get close with Sandhya as per Sarab’s wishes. I don’t think Sandhya is excluding Param on purpose… Seher and Karan like her, but it seems to be because they believe she can communicate with Meher. Seher and Karan are much younger than Param and have quite the imagination!!

    2. @MD, yes is true she did not excluded Param but she still goes against his order and karan was shown for the first time avoiding him and Param thought it is Seher who told karan about going to sandhya, Param was angry. Just it will take only a few that Harleen will take advantage of the situation. Harleen is already back to her shouting.

    3. Radhika Purohit

      Even i was so sad seeing sarabs three little munchkins angry at each other…. that was something so new!!
      Never did i think that a positive character would irritate me so much!!

  5. Agree with Ayni! How can she treat the house? They are sidelining Sarab. Who managed the upbringing of two children missing there no her for
    5 years. Sandya is becoming so irritating. Surely if she is that strong shouldn’t she go back and get her father and brother punished?

    What about just leaving her mother with people who treat women so badly?

    Meher will be the only one who is able to
    Bring everyone together in Gill mansion. Hope she comes back before the serial becomes too over dramatic to watch with no sense. Don’t turn this into other serials and forget the uniqueness of the drama. Sarab and Meher are the leads!

  6. did u guys see the precap, it has a different set, its not the gill mansion

    1. Radhika Purohit

      Probably sandhya took karan and sehar out thinking she can get them back before sarab is back from office… she definitely did get sarabs timetable!! But probably sarab and harleen finds it out from param and reaches there worried for the kids!! Sarab is definitely very much angry… so something serious has happened i guess…

    2. This precap is really irritating me .. why sandhya reacting strangely ??

  7. @Mari @ Radhika Sandhya is not becoming any less irritating as time goes on! I love how Param, not only out of respect for Sarab is ignoring Sandhya, but also because he is even irked by her lies and behaviour!
    @Mari You are right…only Meher can make the Gill mansion whole again. As sad as it is to see Seher and Karan missing Meher, they have Sandhya (and her ability to ‘speak’ with Meher) to keep them distracted. I definitely feel more empathy towards Sarab and Param who know she is missing and have to go through this temporary loss again! I really hope the reunion happens this week.

    1. Radhika Purohit

      Check this out @MD… Nimrit maam is back !!!

    2. Best news of the day. 👍👍👍👍

    3. Radhika Purohit

      Yes @ayni!! Couldnt hope for a better news for monday!!! Now i am excited to see if they will directly show mehars re entry or they will show sequences of her current location….!!

    4. YES 🙌🏼 OMR finally!!! So excited to see the reveal!!! Thanks for sharing!

    5. @Radhika.anything with Meher better than this annoying and irritating track. I don’t want to be rude to the characters sandhya and told myself not to be negative but she annoys me a lot. So I am glad that she will be gone soon.

    6. Finally she is back ….
      I Don’t think that they’ll directly show her come back it may take atleast a week to show her on screen …
      And the reunion won’t be that early makers surely make it for a month till that we have to tolerate sandhya ..

    7. Radhika Purohit

      OMR.. another month of sandhya!! No dear makers please no!!! Either make her a better character who respects other peoples privacy and their lives or just get her out of the show!!! Its the first time that i am not liking kratika maams role in a show.. because the character of sandhya is so annoying and irritating.. i really hope that the makers have something up their sleeves which will do some magic to improve her character!!

    8. I don’t think it will be a month. Now that they have Nimrith back on set, I’m sure the makers want to move on to other tracks that had to be paused. It’s time for the sun to set on this track and say farewell to Sandhya, which I think will happen over the span of this week. If not this week, we’ll definitely see Meher next week!

  8. No one can fill Maher’s place
    Sarab and Meher are best couple

    1. WHOA!!! So now I’m wondering whether Meher will have suffered any memory loss. We need to wait until Friday!! So excited but so nervous too!

    2. Radhika Purohit

      Even if there is a memory loss we can definitely tolerate it!!! After all we can see our adorable sarab trying to win his bandrijis heart!! ( though i would prefer the other way round) and probably we will have light hearted episodes too rather than the all time emotional drama..

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