Saath Hai Toh Baat Hai – Episode 2

Hey all ,here is the next episode .

After Gehna’s  interview ,

Employee -Sir ,She has given all correct answer .

Anant- hmm(in mind ughhh ,I don’t like her ,but she is good in work ,I think I should keep her as Section Manager instead of my PA.

Anant- Tell her that she can come from tomorrow ,and as rule here is here basic pay 35000/- .

Employee-  yes sir

Outside the cabin,

Gehna – (in mind I am getting late ,if he doesn’t want then , should tell na  I am getting angry 💢 now )

Employee come  and tell – Congratulations mam , you are selected as our new section managers. Here is your basic pay.

Gehna- but I have given interview for PA

Employee- Mam ,this is our sirs order .

Saying this ,employee walk

Gehna thinks of confronting him and then see time and goes to tia s house.

On a big mansion,

Kanak – Hey Riya , let’s go for college.

Riya – I am coming ,Kanak

Saying they go to college in mercedes.

In Tia s home,

Tia -Gehna you are looking So pretty . Now before going to college ,you have to tell me about your interview.

Gehna-. Thank you tiu . I got the job but the boss is not tolerated at all .

Tia- Then you should have leaved job

Gehna- I need money for studying and you know I don’t like borrowing .

Tia – Ok let it be . Don’t spoil your mood and let’s go to college.

They go to college.

In the company /office,

Anant- Dreams of gehna and wakes up (in mind  I am getting her thoughts ,u think I am taking stress ). Oh yah Radhika is waiting for me at coffee.

In the cafeteria ,

Radhika- Where is he ?? Again late .

Someone pulls here and says Surprise

Radhika smiles and goes with him and calls Anant and says we will have coffee ☕ tomorrow .

While going college , Gehna dreams of Anant and has same thought like Anant had from in mind …stress)

Episode Ends

Precap: who is the guy with Radhika ? Kanak and Riya met gehna ?   Fun fest at college !Anant will be cheif guest .

  1. Jasminerahul

    Glad that anand appointed gehna.its surprising that gehnant already started dreaming of each other.are they already attracted to each other?who is with radhika?please add pictures.

    1. Tina03

      Thank you ,I will add pictures from epi 3 .

  2. Thank u again
    I’m sorry
    I was busy I didn’t see
    Today I have some time
    I read
    From now on I will be regular promise
    Loved it ❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖😘😘😘😍😍😍

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