choco prince and his angel – swasan os

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHOCO, LOVE U ALWAYS <3 <3 <3 budday gift for u dr….

sanskar maheswarai – business tycoon, loves his family and work.
swara – bubbly loving girl, orphan and her only relation is her friend SK. studying biotechnology.
siva karthikeyan (sk) – best friend of swara and his only family, same as swara’s character( boy in cover pic) studying MBA.

Arch is shown and two people are busy in plucking flowers from the branches of cherry blossom tree. sk –  your short as Lilliput and your trying to pluck the flower ah!!!!  he was teasing her and trying his best to pluck the flowers. swara – am I looking like lilliput??( hands on her  waist) wait…. she was gazing if anyone is around them.. sk – hey lilliput what happen?? no voice??? he was busy in collecting flowers and did not notice what swara was planning. swara – yes palm tree, she started pulling his jeans… sk – swara, I did not wear belt please stop doing that(yelling) swara – then lift me I also want to pluck the flowers.. sk- no I won’t. swara – then ok fine, she again started pulling his jeans.. sk – hahah swara try your best then you will only faint, becoz im not wearing shorts(teasing) swara – chiiii palm tree are you kid!!!!! you’r not wearing shorts.. sk – plucked all the flowers and threw them on his bestie swara and it was his daily habit from schooling.. swara – plam tree, wow.. love you so much… ur my best friend….. sk – ahem ahem I know im dashing, so don’t take advantage. swara – accha!!!!!! she took clay near by and applied on his face and over his body.  sk – porcupine your dead and he did the same with swara.. Both were drenched in clay soil, a girl witnessed this and she left the place with smile. sk and swara got ready and left to college.. Next Day : sk was reading Economic times, his  ambition is to become business magnet in south India. swara – hey palm tree what are you reading in that stupid magazine, it’s full of words and few uncle pics. sk – swara I want to become like this man,  he is my inspiration. swara – who is that uncle show me his pic. sk – hahhhaha if he hears this, he would commit suicide in cotton wick :p swara – sk usually business man will be uncles’s right. sk – does he look like uncle the great SANSKAR maheswarai?? swara –  was awestruck by his cool looks… she was staring at his pic. sk – hey lilliput!!!!! what happen?? why are you staring this uncle pic ??? swara – never dare to call him uncle(angry face) sk – oh madam is fallen in love at first sight oops in his pic… swara – im not in love with him just general knowledge, she started shooting questions about him.. sk – no I won’t tell u…. From that day sk would give her tantrums and full fill his wishes.. ex: he would tell some info about sanskar and give his  records, assignments  to complete. swara – like small child  she would complete his tasks and hear stories about sanskar. Nowadays it has become her routine to hear stories about sanskar and help sk in college works… one day in college, swara was getting scolding from her faculty for talking In the class and disturbing entire class. swara was showing her  innocent face like crying but inside she was scolding the faculty.. faculty left the class…

swara again started her work by disturbing her friends… but she was bit sad due to the faculty… only sk can notice her sadness. she pretends to be cool but really a small word can break her heart. sk – came to meet Lilliput and give her surprise. he saw swara chatting with her friends but with fake smile and no one can find she is sad. Lilliput!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! swara – hey palm tree… she ran to him and hugged  him.. so wts up?? sk –why is my Lilliput sad ?? swara – palm tree, all were talking in the class, but that stupid old lady shanthi na she scolded me alone and defamed me infront of entire class with sad face. sk – old lady will suffer don’t worry Lilliput, im here na… swara – I know that palm tree, so what’s the matter?? sk – Lilliput I have surprise for you…… showing his 32 out… swara – haa…. did she propose you?? ur H.O.D…. so give me treat.. sk – swara (angry face) never talk about her…then  I won’t help u in taking revenge against shanthi old lady. swara – nooooooooo …. sk – ok Lilliput I  have some work bye. swara – oi u came here to tell me something.. sk- see becoz of u I forgot to tell you the surprise. swara – hmmm what’s that??? sk – Lilliput, your uncle is the guest of honor for inaugurating the  new block in our college…. swara – what??? she fainted……. students around them ran to her and sprinkled water on her face and helped in  her gaining sense. sk – was laughing at her. students – were confused with his behavior. swara – got sense and stood up and asked is it true??? students – were confused, I think swara has become mad. sk – ha Lilliput has become mad hheeehhhehe and he ran away…… swara – sk, I won’t leave u today evening.. evening: college got over swara and sk went to their house(orphanage is their house)  Orphanage: round conference (gossip corner) – was held by old grannies. sk and swara – ayiyiooooo today who is dead don’t know. one grand ma from the gossip conrner – swara come here na. sk – hahhah enjoy Lilliput!!!!!!! swara – ok bye I will meet them. gossip corner : swara – so beautiful ladies what’s up?? 1st granny – that girl meenatchi na she saved saravanan from police. 2nd grand ma – thank god if she did not inform police that he is not stealer, if not his sis marriage would have broken. 3rd grand ma- but swara, who informed police ?? 4th grand ma – im also thinking that for past one day.. swara – oh oh oh this is the matter ah??? today if u watch tv at 8.30pm would get to know the truth . grannies – ha swara beta, but we are  eager to know that… swara – cute ladies don’t worry we can find the culprit soon. but I have doubt on that muthu girl grannies – ha we too have same doubt.. swara – same pinch hifi… grannies – hifi beta…. swara – bid them bye and went to her room.

next day at college auditorium : entire college was present, all were busy in chatting, gossiping, texting and few were sitting silent. Volunteers were buzzing like honey bees instructing students to maintain silence.  sk, swara and their gang were sitting in middle of the auditorium.. sk – swara its so boring.. swara – hello do you think its my pleasure to hear these stupid stuffs. I’m eagerly waiting for my sanskar. sk – oh that uncle ah, have patience Lilliput. Suddenly entire auditorium became silent as graveyard. students and faculties stood up from their seats and gave respect to guest of honor. NCC cadets were accompanying them like army force and his body guards too.. swara – hey palm tree see my hero, he is looking generous.  sanskar was walking with cool attitude passing a cold look and a small smile on his lips to audience. entire auditorium settled to their seats. Sk and Swara – oh my god now we should bear their mad talks, welcome song then guest of honor speech and his self praising…. Swara – but I’m eager to hear my hero speech. Sk – swara be in limits.. Swara – ok palm tree. Now it was the time for sanskar to give speech, he got up from his seat and gave cool smile opened his mouth. swara – among the crowds, gave a long loud whistle. sk – closed her mouth and pushed her down the chairs, so no one could witness her.  entire hall was silent and turned back to see who gave sudden whistle.. sk – Lilliput what have you done??? swara – gave him wide grin and got up, she held her head up and murmured  who is that manner less person .she was pretending to act like searching and she too turned hear head back to see who whistled. sk – swara I’m sure you would win Oscar for you acting skills.. swara – thank u partner. sk – swara if you would have informed  me earlier I would have joined  with you in whistling na with pout face. swara – oh my palm tree, next time we can do it together… sk – promise. swara – pinky promise. Volunteer – to sk and swara give me ur ID cards u are talking continuously. swara – lemme hear his speech please move away. Volunteer – gave a look and she moved away. sanskar gave his speech in short and sweet style. swara –forgot to blink her eye all while.. sk – swara turn this side.. swara – palm tree do whatever you want, don’t disturb me. she was gazing him like chocolate. sk – took his hanky and wiped swara mouth her chin and face. swara – hey palm tree what you doing?? sk – Lilliput as u was engrossed in gazing him, you were drooling and I wiped them. swara – oh!!!! then she realized what he said and  bet him on his shoulders. sk –ahh its paining. swara  – heheehehehhe…… loudly  where as sanskar watched swara keenly and gave cold look. swara – closed her mouth and sat chup chap like small girl. sanskar – was controlling his laugh by seeing her activity. he finished his speech. swara – gave a big clap and sk too accompanied her. then all realized and gave him a loud claps. sanskar – was watching her deeply. sk and swara – suddenly stood up and gave standing ovation.. students were confused and all stood up and gave standing ovation.. sk and swara were laughing like hell and both gave mass whistle among the crowds. 

sanskar was embarrassed and he knew that girl would have done this. sanskar was asked to inaugurate the new block and all gave loud of applause. their session got over and students and faculty dispersed silently. swara and sk was waiting to meet sanskar. sanskar – fumed in anger and gave them cunning look. swara & sk – omg he is angry on us. swara – what did we do?? sk – ha what did we do???  with Attitude. sanskar – what you need?? sk – sir you’re my inspiration. sanskar – oh is it???  I saw u both spoiling my speech swara – oi hello don’t scold us. we gave you  standing ovation and mass whistle. sk – gave shocking look to swara. swara – closed her mouth with shock and her eyes popped out. sanskar – gave a smirk. sk –so sir, your dream project on building houses for slum people and  your research foundation collaboration with other countries, how far well is it going?? sanskar – was shocked and gave smile, young man its interesting to see students like you engaged on current affairs on business. swara – don’t talk too much sanskar, you’re his inspiration. sk – hahhahahahha your dead from your uncle. swara – your too dead. sanskar – was giving them cunning look. sk and swara – sorry. sanskar – useless sorry and pointing to sk don’t join with her, she is spoiling you. sk – ha my grandma has told me that I’m good boy and not to join with swara Lilliput. swara – oh yeah becoz u don’t even know the spelling for your name(angry face). sanskar – enough, he started moving and swara and sk too moved to their class as bell rang. swara and sk were  walking hand in hand. sanskar – saw that and he shook his head and moved in opposite direction. after 1 minute.. sanskar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a voice came, he turned back to see the person. swara – hey look here, bye sans she waved her hands, sticked her tongue out and winked at him.. sk – really!!!!!! thank you sanskar. sans – lets see in interview. next day : sanskar and sk had meeting and sk was appointed in his company as new trainee. In one month sk learned many things and signed new contracts and sanskar was encouraging him always. sk and sankar bonding was growing stronger and stronger day by day.  months passed swara would always drop sk in office irritate sanskar.  It has now become routine trio will spend their time when they are free and swara would visit sanskar office in morning and evening. daily she would by 3 chocaltes for them and sanskar will refuse to take from her. but it was her habit to keep them on his table. sanskar would take the chocolates to his house and his freezer were filled with chocolate shop. Sunday afternoon sanskar was feeling hungry opened his refrigerator to grab something and his eyes fell on the freezer, a wide smile grew on his face, he snatched a big diary milk bubbly and left to his room. he took a snap and sent to swara with quote – mouth watering bubbly  in liquefy state. and it was the first time sanskar texted swara. swara was busy talking with sk and she did not care about the message. sanskar was waiting for her reply. swara later checked the message and she was drooling by gazing the bubbly. she was gulping her saliva by looking the picture. what happen swara , sk questioned her??? sk grabbed the mobile and he too started drooling.. swara and sk – were steeling glances, gulping saliva . Immediately both ran to shop to buy chocolate, their bad luck chocolates stock was finished. sk – called sanskar, told him to meet in qwerty shop. sans – reached the place and saw two idiots sitting . sk come here dude(sk)  come here poison ( swara) sans – gave cunning look to both and sat next to them swara and sk – immediately unrapped a pim pom chocolate and licking  and sucking in their mouth and made sounds like umhhhh… ha…… sk and swara – unakkum pidikuma enakum pidikuum (do you like this, I too like this chocolate) sans – was staring at them. sk and swara  – was laughing at him. sans – got angry and pulled their hands and the chocolate fell on the floor. he was laughing hey jolie…. sk and swara – was beating him on his shoulders and arms. swara – went a step ahead and bite him on his arms. sanskar – winced in pain, ahhhhh……… sk – ayiyoo….  veri naaye kaduchuruchu, sanskar seikaram poi belly suthi 32 injection potukalam, or else you will die.( stary dog has bite you, come we can have injection) swara – avan  oru vesam, epudi avanaku vesam aerum??( sanskar is poisin then how can my bite make him poisioned) sanskar – setha !!!!! he bite swara on her sholders. swara – ahhh ma……. sk – was laughing at them. it was swasan turn they bite sk on each side. sk – ahhhhh…… unnga sandai la enda ena kaducheenga??( in your fight why did you bite me) swasan –  jesus  said,  if you get slap on one side of cheek show your next side also to them. sk – dei avaru sonnadhukum neega kaduchadhukum logic’eh illaiyea. (there is no logic in your dialogue and from your biting too) swasa – eeeeeeeeeee 32 they were showing. trio had spent time and left to their house. one day trio planned to go for shopping. swara was irritating sanskar too much and he was doing the same, but sk was supporting only sanskar. swara got angry and she left them. sk told, dude be careful with this Lilliput she would kill you. sanskar – that cockroach I will kill her. but where did she go?? sanskar and sk were  searching her. sk – Lilliput…… sans – cockroach where have you gone??? both were asking ppl passing by using nickname and ppl were staring them like mad. but they never cared  since they were busy in searching her. one cute small boy – bhai I have never seen Lilliput can you show me?? one girl – ahh cock roach ahh she was yelling and she made fuss.. all people gathered around sk and sanskar and these idiots were asking them did you see Lilliput, cockroach…. all were staring  them weirdly. swara  was standing among the gathering and she slapped a girl butt, and the girl was standing showing her back to sanskar and sk.  girl turned back and gave shitty look, but they were busy in asking about swara. swara again did the same thing but to different girl who was standing another side to them. this girl got angry and she was shouting at them and yelled don’t you have some other work, are you not born with sisters… chee… sk and sans was shocked and all the people asked what happen, she told they were misbehaving with her. sk and sans got shocked and yelled no… another girl they did the same with me.. all taunted sk and sans, swara came out from crowd and said yeah the boys are cheap and they behave badly with girls they should be sent to jail for eve teasing. sans and sk – swara …… no…. swara – hello how come you know my name, see uncles and aunties he is threatening me. all were about to slap them, but swara  we can leave them uncles if he says sorry . both were adamant hey zipped their mouth. swara – enamma ipudi panureengaley ma,  cant you ask a sorry? sk & sans – no…… swara –  apa police koopudeven,uncle better you call police, sk – ah call let us check the cctv camera. swara – no… for this matter we can’t call police, let us leave him uncle. all left and swara was dancing before sk and sans – never irritate swara. sans and sk – is it!!!!!! they were beating swara in playfull manner. evening they had food and left to their house. swara came to drop sk  in  office and she went inside sanskar cabin to leave chocolate on his table. sanskar saw her and asked what do you want?? swara – nothing. sans – wait he gave her big dairy milk silk. swara – ahh she fell on the floor. sanskar – lifted and placed her on sofa and sprinkled water on her face, cockroach get up.. swara – opened her eyes and pinched sanskar. sans – ahhh… swara – then its reality. sans – why did you pinch me?? swara – you first time gave me chocolate na, so only I checked whether its dream or reality. sans – for that you should pinch yourself. swara – it will pain for me. sans – then for me??? swara – you’r devil. sans – you’r devil.. both started fighting with great sounds,outside many staffs were witnessing this, sk passed by saw them and asked the staffs to do their work. sk – monkey donkey it is office not playground. swasan – who told its play ground?? sk – stop your fighting, swasan – who is fighting here?? we  are  talking, hey na sans. sk – stupids. swara – ok it’s getting late for college she bid them bye and left with her silk. In break time swara sent a video to sanskar –  it was about how she ate the chocolate and she even asked him does he want a piece but without giving she ate herself.  sans was laughing at the video. swasan started their phone convo  and they were getting close day by day and sk too know about this, he was the first person to be happy becoz his bestie gonna marry a gem. he wished for her well-being and he was waiting for the day where sanskar proposes swara. now sk has reached great heights in business and with his earnings  he built his own company and named it as S3  (sanskar sk swara – 3).  he has is own company but he has merged with karma.

 S3   and karma were swirling like fire in business. no one dared to fight with them. swara texted sk and sans to meet in café corner , becoz it has been long since they chatted. due to tenders sk and sans were busy in handling them. trio met in café corner, ordered cold café, hot chocolate and cappuchino. swara was eager to open her mouth but it was shut we she saw sk and sans discussing about their new project. she waited for them to complete, but in that gap she slept by resting her head in her arms. after half an hour swara opened her eyes, still they were busy in talking. swara – shut ur fowl mouth idiots, I’m too siting here, stop your bromance. sk and sans – ahh our ears are bleeding. swara – same here. sk and sans – oorula 10 – 15 friend vatchurrukavan la sandhosama irukan, orey oru friend vatchukutu nanga padura avastha irukey ayiyiyooo…… ( in this city persons having 10 -15 friends are happy, but having her as only friend  makes our life  terrible) swara – panni kutty la punch dialogue pesudhuda( pigs are even making fun of us) sk and sans – namma la kalaichutangalama. swara – narayana, indha kosunga tholai thanga mudiyala ( cnt bear these mosquitoes) sk and sans –  good night advance use pannunga. swara – cough huff…hugghhhhfff… sk and sans – thanniya kudi thanniya kudi ( drink water) swara – swara took the water, poured on sk and sans… sk and sans – was in terrible shock. swara – bye I’m going. sk and sans – not soon baby , they were about to pour water, but she ran before the water reaches her. days passed… swara did not visit sanskar for one week, in this week he texted her but there was no reply and he was hesitant to ask sk too. but one day he lost his patience, and asked about her. sk – sanskar she is having semester examz so only she is offline, if you want come with me to orphanage today. sans – 1000 watts bulb glow on his face, but pretend not to show on his face. sk – I saw it no problem. sans – buddy he punched him on stomach. evening swara was learning for her exam and busing understanding the concept, she did not see sk and sans glancing at her. sk – Lilliput, she who has come. swara – was busy in her own world. sk – sans you talk to her, I have some work( understanding bestie). sans – k bro, a smile crept on his face, cockroach…….. swara – she thought its her hallucination and left. sans – cockroach….. swara  turned and saw sans standing behind her back . with sudden jerk she was about fall, but he hold her carefully they had cute eyelock. swara composed herself, oi alien what you’r doing here?? sans – I have come here to remind you that im sanskar. swara – very funny. sans – I missed so much in this one week swara and came to give you surprise visit since you went  missing. swara – never expected this from sans. sans – what happen madam ji?? swara – she hugged him tight. sans – what happen cockroach?? swara – nothing tears rolled from her eyes. sans – oi emotional idiot. swara – im not crying, my eyes are sweating. sans – is it?? swara – ha. sans – gave her bundle of chocolates and told her to have daily before going to exam. Chocolate can improve memory. swasan started their nok jok and swara forgot that she had exam tomorrow. sk too joined them. it was 8.30 swara saw the time and shouted no… becoz of u idiots I forgot about my exam, sure im going to fail tomorrow.  sk and sans were laughing at her. swara am I looking like joker, you idiots go away she was pushing them out of her room. if I fail the reason is u both only. pray to god I should pass or else u both are dead. sk and sans – bongu nee padikama engala solurea ya.( u did not study, u are complaining as we did leave u to study) swara – that is the truth. sk and sans – poi (lier) swara – why am I arguing  with these idiots, shit move away she closed the door on their face. sk and sans – hhahhhahhaahhaah……. sk and sans – went out to garden. sk – sanskar I can see you have feeling for swara, I hope you will protect and treat her as princess. she has never asked anything for her own, she always keep her surrounding happy. I only knew how she is longing for parents love. can you give her the love she needs sanskar. will you be her guardian angel soulmate?? sans – was shocked and he hugged  sk and  promised him to keep swara happy forever. sk – don’t take long time, propose her soon. sans – may be after she finishes her college. sk – ok bro… sans left to his house and reminiscing his moments with swara and he too knew she had feeling for him. next day: sk and sans – today if swara failed in exam we are dead. swara – was hurrying ,she looked her bag pocket found a chocolate and she thought about sanskar and ate them fast and left to exam hall. Evening Office : swara – hey idiots she was running like small kid. whole office – saw her weird… swara – shut her mouth and left to  sans cabin. sk and sans were discussing about project. swara – gave sudden blow to the door and it gave bang sound.

sk and sans – pochu sethom( we are dead) swara – aatha na pass ayeduven  ( I would pass in the exam )she came running. sk an sans – thapuchom they were hugging each other. swara – idiots u should hug me not urself.. sk and sans – hahahhaha… come here they shared group hug. months passed swara finshed her college. one day many cars arrived at orphanage and people were buzzing like bees. sanskar and his parents emerged out and entered the hall. sk and swara were busy in chatting. suji – swara beti. swara –  aunty she got up tensed. suji and ram – don’t panic beta we here  for marriage proposal. sans – was laughing at her shocked face. sk and sans – gave hifi…. swara – stared at them. soon they spoke about the proposal to grannies since they  are care taker’s. all were happy. sans – but I need dowry. swara and all were shocked. suji and ram – sanskar…. sans – hahha I need sk as dowry. all laughed at him and swara was shooting daggers to him. ska nd sans – were  teasing swara . swara – from beginning I had doubt on you, now it is confirmed. sans – shock whats that?? swara – I think you are gay. sk – swara stupid what are you speaking. swara – you both  always stick together and sometimes hug and have bromance too.. suji – fainted, sanskar are you gay?? swara – mom…. suji woke up and asked sanskar is it real?? swara – mom I just said to tease him, be cool. suji – omg trio are dramabaz.. one  month passed, swasan got married they were living  blissfully.. sk  was scolding sans to take  a break and go for honeymoon. sans – not now. sk – I have arranged everything tonite u are flying to Taiwan . sans – Taiwan?? sk – yup from there u will be leaving to PENGHU ISLAND. sans – with shock im not going anywhere. sk – dude then swara’s  doubt will get more stronger. sans – whats that. sk – that we are…… sans – no tonite itself im leaving… flight : sans – swara are you excited?? swara – for what?? double meaning ah?? sans – still now I did not think like that, but now I got it. he gave her wink. swara – sans stupid… soon they dosed off. morning they reached Taiwan and from there they left to Penghu island. It was afternoon , they arrived the island. Is Land was corved with lush green ,sky and land were merged and giving majestic view and beaches revealing so much fun to be experienced. swasan stayed in tree top wood house. It was their wish to live in wood house in this birth. swasan took rest and evening they went for beach walk and night they had their dinner and slept, so morning they can enjoy the surprise waiting for them in island. morning : swasan planned to visit  temple  which was must to outlanders. They visited the mother god of the island and knew interesting facts about people living there and their origin. Next they planned for water sports –snorkeling , sea kayaking, fishing and sailing. swara was adamant to adventure the sea. so swasan along with guide they went for snorkeling. it was adventurous experience for them and got visual treat by swimming along with variety of fishes and even took many pics(water proof camera). Evening they enjoyed relishing dried squid, brown sugar cakes and peanut candy which were locality foods who should never miss it.  Island becomes dark early at 6.00 pm revealing its danger to roam around after 6.00 pm. It was tiring day  for swasan and slept in each other embrace. morning : they went for fishing and enjoyed the back waters. both were singing  row row row row your boat, gently down the  sea… merrily merrily, merrily, merrily…. life is but a dream.. ( swasan KG kids J J J ) afternoon they returned to their house. sanskar made swara to sleep since it was tiring day, swara was fast asleep. sanskar went on his secret mission. It was around 5.00pm sanskar woke swara and informed her that they are going out. swara went to refresh and when she came back , a gift box grabbed her attention which was on the bed addressing – TO MY ANGEL(cockroach) <3 <3 <3. swara was blushing seeing the note, her patience flew like balloon and in no seconds she unwrapped the box and found a beautiful red color saree( imagine swasan dress – consummation night).swara was admiring the saree and read the note which was stating her to be ready at 6.00pm. swara was smiling like an idiot and started her makeup course. she wore cute pearl earring studded with diamond stone and thin platinum chain adoring her swan neck with heart pendant. Her hands were adorned with diamond bangle creating no sound but shining like star in the sky. she was ready by now  and was waiting impatiently for her choco prince. she heard footsteps behind her back, not able to meet sanskar gaze swara was bowing her head down in shy waiting for sanskar next step. sanskar went close to her, he took deep breath leaving his air on her back and blindfolded swara. swara whispered his name, he guided her to walk and she was now outside their wood house. swara was able to feel the mixture of roughness and smooth in her feet, swasan were walking on bare foot  in the white beach  sand. It was the peak time to unfold her eye piece, sanskar undid her blindfold and for few seconds swara’s world was in complete pitch dark. First thing she witnessed was making her numb, the huge fire ball was drowning in ocean and waves were touching her feet. swasan were witnessing sunset which was astounding and at same time moon was showing her enormous energy glowing high in the  island. soon, moon was the only source of light in the entire island. swasan were frozen by gazing nature’s beauty. After 20 minutes swasan came back to the reality and gave a soft hug and parted after 30 seconds.  swara was feeling shy looking at sanskar face. ( A girl may look stylish in all kinds of dress, but she would  be gorgeous when she is in her traditional clothe, especially girl’s look elegant in saree. I don’t know what you all feel, but according to me, a girl when she wears a sari she becomes an ANGEL, her dress makes her stunning. her sari which is made out of pallu or floating, coming to her hair which is left open but tucked in middle with  small knot and adorned with jasmine flowers make her classy. she is down to earth angel, person who refuses is utter mad) sanskar pov: I cannot believe my cockroach come angel would be majestic in sari, she was wearing red saree accompanied by pearl white blouse and left her sari in floating. omg I forgot to breathe seeing her blushing and shying first time. her cheeks turned pink , round sea green eye balls were attracting me towards her, beautiful cherry lips coated with lip gloss  were shining in moon light and  a  sharp blunt end nose which might pierce who dares to touch her face lastly her narrow chin looked like boat edge gave her face a finishing touch. her long black silky hairs were flying in air due to cold breeze swirling around us. I was just blinking and noticing her every inch and forgot my surprise plan. she was bewitching. swara ‘s pov : sanskar whom I thought as uncle , later when I saw him I was feeling odd to address a handsome into a uncle. I never imagined, that I would fall for him at first sight and I don’t believe in all these stuffs, but that idiot palm tree screwed me  that I like and I love him, may be his teasing has made me fall in love with sanskar. Another reason Is my bestie was snatched from me, who has the guts to do that ??? that great uncle oops sanskar he snatched my bestie and it ended up like they were soul mate and I’m bin between them. It all started as something and ended in relationship, now we are married and I’m here to spend my honeymoon with this monkey oops choco. he was gazing me like he has seen food after 1 week like a tiger. wait…. wait… I saw his face carefully like there will be exam tomorrow. His face was like dull moon in the presence on moon light, he had sharp nose, eyebrows like cat tail long and dense, next his eyes deep black and gold tint outline his lips were like curve bends in hill station roads his sharp chin finally his trimmed beard smoking hot. I was engraving each and every thing about him inside my brain. pov ends…. sanskar – adiyea radhi, agni  hotari, nalla tin beer madhuri irupa but now saree la devathai madhuri iruka..( ur looking angelic in sari) swara – oi am I looking like tin beer. sans – oops cooling tin beer. swara – ur like mad dog as always. both were laughing at their compliments….  sans walked towards her and pulled her to side hug and  they made rhythmic steps towards the tent which  sans made for his  my angel. she was gazing me while we were walking towards the destined place. I made her stop in front of the tent and went inside. swara pov : I was astound by his surprise and arrangements made by him, It was beautiful white tent/fort and the edges were decorated with led bulbs and lights and they were twinkling like stars in darkness. I sneaked inside to see the atmosphere, it was filled with white and sky blue balloons and filled with aroma adding essence to the surrounding and diyas lighted which is gonna enlighten our life. A candle light dinner table and soft music was playing to keep as lively. sanskar : ahem ahem madam its wrong to peep into someone’s personal. oh am I stranger to you?? Nopes but I want to give u surprise but you spoiled it. sanskar you’re my surprise more than that what would I need. Enough of buttering me swara. oh god u found that. he slowly guided swara inside the fort and she took wide glance of the environment and she murmured fabulous. oh thank you angel. it’s not for you prince. I guess no one is here in this island except us. swara was smiling like idiot. soon he pulled the chair for swara and they had their dinner. sanskar excused and came with surprise for his angel. he had tray and it was covered with bowl, swara was thinking what would it be?? sanskar gave huge laugh and undid the bowl swara was jumping like kid and kissed sanskar on cheeks and gave him loud shock. he place the tray on table and placed candles over the chocolate cake( it’s not cake its chocolate mountain).  the mountain bottom was filled with dark chocolate and above layer was covered with truffle, then a layer of wafer, then a layer of peanuts, then a layer of creamy milk vanilla, a layer of caramel and finally chocolate is melted and poured on them which is coating all above layers and they were dripping along the sides above it was garnished with choco chips and a freshly plucked cherry.  

swara fainted after gazing them and sanskar pulled her immediately and sprinkled water o her face. swara squeezed her eyes and said can  eat myself sanskar??? sanskar was shocked by her behavior, stupid did u faint for gazing the cake?? sanskar my mouth is watering I want to taste them. sanskar chuckled at her and both made wish and blew out the candle. before sanskar could feed her, swara put her fingers on piping hot chocolate drips and licked like small child. she made a sound ummhhhhhhhh……. sanskar was standing like statue seeing her state. swara after  2 minutes and saw him frozen. she gave sheepish smile and fed to feed him. sanksar moved back and she wondered what happen?? yuck swara  u licked ur  fingers and your trying to feed me with that dirty fingers. swara narrowed her eyes and kept her hands on her waist, oh !!!! mr. clean shut and have them. I can’t and he ran from there. swara started chasing him with piece of chocolate in her hand. Their sounds were echoing entire  island. At one step both were tired and fell on the sand. swara immediately rubbed the chocolate all over his face and she ran holding her saree.  swara saitan ki bacchi your dead and he was chasing her like tom and swara was jerry. tom and jerry entered their fort and somehow sanskar  caught swara and he picked up big piece of chocolate and smashed them on swara face like giving her chocolate facial.  haahahahahha.. he was laughing at her face. swara  pulled sankar  by his collars  and rubbed her chocolate all over his face and gave him wink. both had eye lock and it was disturbed by winds that were howling outside their fort. swasan cleaned their face with water and tissues. sanskar grabbed swara by her arms and gave a small box. swara opened them she was stunned. it had couple rings with A&C engraved on them(angel and choco) sanskar gave a small smile on his lips and slid the ring on swara’s finger and placed kiss on her knuckle and brushed his hands down. swara was jolt by his action an she slowly grabbed the ring and slid them on her choco prince finger and hugged him tight leaving no space between them sanskar too hugged her back. she parted herself and started singing, akkam pakkam yarum illa, bhoologam vendum (I need world where no one is around us) andi pgal unarugrey naan vaazha vendum (I want t be by your side every single moment of my life) en aasai elam un irukathiley, en ayul elam un anaipiniley (my only wish is to be near yoy, my entire lifespan in your embrace) swara moved close to sanskar and hugged him from back. veranna vendum ulagthiley, indha inbam podhum nenjineley (what else I need in my life? just this much happiness in my heart is enough) ezeezhu jenmam vaazhndhu viteen (I can live for hundred years) nee pesum vaarthaigal segarithu (by collecting the words that you speak) seiven anbe oru agaraathi ( I can build an encyclopedia) nee thoongum nerathil thoongamal ( while your sleeping, I will be awake) parpen thinam un thalai kothi!! ( gazing you and running my fingers inside your hair and visualizing your dreams) kadorathil epothumey un moochu kaatrin veppam sumapen. (I will be always be at your side to support the warmth in your breathe) kaiyodudhan kai  korthu than un marbu sootil mugam pudhaipen!!! (Entwine our fingers and bury my face in the warmth of your chest) verenna vendum ulagthiley, indha inbam podhum nenjiniley.. (what else I need in my life? just this much happiness in my heart is enough) ezeezhu jenmam vaaldhu viteen… (I can live for hundred years) nanana nanana nanana nananaaa!!! lalala lala lalla lalalla la….. in this whole song swasan were hugging and then parting themselves again hugging and shook their body and made few steps…( im bad in explaining dance so you can imagine how you want them to dance) song ends…. swara’s eyes were welled up with water and they were rolling down like pearl drops. sanskar catched the first drop and saved them from reaching the ground. never in my dreams I would make you cry my sweet heart. he gave her forehead kiss and hugged so close. swara was happy and she hugged him back like small child waiting for love which never experienced from anyone one. she kissed his forehead and both had eyelock. sanskar lifted swara in his arms and moved towards the beach, she was resting her head on his chest and could hear his heart beat.. sanskar placed her  carefully on the soft mattress placed  on the sand. Island was calm, shore waves were creating sounds and swasan were sleeping on their backs and watching the stars may be it turned out to be night watch. stars were twinkling and swasan being silly they started, twinkle twinkle lil star… how I wonder what you are!!!! up above the world so high… like a diamond  in the sky!!!!!!!!

both were laughing like mad after completing their song. sanskar was admiring swara and he slowly rolled over swara . swara was shocked and she started breathing heavily. sans….s..ka….r… her words were chocking from her throat.. ha…. swaa..aa..ra…. he was teasing her. sanskar she  left a smile and hit him on his chest.  co-operate with your  prince my angel. swara chuckled at his talk. sankar slowly placed his lips over forehead then trailed his kiss o her cheeks and the finally on her cherry lips. It was soft warm love filled kiss. Both whispered the magical word I LOVE YOU … he wanted   her to feel heavenly becoz it was their first kiss and  wished  it  to be memorable one. swara slowly adapted to her choco and both were engulfed in their own world making love. ok come on friends, give them some privacy……. morning birds and gloomy sun was disturbing the heavenly couple, swasan  opened their eyes and gave sweet smile to each other. It was not like other day, today was new day for them.. swasan smiled at each other and their eyes were speaking through action while their words failed to express. sanskar lifted  her  like baby and took her to their wood house. It was their last day in island and they spent the whole day in wood house to enjoy their own company and evening they left to INDIA. 6 months passed, sk got married to his love sri divya and he was leading cheer full life. 4 years passed swasan were blessed with girl child and they name her as “NIVEDITHA”. sk and divya was blessed with twin babies “NAVI and ANU”. Due to business meeting sk and divya has gone to Australia, leaving their daughters in swasan house. After two days, a man was found sleeping peacefully in his bed but his sleep was disturbed by loud noise. there came three  princess running to the person sleeping on the bed.. baby…. baby…. it’s getting late get up…. nive – was pulling his hands. navi – was pulling his legs. anu – was pulling his hairs… it’s getting late….. ahhhhhh three witches came…. please let me sleep na, with sad face. nivinu(nivenavianu)- wait I will call mom, mumma….. see na dad is not waking up.. sansakr – saitan ki bachhiiiiiii.. nivinu –  your calling mumma as saitan, let us tell her.. sanskar – no.. you’re my cutepies na… ok come on let’s get ready for school.. back ground song, thoongu moonji lazy gooseu last bench mara manda tiffin boxu samaya kattu iron pannu uniforma daily lateu get outu thookam pochu tired aachu homework escapeu daily ithe vaelaya pochu yeh eena meena teekka eeeee kattuma shokka kutty pony tailu cutetta kaiyil maatti kitta. sanskar – gave bath to nivinu . nivinu – were dressing themselves. sanskar had his wash and was dressing.. nivi – babe help me in this button. navi – babe first help me in wearing this tie. anu – babe… see na this hook is not responding to me. sanskar – was struggling between 3 cute princess.. he was helping them. nivi – was combing his hair. anu – applied powder to his face. navi – sprayed him with engage deo. all were busy, from down a voice came – come  for breakfast. nivinu – running like rabbits, mumma….. they were kissing and hugging her. sanskar – came with smile and he too did what his princess were doing, he never misses a chance to romance with her. swara – sanskar stupid go away she pushed him. all had breakfast and were ready to school and sanskar for his office. swara was 3 months pregnant so  she was not allowed to do any work but she cooks alone. she was sitting on cushion chair. nivi – gave peck on left cheek  and her tummy and bid bye. navi – gave kiss on her right cheek , tummy and bid bye to her. anu – gave kiss on her tummy then on forehead and bid bye to her. nivinu –  to swara tummy, chottey come soon, we are going to school. Take care of mumma, bye and they went out. sanskar – bent down in knee, before swara could recognize he gave peck on  her lips& tummy and hugged so tighly and was caressing her waist. swara – sanskar what are you doing… sanskar – don’t you know what I’m doing?? nivinu – papa enough of romance, it’s getting late for school. sanskar – this witches never let me do romance with my angel.. ahhhh.. swara – was laughing and pushed him out… evening – all returned , spent family time and slept. swasan room : swara – was standing near window and gazing at stars. sanskar – hugged her  from back and gave kiss on her shoulders. swara – sanskar… sans – where is my gift??? swara – what gift??? sans – he turned her, brought his face close to her and left a breathe. swara – was blushing. (dirty minds don’t think kiss…) swara – opened her fist and gave him a chocolate. sans – wont you feed me?? swara –  why not!! she fed  him and sans did the same. both hugged each other and relished this  moment how swara  turned as his angel and sanskar  turned as her choco prince.. ends with happy face of swasan…….

———— THANK YOU ————– I know it was boring becoz I have some feeling…

NOTE : today is  my ANGEL CHOCO BIRTHDAY do wish her. she is “NIVE” who is currently writing LOVE BEYOND AGES and wrote SWARAGINI THE WAY YOU ARE and POWER OF LOVE SR….. LAST BUT NOT LEAST WISH HER OR ELSE I WILL EAT YOU ALL……. (cupid we ever you are seikaram nive mela ambu (arrow)vidunga,  let her meet her future hubby and blessed with 100 kids. 100 are enough ah nive???)  bye all…..

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