BrahmaRakshas 19th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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BrahmaRakshas 19th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Swami Kanakanand informs that Apu Brahmarakshas wants to kill Raina and she has to stay back to kill Apu. He calls his parrot and says this parrot will get everyone’s information and nobody should dare to trick. Pakhandi baba says this man is pakhandi and trying to fear them with parrot. Parrot bites pakhandi baba. Swami kanakanand warns people to be careful and leaves. Nalin says Apu is a betrayer, she lived with them for so many days and tricked them. Raina says she will not sacrifice her life for lier Apu. Mohini tells she will not let any other daughter sacrificed and requests villagers tonot force Raina. Sarpanch nods yes.

Raina walks. Rishab stops her. Raina thanks him for saving her. Rishab asks her to go back to Mumbai, he will fight with Brahmarakshas. She says she will not as Brahmarakshas killed her papa. Rishab asks what about Rakhi. Shivam interferes and says Raina has her own brain and she will decide if she wants to go or not.

Yug reaches home and thinks what if Kanakanand inform that he knew from before that Apu is Brahmarakshas. Naina asks what happened, where are other family members. He says Apu..Naina asks what. He says Apu is Brahmarakshas.

Argument starts between Rishab and Shivam. Shivam asks Rishab to go as he is with Raina. Raina says why should she listen to him, she has her own brain. She then argues with Rishab and says nobody can decided if she has to stay here or not. Shivam says he will stop her. Rishab says she will not. Shivam says she stayed on his insistence.

Phuli takes swami Kanakanand to her home and shows him place for meditation and asks what about his parrot. He says arshu will come if he calls him. Raina and Shivam enter. Swami says he knew she would come and her courage will keep villagers safe.

Rishab reaches back home. Nalin says goood Raina went back, he should marry Kiara and move on. Kiara comes and argues. Mohini says in this environment, marriage should be canceled. Nalin shouts marriage will not stop. Rishab saays yes, marriage will not stop, everyone chose their way, even he will, Raina chose Shivam. Mohini says Raina did not tell anything. He says she listened to Shivam than him and decided her way, now he will listen to dad and marry Kiara. Nalin saays thats like his boy, Kiara and Rishab’s marriage will happen at any cost.

Apu Brahmarakshas wanders in jungle reminiscin Sanjay attacking her and reminisces how she killed Sanjay earlier and killing him again as Brahmarakshas. She shouts because of Raina, Sanjay came back again, she will kill Sanjay first and then Raina. Swamiji starts meditation. Injured Sanjay lying on floor roars that he will not spare Apu.

Raina discusses with Rishab’s family that tomorrow is haldi ceremony, everyone will wear yellow and white dresses. Mohini says as she says. Mitali (changed now) calls Raina as bhabi. Kiara yells not to call after her marriage. Mitali suggests Raina to go back to Mumbai. Raina says Apu killed her father and she will not go back without killing Apu. Kiara yawns. Nalin gives money to Shivam and says marriage should be lavish. Shivam says okay. Yug gives more money. Raina says no need for much money. Nalin says he is giving as Shivam is learning knowledge to kill Brahmarakshas. Yug says all problem is because of Raina and if she stays away from this house, Brahmarakshas will not come here. Rishab says Raina will not go as she is Shivam’s assistant. Shivam says yes. Raina leaves. Rishab stops her and says again she should go back to Mumbai Raina says he cannot decide it and leaves.

Raina goes back to Shivam’s house and cries that Rishab did not tell he loves her, but wants her to go from here. She sees Swamiji walking out of house and thinks he told he will meditate, bbut is going out. She follows him to jungle. Apu smells Raina. Raina sees Swamiji telling someone that he will be most powerful in the world. She turns and sees Apu in front of her. Apu shouts how she is related to Sanjay, must be relationship of pain. Swamiji throws his trishul and creates a fire circle around Raina. Apu attacks Raina, but its goes in vain. Swamiji comes and says Apu she did wrong by coming here. Apu says she did not and disappears. Swamiji warns Raina not to be foolish again. Raina asks whom he was talking to. He says her father is not her real father, her husband is not her real husband, she does not know anything. Raina says he is changing the topic. He leaves.

Rishab reads a book sitting in sofa and sees Kiara coming from outside. He asks where she had gone. She says he is running behind village girl and should decide if he wants to marry a classy girl like her or run behind village girl. Rishab says she already decided everything along with his father, what he should say. She is taking the girl’s help whom she is calling villager.

Next evening, Raina gets busy in Rishab and Kiara’s haldi function. Neha sees her and tries to speak. Yug stops Naina and says not to disturb busy Raina. Raina sees wound on Naina’s back. Rishab sees Raina and Shivam talking and smiling next and fumes. He angrily asks Raina to start his haldi ritual. Mohini says first they will apply haldi on Rishab and then apply same haldi on Kiara. She applies haldi on Rishab’s cheeks. Some gets into his eyes. Ved calls Raina as bhabhi asks to give kerchief. Nalin and Kiara fume. Apu enters with guests. Cobbler gives shoes to raina and Raina says it is for Rishab. Cobbler then jokes with other villager that wie is making shoes for sautan. Raina feels sad. Apu silently burns curtain and leaves. Shivam sees Raina standing near curtain and shouts fire.. Rishab rushes to her rescue and holds her. His haldi smears on Raina. Mohini sees that and smirks on Nalin that he is trying to stamp children’s emotions, but he will not be able to. Shivam draws holy ash line in front of door.

Swamiji’s parrot drops medicine on Sanjay Brahmarakshas’ wound and it heals. He gets up. Swamiji comes and tells him that he can help him kill Aparajita if he will help him, will he. Sanjay nods yes.

At haveli, Rishab sees Raina in tears and walks towards her. She leaves from there. Rishab then sits in front of havan for marriage. Kiara as bride sits next to him. Panditji ties holy thread in Rishab’s hand, gives flower to both of them and asks to pray god. They both do. Villagers turn fan and it blows off holy ash from door. Pandit asks Rishab and Kiara to exchagne garlands. They do. Raina cries standing aside. Apu watches Raina. Pandit asks to tie gatbandhan. Kiara asks Raia to do gathbandhan. Rishab asks why will she. Pandit says groom’s parents should do it. Kiara says Raina will do for her. Mohini asks why. Raina says it is okay she will do it. She does gath bandhan.

Apu enters wearing veil and says gath bandhan is done, she will do rest of rituals. She removes veil. Everyone are shocked to see her. Apu asks Pandit to chant death mantras, this is this village’s last marriage, invitation of death. Lights flicker. She turns into Brahmarakshas. Everyone watch worriedly. Apu shouts Raina will die first.

Precap: Apu burns marriage mantap and shouts everyone will die, whole village came as baraat and they all will die. Sanjay fights with Apu. Apu says she will kill him third time today.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Loved itbut please brahmarakshas team if you are reading this then please adddddddd rishaina scenes plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzZzzZzzZZzZZZZ

  2. Ya plz add the most lovely scenes.. but any ways… it’s rocking amazing..from first…. simply superb…. lam tamilan… south…. so I could not understand many… so I feel veryyyyy was…. all is faith…. do well…. Bye..


    Awsome show…
    But i am thinking what if appu will die than show will end?????????????????????

  4. Nice episode….Hope this show will be always in top 10

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