Chikoo – Yeh Ishq Nachaye 18th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhanush breaks up with Mini

Chikoo – Yeh Ishq Nachaye 18th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhanush scolding Alka. He says you said you missed the moments with me, what about the moments I missed, did you do anything for me or apologize, no, you never said that you missed me, you wanted to make this business empire for you, not for me, it was your dream, don’t force this on me. Keshav looks on. He says you are making me opposite of dad, you don’t love me, you have no emotions in you, I can’t become the type of son you want to make me. Alka goes. Keshav hugs Dhanush. Chiku says you know I have memories connected with that house. Sameer says you should go, I will come along with you, anything for you. She hugs him. Alka sees Dhanush’s childhood pics. She cries and says I did wrong with Dhanush. Keshav says you didn’t do wrong, your intention was right, your way was wrong, don’t blame yourself. She says I scolded you a lot, you have no hatred for me. He says no, how can I hate you, you have let me stay in your life, you got me educated and gave me a job in your company, how can I neglect this, you are like my mum, you have me a brother like Dhanush. She says forgive me. She says you should do what you must, return Dhanush his childhood, let him become what he wants. Alka goes to Dhanush. He apologizes. She says I m sorry, I want a chance from both of you, I want to rectify my mistake, you like music, you do it, Keshav will handle our companies. Keshav thanks her. Dhanush asks really. She says yes. She hugs them. Kanika says I m going to Kamini. He says I m also going there with Chiku. She says the truth will come out today.

Mini comes to meet Dhanush. He says this is just between you and me. He says I lost the scholarship, mom decided to not involve me in business, I m not rich now, I have to find a part time job, I hope you help me. She asks him to beg Alka and convince her. She says we can’t continue this way, if you have no money. He asks what do you mean. Keshav says Mini just wants money. Dhanush says you don’t love me but my money, you cheated my mom, you misused the credit card of the company, you never gave imp to me and our relation. Mini says no, I will explain you. He says our relation is over. She goes. Keshav apologizes. Dhanush asks why are you sorry, I have to go to the party. Keshav teases him about Chiku. Dhanush hugs him.

Chiku and Sameer come in the party. Nivaan and Aarav welcome her and compliment. Sameer says I had to come. Kamini thinks what is Sameer doing here. Sameer introduces Chiku. He says I hope you didn’t have any problem with our coming. She thinks I had seen this girl before. He asks all okay. She says I m glad you have come, I have some work. Sameer meets Aai. Chiku hugs Aai and smiles. Aai says you know I m glad that you have come in this party, I miss Nupur seeing you. Chiku greets Dhanush. He says you are looking really good. She says if your GF knows this, then your party will spoil. He says I m single, Mini and I broke up.

Chiku goes to meet Mini. Mini says you have come home. Chiku says you have a special thing, adamancy to live. She encourages Mini. She asks her to accept what she is. She says I m always with you, but on one condition, don’t act smart.

She says you won’t lie again, tell me do you agree. Mini goes to Kamini and says you always enjoy by demeaning everyone, today I will tell my truth to everyone. She says breaking news, I m just Mini, not Mini Joshi, I was helped by this family, I don’t know about my parents, sorry Dhanush, I was scared to lose you. She threatens Kamini. Kamini goes away angrily. Chiku says Mini… Mini says sorry and hugs her. She says its your turn now, tell everyone that you are Payal.

Dhanush proposes Chiku. He says I love you Chiku…. Chiku smiles. He sings a song for her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Well it looks as if everything is working out so far i enjoy reading your updates you do IT wonderful let us hope everything realy will be resolved and that chickoo Will say that she is payal i hope this ending Will be happier have a lovely friday and a happy holli

  2. Where’s chikoo grandma when mini confess????

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