Pandya Store 18th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Gautam stops Shiva from seeing the banner

Pandya Store 18th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krish asking Shiva to go, Gautam is calling him. He asks what happened to her, did she get drunk. Raavi says no, someone fed me. He asks who. Shiva says she had it herself. Rishita gets ready. Dev hugs her. He makes her wear the gajra. They hug. She says I wanted my marriage to happen at some cool place, Shiva and Raavi are lucky. Dev says we are getting baby in our life, we are the luckiest, we will go on baby moon. She asks him to come for puja. Shiva says I will take Krish. Krish says I will handle her, you go. Shiva says I will find out who fed her the alcohol. He goes. Krish asks who fed you the drink. Raavi says Dhara. Rishita asks Dev to come. She tells the girls that Dev and she are sitting in the puja. Dhara asks Rishita to sit on the chair and attend the puja, smoke won’t reach her. Dhara and Gautam sit in the puja. Rishita gets upset hearing the ladies comment. Hardik says they can get me married.

Suman comes to the shop and asks Kaka where did Gautam go. Kaka says I don’t know about them, I won’t lie to you, its time to shut the store. Suman says I know how to make them speak up, he will tell everything when you tickle him. Prafulla asks Kaka to answer Suman else….. They tickle him. He laughs. He says I will tell you, I just know that they didn’t go much far from Somnath. He goes. Suman says keep an eye on them, he knows it, he will take us to them.

A man delivers the wedding banner. Shiva takes it. Dhara asks Gautam to stop him. Gautam runs and jumps to get the banner. Shiva looks on. He says if your bones break, then it won’t join in old age. Gautam asks who did you call old, I won’t give the card, you called me old. He goes. Shiva say sorry, show me the card. Hardik says I will tell you, the girl’s name is Bhabhi. Gautam says let me handle Shiva, he called me old. Shiva says there would be some name. Krish says Raavi, like Raavi. They all say different names. Dhara lies. Shiva says Dev said her name is Juhi. Dhara says its her pet name. Shiva says Dev didn’t tell me any name. Dhara says just call her Bhabhi, its Hardik’s marriage, go and practice dance with Dev. Hardik takes him.

Rishita recalls Dhara dominating everything. She gets sad. Dev comes and hugs her. She doesn’t tell him anything. Dhara says tie Shiva and make him sit in the mandap. Gautam says think how to arrange a wife for Hardik. She asks Dev to think something. He sees Krish and smiles. Dhara and Gautam also see Krish. Golmaal hai….plays….

Krish signs no. They nod and smile. Krish says no. Dev says we have Krish with us. Dhara says you had become Chudail that day, become a bride today. Krish scolds Dev. He says Raavi was drunk and collided with Shiva, I handled her, if Shiva catches me, then he will beat me. Dhara asks Krish to please agree. She gives the work to Rishita. Raavi murmurs in sleep. Shiva comes to see her. He shouts on her. He covers her with the blanket. She holds his hand. Dhara comes there with the wine bottle. Shiva gets shocked.

Raavi and Shiva argue. She asks what’s wrong, to kidnap you or to plan the forced marriage, its our marriage happening here. Shiva leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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