Chikoo – Yeh Ishq Nachaye 16th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Chiku unites with Aarav and Nivaan

Chikoo – Yeh Ishq Nachaye 16th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chiku lecturing Mini and her friends. She says I will not hide and run away, deal with it. Everyone goes. Chiku’s friends and Dhanush clap for her. Sameer says Kamini is scared of getting caught, she did wrong, we have to make her admit the crime. Nivaan says it was a good speech, I m glad, you should give them a reply, well done. Chiku says thanks for explaining me, you have discouraged Aarav, he needs your brother, don’t make fun of me, he is so caring, he also wants your support and love, promise you will sort out. Nivaan goes. Mini looks on and smiles. Everyone praises Chiku. Dhanush comes home. Alka says you will lose the scholarship. He asks why are you saying this, I m ready to win. She says you need a plan to win. She shows the video sent by Mini. She says you can’t defeat Chiku tomorrow. Keshav says I will tell Dhanush about Mini’s fraud, I have a proof this time. Alka scolds Dhanush. Keshav comes in. Dhanush asks what shall I do, I don’t want to become a bad person, I lost my way. Keshav says you have come on the right path now.

Kamini angrily scolds Aarav. Nivaan asks why did you get after Aarav, you are scolding him when he has made your fav soup. He says you should be angry on me, I m good for nothing, you are teaching us wrong, you say sorry to Aarav. Kamini says sorry and goes. Aarav goes to Nivaan. Nivaan says sorry. Aarav says I m glad to get my brother, how did you change. Nivaan says because of Chiku, she is our childhood Chiku, she has come back, she has put this sense in me, sorry, forgive me. Aarav hugs him. Mini looks on and thinks they both got to know Chiku’s truth.

Dhanush and Chiku have a video call. She thanks him for supporting her like a good friend. He says sorry for behaving wrong with you. She says we have moved on, we have grown with each other, we have become good friends, this friendship will never break. He says some wounds never heal. She says those who love us never hurt us, if they hurt us then we should tell this to them.

Chiku gets ready for her college. She looks for everyone. Samer and Pushpa cheer her and say you are the winner. She says I didn’t win the competition yet. Gajak gets kheer for her. Chiku likes it. Sameer asks them to celebrate. He dances with Chiku. Dhanush takes Alka’s blessings. He says its an imp day for me. Alka avoids him. Keshav says Alka didn’t bless me, she didn’t say anything, I feel I don’t exist for her. Keshav asks him to ask his dad’s blessings, he is just like his dad, big hearted and honesty. Dhanush asks what if I lose then. Keshav says when I lost, uncle took me to have icecream, he said that failures matter and teaches us for the real life, person wins or learns, not loses. Dhanush says his thinking was good. He takes his dad’s blessings. Keshav says I will talk to him after competition. Aarav brings coconut laddoos for Chiku. He says you loved it in childhood. She asks do you know I m that Chiku. He says yes, you didn’t tell me, you are with us, I behaved bad with you, so sorry for all that, I will always support you. Nivaan says she has two brothers. He thanks Chiku. They have sweets. Mini looks on. She says I won’t let Chiku spoil my life, I won’t let Chiku win the scholarship.

Aai comes to meet Kamini. She asks what happened to you. Kamini says mind your own business, don’t interfere, leave me alone. Aai goes. Sameer calls Kamini and asks is your crime troubling you, I know the crime you did ten years back, today your past is here to take revenge, I want to expose your truth. She asks who are you, I m not scared of you. He says you did Nupur’s murder, I have the proof also. She gets shocked.

Chiku performs on the stage. Dhanush smiles. Mini says she will dance when music is there. She stops the music.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Did Kamini murder Nupur?
    Anyways, Nice episode👌👌
    and Chiku finally put sense into Nivaan’s mind

  2. Go chiku 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  3. Elizabeth olokungboye

    Mini needs to be taught some lessons,so wicked

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