Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Preesha Learns A Vital Clue of Rudra’s Innocence

Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preesha asks Rudra not to make a weird face and wear a shirt. He warns weird print shirt. She says he is looking cute and walks away. He frowns and thinks he will tackle her once he gets out of this place. Mukhiya tells Yuvraj that he is tired of waiting for Rudra and cannot wait anymore. Yuvraj says let us go in and beat him. Mukhiya asks what if manager calls police. Yuvraj says they will go in disguised. Rudra’s agent meet him and briefing Vyjayanti/VJ about the situation says Rudra’s unprofessional behavior is intolerable and investors are planning to sue him. VJ informs that Rudra had a genuine reason to skip the concert, he got chickenpox which is contagious. He says he will speak to investors and they will understand. Saransh and Roohi hear their conversation. VJ says Rudra cares for them more than himself and since his disease is contagious, he didn’t return home for their sake.

Yuvraj with Mukhiya and his goons disguised rents a room in hotel next to Rudra’s room. Preesha walks out. They hide. Yuvraj asks goons to keep an eye outside. Preesha returns to pick her phone back. Goons inform Yuvraj. They all hide in a room. Once Preesha leaves, Yuvraj opens Rudra’s room door and sees him sleeping. Mukhiya says he doesn’t want to contract chickenpox, so they should wait until Rudra gets well and comes out of hotel. Yuvraj thanks old man is too afraid of his life and walks out with him fuming.

Preesha tests Rudra and says he is better now and frees her hands. He gets ready. She sadly says he will go now, even she will. He thanks her for treating him so that he can reply to her betrayal, he will send her back to jail once he leaves from here; there is only love in love and not pain; he cannot forget the pain she save to him for 5 years; he will make sure she goes to jail and never returns to his house or meet Roohi again. He walks away while she sits crying. Serial’s title track plays in the background. He pays manager and thanks him Manager says he is elated that a big rockstar stayed at his hotel and asks him to visit again.

Rudra then gets into his car and leaves. Yuvraj with Mukhiya and his goons follow him. Rudra is about enter his house when goons stop and trash him brutally. Mukhiya and Yuvraj feel happy. Saransh and Roohi notice that, Roohi rushes in to seek help while Saransh tries to rescue Rudra. Roohi returns with sticks and watchmen and beats goons. Goons escape. Saransh and watchmen help Rudra and take him in. Mukhiya says his task is over now. Yuvraj asks if he will not kill Rudra. Mukhiya shoos him out of car and drives away. Yuvraj thinks he will kill Rudra at any cost.

Preesha realizes that the gun from which Venky was shot and the one Rudra was holding were different, so Rudra didn’t kill Venky and there was someone else also present there who killed Venky. The doctor treats Rudra and informs Sharda that he is fine and will get ready after rest. Sharda asks Rudra who were the goons who hit him. Rudra says he doesn’t know what is happening with him, he couldn’t reach concert and has to pay for the losses, he got chickenpox and had to stay in cheap hotel, and now was beaten by goons. Sharda assures him that everything will be alright. Rudra feels good that Saransh and Roohi risked their lives to save him and says there is nothing else in his life than them. Saransh and Roohi hear their conversation and think they feel good seeing Rudra in trouble. Roohi confesses that she felt bad seeing Rudra in trouble and lied earlier. Saransh says even he feels bad and says they went overboard this time and are wrong. They console each other.

Preesha meets VJ and asks if the bullet which hit Venky was not from Rudra’s bullet, Rudra is innocent. Saransh and Roohi get happy seeing Preeshaand take her in. Rudra gets angry seeing her. VJ reveals her plan to Yuvraj that she will lose Preesha’s case and will become Mrs Rudraksh Khurana forever. Saransh hears their conversation.

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  1. I knew VJ wouldn’t change so easily but I also think her plan will not work (somehow) Maybe Saransh and Roohi do something. Just patiently waiting for Rudra to realise Preesha’s real love for him ❤️

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