Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Chiku leaves a letter for Nupur


Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 15th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chiku praying to meet Nupur come, she has to return her ghungroos. She sees Nupur going in her car. She calls her out. Nupur stops the car seeing the jam. Chiku runs after the car. Nupur drives off. She reaches the orphanage. Kamini follows her and says what is she doing here. Chiku comes there and says I never ran so much, where is that aunty. Kamini sees Nupur teaching dance to the kids. Chiku gets a paper there. She gets an idea. She says I will write a letter to Nupur and call her to my locality, but how will I write. She gets a stick and takes the tilak colour. She says but I don’t know writing. Guard asks what. She says my mummy asked me to write a letter to ask something to Devimaa, but I don’t know writing, how will I write now. She acts to cry. He says I will write your letter. She thanks him. He asks her to say. He writes the letter. She says write… meet me if you want to get the ghungroos back.

She thanks him. She puts the letter in the car. It falls in the bag. She says I will be my mummy’s star again. Nupur encourages a girl. She asks her to dance even if she doesn’t have her legs. The girl thanks and hugs her. Reema smiles. Nupur says I will teach dance to you all, I promise. Kamini looks on. She calls Subodh. She asks are you alone. He says no. She says don’t say anything, Nupur has a friend Reema, she has NGO, send a bulldozer here, don’t tell this to Aai and Milind, its time to get your lost position back. Rangoli worries. Ganpat says I found the same earrings you liked. She says oh okay. He asks why don’t you get happy. She says I m Rangoli, you are inspector Ganpat Rao Patil, the thieves are scared of you. She hints him about someone and asks him to go. He leaves. She calls someone and asks him to park a car in front of neighbor’s house.

Tanki comes and hugs Chiku. He says you have come back, we got your bag in the temple. Chiku says I forgot it, I was running after Nupur. Tanki asks did she do anything. Chiku says I asked her to not do magic on me, but ghungroo was left in the bag, I asked her to meet me and take the ghungroo. Sulab comes and commands the kids. He asks Chiku to clean the house. Nupur says I like to meet my old friends. Aai says its good. Kamini says you would be liking it. Aai asks Nupur to go out with Milind. Nupur gets Reema’s call. Reema says there is a problem, we can’t keep dance class, some people came with bulldozer, they have some road repair work. Kamini says I took tomorrow’s physiotherapy session, we can take dad also. Aai says fine. Nupur says I got a place for the dance class, bye. Aai goes. Kamini thinks Aai will see you dancing tomorrow. Chiku asks the kids to help her. Rangoli and Sulab come.

Chiku says I want my mummy’s love, I can steal things again if you don’t do magic on me, our real mothers left us, but Rangoli loves us. Nupur asks her to come with her. Rangoli sees them and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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