RadhaKrishn 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Radha’s Horrifying Dream


RadhaKrishn 15th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha dreams about Sam making yaduvanshis fight and saying Krishna will die now. An archer shoots Krishhna’s foot, and Krishna shouts Radha. She wakes up from sleep worried for Krishna and says she saw a bad dream of his death in brahma muhurat and is worried for him. He tries too calm her down and asks not to think much. She says she can’t erase this dream from her memory and walks away. Krishna walks to Devaki’s room and seeing her sleeping tries to walk away. She stops him. He says he thought of not disturbing her at this time. She says when he was born at midnight, he didn’t think of disturbance then, then why now; meeting dear ones doesn’t need time restriction. She after much talk says she knows Radha is angry on her. He says she understand his mind without speaking. She says nothing can be hidden from mother. Krishna says Radha asthami/birthday is coming. She asks what has he planned for Radha ashtami. He will plan something for sure, he wouldn’t cleared his mind if he had not spoken to her, a mother’s assurance calms a child. He thanks her and walks away.

Krishna enters Radha’s room and seeing her getting disturbed by moonlight covers her face with his hand and then orders moon to hide. He then lights lamps and pampers her sitting next to her, says she looks very beautiful even in anger, he learnt a lot from mata Devaki and will behave with Radha as taught by mata Devaki; getting angry is also part of love and he will show she will not calm down. Radha opens eyes and feels Krishna around him. Krishna hides and calling Radha acts as entering her room. Radha asks what happened. He says he saw a frightening dream that Golok’s Gopi entered his room and are serving him, he looked happy in this frightening dream. She asks how is it frightening. He says she was not in his dream. She thinks though she was not in his dream, he was happy, so she will try to fulfill his dream. Krishna thinks he will see what Radha will do now.

Sam requests Pradyumna to send Anirudh with him to meet Yaduvanshis. Pradyumna says he can’t as its dangerous and asks Balram if he is right. Balram says he is right. Sam says its time to unite yaduvanshis, we need to visit them. Krishna enters and says he is right, even Balram should accompany Sam and Anirudh. Sam says there is no need for Balram there. Balram says he is right, he had already met Yaduvanshis just some time ago. Krishna says its very much needed and he should go to protect Anirudh, yaduvanshis should know who Anirudh is. Balram thinks Krishna is up to something. Sam thinks Krishna is spoiling his plan. After sometime, Balram asks reason. Krishna says it will help him clear his differences with Radha and celebrate her ashthami. Balram asks how can he miss Radha’s birthday. Krishna says he will return on time and have Radha’s prepared sweets and suggests not to get angry at any cost.

Precap: Radha sees Gopis getting Krishna ready. Rukmini asks Radha if something is wrong. Radha complains that Krishna doesn’t need them anymore and is happy with Gopis. Krishna thinks he is waiting for Radha ashtami.

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