Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Kamini and Subodh make a plan

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 13th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamini saying the truth shouldn’t come out. Nupur asks Vinod did he see any pic. He says no. Kamini asks him to take the food for her sons. She says Chiku is lying, there is no pic. She goes. Chiku says I m not lying. Nupur hugs her and says I trust you, we will find the pic after having food. She asks her to have food. Subodh sees the pic and says you mean Chiku is Payal. Kamini says yes, I got this pic, our fate is bad, its good Nupur didn’t get the pic. He says Milind and Nupur shouldn’t get this pic. She says yes, they will get strong if they get Payal, Aai will give them the business and respect. He says I won’t let this happen. She says we have to do something. Nupur feeds Chiku. Chiku asks for the pic.

Nupur pacifies her. She says we don’t lose anything, we just don’t see it around. Chiku says I lost the pic. Nupur says its a big thing to keep ourselves right when nothing right happens with us, have food now. Chiku asks how did you learn these good talks. Nupur says life has taught this to me, I can teach you also. Chiku asks Nupur to have good. They feed each other. Subodh talks to Aai. He says Milind is breaking, he is in pain, I have always supported him in his problems, but our business shouldn’t get affected, we expect him to handle all the projects alone, no, its wrong, we have to divide the work equally between Subodh and me to lessen the burden, we should think of dividing the money and business. She asks how did you think of this. He says no one thinks for my family, I m the elder son, you always think I m not capable.

She says division can’t happen. He says fine, you have to give me total command of the business. He says if division happens, then I want a bigger share, I have my sons, Milind doesn’t have a child and now he is divorcing his wife, think and tell me. He goes. Chiku says I m happy, I won’t go downstairs and eat the food, make something that I understand. She asks for poha. Nupur says fine, I will get it here, but you have to dine with everyone. Chiku says don’t add singdana/peanut in my food. Nupur asks do you have this allergy, even Milind has it. Chiku jokes. Nupur goes. Aai prays to get strength. She says I want to tell my decision to my children. Milind sees Nupur. She says I m taking the breakfast for Chiku. He says I thought its for me. She says you can have poha, even Chiku has an allergy to peanuts, really sorry for yesterday, try to understand, I just have 20 days to save Chiku’s life. He says our marriage is also ending in 20 days. He cries. She says I didn’t say yes for divorce, you wanted to get rid of me and move on. He asks how did you get Chiku in between us, I know why you said yes for divorce, you want to stay with that girl, not me. She asks what’s your problem, you didn’t want to stay with me, I was helpless to say yes for it. He says you don’t want to save our marriage, you refused for a second child, you got some other girl here, I don’t know you love me or not, our relation and I don’t matter to you.

She says love isn’t expressed in words, love is a feeling, if I have loved someone in this world, then its you, I will always love you. They cry. He says I wish I could believe your words, no…. He leaves. Aai stops them and says I have to talk something. Chiku feels hungry. She waits for Nupur. She says she has a family to look after, I will go downstairs. Aai says Shashi and I took an imp decision, I m handling Shashi’s business since 7 years, its ancestral business, I think its time that I leave the command of the business and pass it to someone, I want to spend my life with Shashi. Milind says its good, but you can’t step back, we need your guidance. Aai says no, we have already taught you a lot, we have selected the person who will run the business well and not do any injustice with anyone. Subodh and Kamini smile. Chiku comes. Aai says Milind will be handling the business, he is our heir. Subodh and Kamini get shocked. Nupur smiles.

Chiku asks Nupur is she waiting for Milind. Nupur says maybe he has much work. Milind comes home drunk. He shouts on Nupur. Chiku asks him not to drink. He says promise, you will never drink, then I will never come in front of you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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