Vidrohi 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Fletcher insults Maharaj Mukund

Vidrohi 13th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Fletcher insulting Maharaj Mukund and raging the people. He says his position of the King is taken back as a punishment for the revolt, he won’t have any rights on the throne, the company will give him a pension, he won’t have any rights on the temple. Maharaj gets sad. The people get shouting. Fletcher says if Maharaj’s behavior upsets the company, then his freedom will be snatched again. He asks the people to take Mukund, he is free. Mukund stumbles. Jagabandhu breaks the barrier and runs to hold him. He covers up Mukund with a shawl. The people chant Maharaj’sname and takes him. Charan comes and greets Fletcher. Fletcher asks who is he. Charan says Baxi Jagabandhu, Maharaj’s senapati. Jagabandhu feeds the water to Mukund. Charan says if no Rajya and Raja, then how a Senapati then. Charan says yes, he couldn’t do anything till now, they aren’t scared to die, but after such a defeat, they should die. Fletcher says but they didn’t die. Charan says its a small diya, he can’t blow off the sun like the east india company. Jagabandhu brings Mukund home.

Maa cries and hugs Mukund. Mukund gets angry on the britishers. Jagabandhu says we are ready to fight. Mukund’s wife cries. Maa asks her to calm down. His wife says I didn’t know him till now, I have to make a new start, he was captured after our marriage. Radha pacifies her.

She goes to see Jagabandhu. He practices sword skills. She praises him. He asks didn’t you hear what Maharaj said. She says yes, you were waiting for this day. He says Maharaj has permitted me to fight the britishers, the coming home won’t be easy, my soldiers and I will rebel, but we have to bear the troubles, especially you. She says come with me. She takes him to a fire kund. She takes rounds with him and repeats the marriage vows. He says I pray that I get you in my every birth, you complete me. He praises her. He says there is no one like you. They hug.

Maharaj says we have no other way than accepting the company rules. Kalyani asks why can’t we battle. He says it will only ruin us, if we compromise, then we may save our Praja. She says we can’t know if we can win or lost, if we don’t fight, are we so weak. He says no, we can’t fall down to win, I have a duty as a father, to keep both my children safe, I want you to get married and go, its imp for Mohan’s safety.

Charan comes to meet Fletcher. He asks what’s the command. Fletcher says make this announcement. Charan checks the message. He says don’t trigger them, they aren’t scared to die. Fletcher says I will like to see fear in their eyes. Charan says this news will set fire in them. Fletcher says I m excited, this command should reach all the villages. Radha prays. She says Jagabandhu loves me a lot and respects me. Kalyani refuses to marry. She says I won’t leave you and Badamba, its my duty. She goes.

Kalyani sees Fletcher coming. She runs to Maharaj and tells him. He says its hard to take decisions sometimes, I will listen to my heart and decide. Fletcher comes there. Maharaj recalls his words….. if you pick this dagger, then it would mean that you want to battle us. Kalyani and Mohan stand away and look on. Maharaj says I will take a tough decision, I hope my Praja is with me in this decision, or forgive me for it, I….. Kalyani says no, you don’t do this. She comes out. Fletcher says interesting, I will give you a last chance to you, princess Kalyani, you decide if your Rajya wants war or peace, Badamba’s future is in your hands, decide, think for your brother and dad, war or peace. She says peace, but not the peace obtained on the name of fear and slavery, we have to keep the respect, we won’t leave our people, if the war is the only option, then we will choose it, we will battle. Maharaj and ministers get shocked.
Maa says we have to ask other Rajyas for help. Maharaj says don’t know who he will be, who fights with me. Jagabandhu and Kalyani have a fight.

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