At Kunj Mansion

Kunj was lying on bed trying to sleep but sleep was far away from him. He was missing his old home where he spend so much time with Twinkle in every corner her laugh used to echo. But he left her all memories their. 

Earlier Kunj used to stay in London even after their seperation. Kabir insisted him to shift his buisness here as he used to live here with his parents. So Kunj came Italy (but he didn’t knew that Twinkle was in same city). He remembers when he take Twinkle first to that house. 


Twinj got married to eachother they had arrange marriage. They didn’t know each other properly it just that there family wanted them to get married and they didn’t find anything wrong in each other. Usha Manohar and Leela Rt used to live in Amritsar while Kunj was settled in London.  Manohar didn’t live in London because he don’t wanted to leave Amritsar and Kunj got perfect buisness in London. Kunj didn’t have any girlfriend as he was just intersted in his buisness since childhood he was very innocent and kind boy. Same was case with Twinkle also. 

One week after Twinj marriage they came to London at evening. They came from airport and were going to Kunj home. They reached and came out of car. Twinkle look at the house it was very big and beautiful Mansion. Kunj opened the house Twinkle looked inside the house and was amazed she just wanted a house like this interior of the house was just perfect. 

Twinkle:It’s so beautiful. 

Kunj:Madam you have planned to be outside only and admire the house. Twinkle nodded in no. Then come inside.She hummed and come inside. 

Twinkle:Such big mansion for just you and me. 

Kunj:Yupppss do you see anyone else rather than us. Come I’ll show you whole mansion. Twinkle nodded and he showed her all mansion. Atlast They came to their room

Kunj:So this is our room I hope you are comfortable in sharing room with me. If not then you can choose your room I won’t minded. 

Twinkle:Why I’ll be uncomfortable you are my husband and we have to spend whole life together so this is just a room. Kunj smiled. 

Kunj:Ok so we have one chef for cooking and two servants for cleaning house and other things. Right now they are on leave and will come tomorrow.You don’t need to do anything. 

Twinkle:Give leave to chef and one servent for forever. Kunj shocked. 


Twinkle:What why If they will do all work then what I’ll do no one is here I will get bored. So I came here now naa then I will cook for you other servant will clean the house and I’ll do rest of work. 

Kunj:I also don’t why Maa get me married as I have everything there is no need of anything. Huhhh I didn’t wanted to get married. Twinkled frowned. 

Twinkle:As if I was very eager to get married with you Saduu. Kunj make faces. 

Kunj:Acha I am Saduu then you are Siyappa Queen in just one week you did so many Siyappas. 

Twinkle:I don’t know why I came here with you I was good there only with my Mummyjii and Papajii. 

Kunj:Mummyjii and Papajii he mimicked her. Same. 

They both started their tom and jerry. Then Twinkle started fake crying. 

Twinkle:You are so mean Kunj I am alone here so you are torturing me. Taking advantage of that. Huuhhh No is here for me babajii poor me. Kunj shocked. 

Kunj:Ok meri maa I am sorry he joined his  I wouldn’t have said that. Twinkle smiled sheepily. Noww go and get freshnup. 

Twinkle:Bring my luggage. Kunj makes faces. After they both get freshnup . 

Kunj:Now will you go to make dinner for me I am hungry. Twinkle nodded . Kunj get   Usha’s call he picked up. 

Kunj:Hello Maa. Twinkle was about to go but hear Maa name and stopped. 

Usha:Did you reached?? 

Kunj:Yess Maa sometimes before. 

Usha:Good How’s you and very is my Nooh . Kunj put call on speaker. 

Kunj:Here only Maa where she will go. Twinkle give him look. 

Twinkle:Yess Maa. 

Usha:How are you Twinkle good naa . This Kunj didn’t troubled you naa if he does anything inform. Twinkle smiled. 

Kunj:Maa I am not troubling her but she itself giving her trouble. 


Kunj:She gave leave to one servant and chef because  she will do their work. 

Twinkle:Yess Mummyjii because if they will do all work then I will get bored here. 

Usha:It’s ok Twinkle you do whatever you want. Kunj let her do because from now she is owner of your house and she will manage everything understand. Twinkle give victorious smile. 

Kunj:Ok Maa. 

Manohar:And if she get tired then you will cook food. Kunj shocked. 


Usha:No buts and ifs it’s our order. Now you both are alone there know then spend time together with eachother. And soon make us Dadi and Dadu. Twinj look at eachother face and get shy. 

Kunj:Bye Maa. They both bid bye to them and end the call. Later they both had dinner and slept. 

Flashback ends.. 

Kunj smiled thinking that and got up from. He goes to wardrobe take out their picture he caress the picture keep on his chest and slept.

Next day

Twinkle was in her office and Kiara was happy that she will spend some time with her Mumma while Kunj was also in his office. At 4 pm Twinkle comeback from office and take Kiara to park with Pihu, Ansh and Sahil along with their mothers. Ansh and Pihu’s mother is Anjali and Sahil’s mother is Ridhima and she is Twinkle’s office friend. 

All the children’s were playing and their mothers were chit chatting with eachother. After Sometime all children get tired and goes to their mother. 

Kiara:Mumma give me water. I am very thirsty. Twinkle give her water bottle. 

Ansh&Pihu:Mumma we are hungry. 

Sahil&Kiara:Me too. 

Twinkle:Then we all should go to that canteen. There was a canteen in the park. They all went and eat happily. 

Other side Kunj wanted some peace thats why he leaves from office and goes to cafe which is opposite to that park in which Kiara and Twinkle are present. 

At cafe

Kunj was having espresso coffee he came  alone as he wanted some lone time. 

Kunj(thinks) :Ahhhh my mind is so messed up here I am feeling more uneasiness. What is happening with me. 


Precap:Kiara faints and Kunj come to save her. 

So thats it hope you guys love the episode and Kunj’s flashback. Please vote 🙏🙏🙏. Next part soon. 

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