A Secret of Sanchi (New Mode) Episode 1


Thanks a lot for the 2 people who commented my introduction it’s really means a lot here we begin the track

Here I am starts from the last part of my last track

It’s a evening dinner time in kapoor’s mantion the trio pair


Were eating together and discussing about the hole day incident in the hospital.

Kabir : hmm,  it’s yummy food thank you ladies

Veer and Sidh : yeah it’s really yummy sanishagya : thanks

Sidh : OK how was the day for you guys after all after one you guys went

San : don’t ask me I have only taken rest

Sidh : what happen bhabi

Isha: she get fainted

San : I am perfectly already but these guys not allowed me to work

Prag : abay oh tu sach me girgaye for two times jiju pehle isko treat Karo

Kabir : ahh pragya I am planning the blood test for tomorrow after that I will take full check up

San: such me jaanu I am perfectly already

Kabir : no you are totally neglecting your health this is not done

Veer : Dr. Kabir yeh aise he karthihe in the camp also we all are tired saying this pls eat pls eat… Ho

Kabir : but you guys never told me about this sanchi this not good kalhi hum test karenge and that’s final OK.

San : nodded

Sidh : take care bhabi pls…hmm and the new interns also came right

Nisha : yes Dr. Kabir is the mentor for them some interested and efficient interns are there

Kabir : ahh  from next week tests will start then the results will say

Veer : mis golgappa that girl what’s her name

San : who?

Veer : arey yaar the three girls who helped you

Sam: ah Maya, sitara and rupa they are cute also like our three of us

Pragya : I Maya was the topper

Veer : I also found 3 boys like our gang Arab, Dev and vikram

Sidh : that’s cool na

Kabir : by the way Sidh how is your day

Sidh : it’s quite good bhai for one meeting I have to Chennai in next week

San : when was the award function

Kabir : it will in next week we are rearranging the things I will need all of your help also

Veer : anytime

Sanishagya : yes noded

The dinner time over all girls cleaned and settled down the things

Sidh : OK bhabi and see you

Veer : for me also one surgery for yesterday pragya will assist me OK then kal miltehe

Prag and isha also said bye.. And went

Kanchi also went to sleep in each others hands

( in hostel the trio new interns)

Sitara: I’m still not believe that Dr. Kabir married to sanchi

Rupa: I have already doubted Dr. Kabir and his concern for her

Maya. : but sanchi was good did you see how sweetly speaks with us

Sitara : she also invited and offers lunch for us

Rupa  : but the kadoos he was totally different man infront of her did you saw how sweetly and carringly he made her to sleep so cute couple

Maya : that’s why I am also wondering to that how she married him she said he Dr. Kabir for her also in working time but in working time he was maha kadoos

Sitara : ahh kuch to kichadi hai

Rupa : OK from tomorrow we will watch that is there any change with him infront of Dr. Sanchi

Maya : but what’s the point

Rupa : but without knowing the truth my head will burst plz yaar …

Sitara and Maya said OK and went to sleep

In the next morning in sdch

The trio get ready and went on a mission Of kanchi when they searching for kanchi they heared some voice they went near lab and found kanchi there

At that place they saw Kabir at the peak and taunting sanchi and isha also with them

The trio in shock to see Janie’s kadoos avtar with sanchi

Kabir : this is soo irresponsible Dr.sanchi this is your senior Dr’s. Order do it now…..

To be continued………

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  1. Bhuvaneshwari

    Superb start…. Keep going 😍❤️

    1. Thank you soo much keep reading

    2. Premmohan

      Thank you soo much

  2. It’s awesome…. I just wanted to read from the starting si if possible can you share the link of your other episodes please

    1. Premmohan

      Thanks a lot for the comment for my last track you can just search the name as “a secret of sanchi ” you will find 15 episodes keep reading

  3. Thank you so much for your reply for my last track you can just search the name as ” a secret of sanchi ” you will find 15 episode there keep reading

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