Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 42

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“How can you be so stupid?” An angry male voice barked at Dev on the other side of the phone.
Dev- I know what I did. It will not be harmful for our mission. In fact, from now, IPS Arjun Mehra will be more distracted regarding the safety of his wife than his work…
The Man (cutting the words of Dev)- Really? No fool. He is that much passionate about his work that he will give his 100% despite all odds. In Fact, now I am worried that he will find a way to reach you for your this foolish deed & you not even able to handle Samaira also.
Dev looked totally pissed off.
Dev- IPS Arjun Mehra will never able to catch me. Last time, I was not even aware of His presence. But this time, no chance.
The Man- Don’t underestimate IPS Arjun Mehra & listen to me very carefully, I took you out from Intelligence Bureau’s custody to complete my mission, not for taking your personal revenge. So, don’t you dare to put my years of hard work in stake.

Arjun was impatiently pacing in the hospital corridor. Neil was standing in a corner & glaring at Arjun. The doctor came out from the cabin after doing the check up of Samaira. Arjun rushed towards him. “How is Samaira?”
Doctor- Relax Officer. Thankfully no broken bone injuries, but deep cuts & bruises. The result of beating.
Arjun clenched his fist.
Doctor- Proper rest & medicine, she will be absolutely fine. She wants to go home & I am discharging her. Take Care.
The Doctor smiled at him & left from there.
Arjun took a deep breath, he looked relieved. Neil came in front of him.
Neil- I am taking Samaira in my home.
Arjun- huh??
Neil- Mom & I will take good care of Samaira.
Arjun- I can take care of my wife. (looking irked)
Neil- yeah! I saw the way you took care of your wife. The Example of your responsibility! Now, please Arjun, spare her. She need proper care & I don’t think you will able to take out time from your super busy schedule.
Arjun (looking angry)- That’s none of your business Neil. You don’t have to poke your nose in my personal matter. She is my wife. You leave it on me how am I going to take care of her & don’t you heard what the Doctor said, she wants to go home, that’s mean, my house & now our house. So, please Neil, enough! Don’t waste my time in your useless talk.
Neil grabbed Arjun’s collar now totally pissed off.
Neil- You are an useless irresponsible man. You are not at all worthy of Samaira.
Arjun (furious)- Who are you to decide that? You are no one just a mere friend. I don’t care about your opinion & don’t you dare.
Arjun pointed towards Neil’s hand on his collar & jerked his hand away.
Neil- Your opinions also don’t matter to me. I care for Samaira, she is a very important person of my life. You will never understand our bond of friendship. So, get lost IPS Arjun Mehra & you know what You are ominous in Samaira’s life.
Arjun looked at Neil. There was a glint of sadness in his eyes. He quietly averted his eyes & went towards reception to complete the hospital formalities.

With the help of Arjun, Samaira sat on the bed. Finally, she is in her home, in her bedroom with Arjun. She felt secure. Arjun made her lie down on the bed & covered her up with a blanket. He tenderly stroked her cheeks. She is looking so weak. He wondered what all she had gone through.
Arjun- How are you feeling now Samaira?
Samaira- okay. The capsule doctor gave me, helped so much.
Arjun- Take rest. I need to change.
Samaira nodded her head. Arjun took out his clothes from the cupboard & went inside washroom. Samaira closed her eyes as she was feeling so tired.

Samaira opened her eyes & stretched herself. She is feeling much better.
“arre why you woke up? Take rest, don’t stretch yourself” She heard Arjun’s voice. She slowly turned the other side of the bed. Arjun is sitting with his laptop.
Samaira- I can’t sleep anymore. Took enough rest. I am feeling better now.
Arjun smiled at her & nodded his head.
Samaira- What are you doing?
Arjun- Nothing important.
He closed his laptop & placed it on the side table.
Arjun- hungry?
Samaira- No, still digesting the stupid hospital food. You did not go to office?
Arjun- How can I leave you alone in this situation?
Samaira- hmm. Don’t you want to know what actually happened?
Arjun- I want to. But your health is my first priority.
Samaira- Why you did not inform me that Dev escaped from your custody?
Arjun narrowed his eyes.
Arjun- So, it’s Dev. My assumption was right. Now, say in details. Do not miss any single point.
Samaira (raising her voice slightly)- Don’t talk to me like I am some criminal.
Arjun smiled a little & patted her cheeks. “You are my darling. Now say.”
Samaira narrated everything from the moment she sat on the car till she fainted in that old, abandoned room after Dev beat her. Tears escaped from her eyes. Arjun came closer to her & rubbed her tears from his hand.
Samaira( in a faint voice)- But I have full trust on you. I knew that you will definitely come for me, to help me, to protect me.
After few minutes of silence, Samaira again said, “So, Dev escaped at that time when we went to Goa for our honeymoon?”
Arjun nodded his head.
Samaira(sighed)- You should have said me the reason but you behaved rudely with me.
Arjun- I already told you sorry for my misbehavior. But you think Samaira if I told you at that time that Dev escaped, you will become petrified & nervous. You started to live in fear.
Samaira- Arjun, I am living in fear & will forever going to live in fear.
Arjun- Samaira please trust me, no one will able to harm you from now. I will always protect you. Please keep the faith on me. I am not going to spare to Dev. I will see how long Dev escaped from me (with determination)
Samaira- okay. I know you will catch Dev. You will successfully solve the case. But after that? You will again going to take next case & new challenges. If you really want to make our life peaceful, then please leave your job.
Arjun’s eyes clouded with anger. “But you married me after knowing all about my profession & my passion. Now, how can you even suggest me to leave my job?”
Samaira bites her lips. She started to get up from the bed. Arjun closed his eyes & took deep breaths to calm himself down. How can he lose his temper? Samaira is now in a vulnerable condition. He need to support her.
Arjun came closer to her & stopped her. He looked in her eyes but Samaira averted her eyes. He leaned & put his lips on her. It was a polite, chaste kiss. No tongue, no moaning, no gasping, but still it was the most sensuous & endearing kiss to mend the hurt.
Arjun- You are my brave queen. The credit goes to you that I found you. The way you fought with them, used your common sense & called me, I am proud of you. I was in darkness. There was no clue. I can’t describe the fear in words when I discovered that you were kidnapped. I am still not getting the fact why Dev kidnapped you & what they wanted from you now?
Samaira (cupped Arjun’s cheeks with her palms)- Dev want you to leave the case, else…
Arjun (smirked)- Else? Else what? They will kill me. Really? They can’t even warn coming face to face with me. They don’t have that much guts instead they kidnapped you & you are afraid of them Samaira?
Arjun- Samaira don’t you want to know what happened with your mother? Don’t you want to know who exactly was the Samrat Khanna? Who is Nandini? Why they wanted to trap you? Why they want you out of their way? Khanna Industries was actually yours, but they destroyed it.
Samaira- Arjun, I was never interested in business. I least care what happened with Khanna Industries. I am not going to lie. I really want to know what happened with my mother. Why she left me alone? Where is she now? Is she alive or not? If not, then how & why? But not at any cost. I have already lost too much & I don’t want to lose you.
Arjun- It’s not only about justice but it also about National security.
Samaira remained silent & only listened to him.
Arjun- I know I don’t give you enough time & mostly busy with my work. But let me tell you I can’t ignore my duty. In our profession, our carelessness can costs many innocent lives & security threats for our Nation. Our department is the invisible backbone of our Nation security system. So, for us, nothing matters more than the country, not even ourselves.
Samaira- You not even think practical when it comes to your works. You become so personal.
Arjun- just the way you give your 100% in office, it’s the same for me. I too give my 100% in my job, but my profession is different from others. It required all my passion & dedication. Yes, there are some for whom this is just a job but for many who look upon their work as a calling. For me, my job is an integral part of my life & my identity. It’s a strange fulfillment.
Samaira sighed.
Arjun- You have never lived until you have almost died & for those who choose to fight, life has a special flavor, the protected will never know.
Arjun cupped Samaira’s face in his hands & looks directly in her eyes.
Arjun- Don’t worry. I am trained enough to protect myself & you.
Arjun smiled & started kissing on her neck & runs his lips on her skin. Samaira arched her back to give him more access. He took a deep breath & bites her gently. It doesn’t hurt, it only makes her want more. His hand grabbed her left hand & he places her open palm on his heart & held it there. His eyes exude love, protection, safety & respect. She smiled & runs her fingers through his hair, suddenly, she feel Arjun’s hand rolling up her top.
Samaira- What are you doing?
Arjun- sshh!
Arjun saw the deep bruises on her body & silently cursed. “That bastard Dev will pay what he did to you Samaira.”
Arjun lay down on the bed next to her & staring up at the ceiling.
Samaira- What are you thinking?
Arjun- The wounds are aching too much naa? I should be more careful regarding your safety. Do you regret marrying me?
Samaira- Now, you are hurting me Arjun.
Arjun- I don’t think I am giving you that stability which every wife expect from their husband.
Samaira (sighed)- Arjun, you will never understanding the feeling of the wife whose husband life always stays in danger, yet that person wakes up every morning with a smile just to serve his country. I love you & the moments we spent together are most cherishable for me. I am trying to stay strong & keeping my faith in God. But still, there are insecurities & weak moments & I am unable to control my emotional outburst.
Arjun- I am your husband Samaira. You are free to express all of your thoughts & expressions.
Samaira held his hand.
Samaira- Till the time we are together, nothing else should matter as we can handle everything. Promise me Arjun, You will never leave my side.
Arjun said no words only tightened the hold of her hand.
Samaira- That bastard broke my mangalsutra.
Arjun- I will buy a new one for you.
Arjun sat up & got down from the bed.
Samaira- Where are you going?
Arjun- Don’t you feel hungry? Well, I am & you too have to eat because you need to take medicine. So, let me prepare something.
Samaira- let me help you.
Arjun- I can manage alone & I am a good cook.
Samaira- ohh that’s great. I was searching for a good cook & now, I am appointing you as the cook of my house.
Arjun- ha ha, very funny.
Samaira too sat up.
Arjun- what? You need rest.
Samaira rolled her eyes. “Need to use washroom also”
Arjun turned to go but Samaira called him. “Arjun, I respect your spirit & enthusiasm. All the Best!”
Arjun smiled brightly looking at her & Samaira wondered did he just smile or the sun came out!

Arjun was arranging everything in kitchen to cook. His phone started ringing, “Rajat calling!”
Arjun- Yes Rajat? Is everything is fine?
Rajat- Yes Arjun. Don’t worry. How is Samaira?
Arjun- She is okay.
Rajat- That NGO owner Dorothy Faria’s sister said she won’t come in India but she agrees to do a video conferencing to answer our queries tomorrow.
Arjun- great news. Hope you get something useful from her. See you tomorrow.
Rajat- Yes Boss.
Rajat cut the call. Bonnie came near him.
Bonnie- How is Samaira?
Rajat- She is okay Bonnie & Arjun is with her. She will soon be fine.
Bonnie smiled. Rajat left from there & Bonnie’s smiled turned into smirk. “Now, who became the nurse IPS Arjun Mehra?”

That’s all for today. Waiting for responses. Loads of Love.

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