Agnifera 14th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Agni and Sakshi Find Out Truth

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Agnifera 14th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sakshi imagines Kishan in kitchen and shyingly asks him to go, someone will see them. Sameer cutting salad for himself sees her drama and comments when one imagines someone everywhere, he/she is in love and taunts she fell in Kishan’s love to defeat her sister, but will Kishan also love her as he loves Agni. He walks away while Sakshi stands thinking what is happening to her. Agni while walking hurriedly clashes with Sameer. Sameer taunts she is so fond of him that she searches ways to touch him. Agni shouts if he is out of his mind. Kishan picks her mobile and says he will not return until she comes closer to him and says sorry. Agni angrily says sorry. He asks to come closer and say. She helplessly does and walks away with her mobile while he stands smirking.

Sakshi looking at Kishan’s photo thinks how to express her love for him and gets an idea. Agni in her room thinks how to get truth out of Solid, gets an idea, and picks Ragini’s sari. She walks to comatosed Revathi and asks her to bless her to catch Solid, she will prove her mother innocent at any cost. Sakshi walks in next and emotionally cries that she snatched Kishan from Agni as Agni’s mother killed her parents, but now she fell in Kishan’s love and will express it today.

Sakshi walks to store room and drawing flower heart with Kishan’s name on table thinks she will express her love for him somehow today at 6 p.m. She nervously walks out to get ready and seeing Kishan walking towards store room to keep ladder stops him. Kishan asks why she is stopping her. She nervously says she wants him to enter store room around 6 p.m. He asks reason. She says there are cockroaches, and she will clean them by then. She holds Kishan’s hand tightly. Kishan asks her to leave it as he is not afraid of cockroaches.

Police question solid who killed Baiju, but he misleads them. Ragni at night disguised as Ragini walks out of house. Sakshi follows her. Solid tries to escape when policemen are busy chatting. Agni walks in. Solid gets afraid thinking her as Ragini and asks how is she alive. Agni confronts that he killed Baiju and blamed her. Solid after a bit drama confesses that Shekhar shot Baiju and blamed Ragini. Sakshi who follows Agni hears that brutually trashes Solid for helping Shekhar kill her father and blame Ragini wrongly. Agni stops her. Sakshi apologizes Agni for misunderstanding and troubling ehr.

Precap: Sakshi tells Kishan and Agni love each other and should marry again. Devi tells Agni that she should snatch mangalsutra from Sakshi first.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. So the show is coming to end on the 25th. Very predictable Agini & Sameer especially with Devi causing obstacles- glad she won’t be Agni’s mother in law and Sakshi & Kishan will end up together- Kishan is useless!
    The leap year storyline was too unconvincing and unrealistic anyway.

    1. Do you know what happened to anurag? Is he dead? Or in london? Or never mentioned?

      1. Radhika. They never mentioned about anyone…only daadi sakshi n agni

  2. Nope no idea what happened to him but in the beginning Revathi mentioned her husband is in Canada with Anurag.

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