Chandrakanta (Colors) 4th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Veer Kills Chandrakantha!

Chandrakanta (Colors) 4th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Veer wakes up Chandrakantha and asks to get up. She asks what had happened to her. He says he lost her control while killing rakshas. He says he needs his Chandrakantha back. She asks who Chandrakantha, he never trusted her. He says she is right, he was always wrong and she was right, he does not want to lose and express his love for her kneeling down. She gets emotional and hugging him says even she loves him. He kisses her. Meri in the background. She drops talismi knife while kissing him. He holds it and stabs her repeatedly. She is shocked seeing that and asks what did he do. He says for mother. Iravathi comes with her team. Veer says if she thought he will leave maa for her, she is wrong. She runs towards cliff end. Iravathi boasts nobody can separate them. Chandrakantha says he betrayed her. He says he will not let her even take Vishnuji’s name as she gave world’s most previous talismi knife to them, even god cannot save her today. Iravathi says she will send her to her last place and stabs her repeatedly. Chandrakantha says vande..vande. Bhadra stabs her next followed by Gehna. Veer stabs her again and pushes her from cliff. She falls down and holds tree and says she trusted and loved him and will remember his betrayal. He says if she is awake, she can remember, now people will discuss there was a Chandrakantha who died. Chandra is dead from today. Chandrakantha falls down from cliff. Umang cries holding Tej.

After 1 year, people get happy seeing sun rise. A kid says mom he will go and play under sun. Mom asks him not to come in front of soldiers. A man tells injured man to come under sun to heal his wounds and says it was not his mistake, even then he was punished. Voiceover informs about Iravathi and Veer’s evil rules and their torture on people, people naming Vijaygarh as Kaal garh people are forced to pray evil instead of Vishnuji and being punished. Umang accepts slavery of Iravathi and Veer. Iravathi using talismi knife for power. Tej revolts and holds Iravathi at knife point. Veer beats him to pulp. Tej asks what happened to him. Veer says a disloyal friend should only be punished and orders soldiers to hold him. Tej reminds him of Chandrakantha. Veer says he does not know any Chandrakantha. Daksh and enter Hirnasur temple and pray its idol. Tej is brought in to sacrifice. Umang feeds him water and says he felt really bad when Veer told he does not know Chandrakantha, why he kill Chandrakantha. Iravathi tells Umang that Chandrakantha tried to separate her and Veer, but herself is no more, now there is no goodness around them at all.

A girl is seen walking in garden. Swayam Hirnasur sees a deer in jungle and runs to eat it. Veer supports help him and asks to go and eat it in jungle and never come in front of people. He thinks he should see if someone is watching them. He goes near sea shore. A girl is seen bathing and she then goes to jungle to change. Veer walks in searching Swayam. Girl asks who is it, if he thinks he can see her changing dress, then she will kill him. Swayam hears her voice and attacks her. She runs and pleads for help. Veer hears her voice and runs behind Swayam and girl. He throws mud on girl and she falls down. Veer signals Swayam to return. Girl cleans herself and seeing Veer scolds his hands are so dirty, stay away, she has to go back to Chandangarh and clean her silk attire. She continues scolding Veer that he looks like a monster with dirty hair and attire and if he thinks himself as rajkumar.

Swayam returns to palace and asks Veer why did he stop him from eating human. Veer says he can have any number of animal and not human as people will doubt that he is a rakhas and mom does not want that. He wipes blood from his lips. Swayam says he wanted to romance that girl and not kill her. Veer says let us go in. Swayam says he ate a lot, so he will go for a walk. Veer asks if he is sure. Swayam says his stomach is full and asks him to go and get ready for engagement with Gehna. Veer says he will tackle Tej first and asks him to return from walk soon. Swayam says how will he miss his brother’s celebration. Veer walks to jail and sees soldier lashing Tej. Umang says Ver that his engament time is nearing. Veer calls Tej a betrayer and asks where are his team. Tej says everyone are killed except him and asks how can he forget Chandrakantha and kill her, he loved her so much. Veer says who Chandrakantha, he does not know anyone, slaps Veer and orders not to give even a drop of water to Tej without his permission. Umang applies medicines on Tej’s face and asks if he is fine, he cannot believe how can Veer forget Chandrakantha. Tej says he has not forgotten Chandrakantha, he is same cruel Veer who stabbed Chandrakantha.

Girl walks to her place and seeing rabbit in dirt pampers and cleans it. Swayam watches hiding behind bushes. Rabbit runs into jungle. Girl asks him no to go as rakshas will eat him. She searches rabbit. Swayam clashes with her and falls into dirt. Girls see him and laugh. Swayam fumes . Girl says she is Surya, fire ball and whoever touches her burns like him. Swayam fumes more and thinks he will not spare Surya.

Bhadra brings Gehna for engagement and asks where is Veer, muhurath is passing. Iravathi walks in and says muhurath will start when Veer will enter. Women discuss why Veer is having engagement on Chandrakantha’s death anniversary, if he really loved Chandrakantha or not. Veer enters and asks who Chandrakantha, he does not know her, for him his mother is everything and his place is in her feet.

Girl goes to jeweler and asks to give her pearl necklace. Jeweler says he could not prepare it as his daughter is ill, she had to go to Vijaygarh for a dance at celebration, but cannot now. Daughter says if she dances in celebration, she will get 1 month worth of money. Surya encourages her to go, but daughter says she cannot. Swayam gets an intimation of Veer’s engagement ceremony start via bird.

Precap: Surya wearing veil dances around Veer on Raat Kali naagin si hui hai jawaan…song.. Someonee attacks Veer and he falls from cliff and holds tree. Chandrakantha extends her hand to pull him up.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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