Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 4th November 2017 Written Episode Update: What Is Bigger Strength Or Intelligence? Bakula’s New Task!

Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 4th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Niyati Devi tells Narad that she is confused what to write in a boy’s future, intelligence or strength. Narad asks her to write intelligence and says yamraj have strength. Yamraj asks what do you mean? Narad says intelligence is bigger than strength and asks him to throw the cloth. Yamraj couldn’t throw it far, but Narad throws it keeping cloth in stone. Niyati smiles. Mani Dadi tells Yamraj that Narad used his mind and won. Bakula says strength can buy intelligence and says why did you agree that you are defeated. She says you would have told Narad that he threw the stone wrapped in cloth using his strength only. Narad tells Kanha ji that Bakula said right. Kanha ji smiles. Niyati thinks this is God’s new game and asks what is his motive. Kanha ji says he wants to make her adarsh bahu and is going towards its direction. Niyati Devi asks him to tell. He says it will be enjoyable to see.

Bakula Bua and mani Dadi argue about strength and intelligence. Bakula tells strength is bigger. Mani Dadi says intelligence is bigger. Yamraj says he has to go. Mani says I will teach her a lesson and she has to accept that intelligence is bigger than strength. She asks Chanchal to help her and says she has an idea to make bhoot bhagawo yantra away from her husband so that she can take revenge. Chanchal agrees. Mani thinks she has used her mind and made Chanchal on her side.

Madhuri tries to open the cupboard, but she couldn’t. Malhar manages to open it. He asks question to Chandu. Malhar asks Madhuri why did she give them Chandu as their father. Madhuri asks him to stop it. Mani Dadi says intelligence is big. Malhar is studying. Chandu asks him to go and play. Madhuri asks him to study. Chanchal gets inside Madhuri and says she needs to talk to him alone. Rekha sees Madhuri asking Chandu if he will sell the house or not. Chandu says why I will send. Chanchal in Madhuri asks him to sell the house and says we will keep big share and will distribute small parts to others. Rekha hears her and is shocked.

Chandu says I can’t believe that you are talking like this. Rekha says even she is doubtful. Madhuri says we will go to garden and talk. She takes him out. Rekha hides and thinks Madhuri….you are filling my son’s ears and thinks to teach her a lesson. Chanchal comes back to Malhar and leaves Madhuri’s body, gets out from her. Madhuri asks Malhar to study well.

Rekha tells Vinay whatever she heard. Vinay says he can’t trust. Rekha tells that Chandu will agree and will give them share. Vinay says he is a natural actor and will convince her. Rekha asks him to tell something for her. He says I love you. Vinay says he will convince Chandu to sell the house. Rupal thinks she has to inform Shyam. She informs Shyam and asks him to worry about Aditya’s future. Shyam says he will send him to Swami. Rupal says she is mad to marry him.
Madhuri comes there. Rupal tells her everything and asks her to stop Chandu from talking to Vinay and Rekha. They say they have to see where is Chandu. Shyam asks them to search God. Madhuri and Rupal search for Chandu. Aditya tells that he has seen Chandu in his latest mobile and kept his DP. Madhuri says you loves him so much. Aditya says he kept DP as today is world’s fool day. Rupal scolds him. They all search Chandu.

Rekha also calls Chandu and thinks it seems Vinay took him to lawyer to get his signatures on will. Rupal asks Rekha to get up. They hear some sound and run out thinking Chandu fell down. Rekha asks Vinay not to act infront of her. She says I know Chandu is with you. Vinay says even I am searching him. Rekha says you are acting and sings a song. Rekha asks if the person who is hanged is with my Chandu.

Everyone see Chandu stuck in the stairs. Chandu tells that he heard Madhuri’s dream and that’s why he tries to climb on stairs. Vinay says I asked you to meet me. Everyone holds his hands and his sleeves gets removed. Rekha says she will stitch it. Bakula says what they are talking. Vinay says they will get major share when house is sold. Bakula gets shocked. Vinay says we will decide who will sell the house.

Chanchal asks Mani why did she do this. Mani says she wants to give a new learning to Bakula. Jaam Saab and Nana Bhai are waiting there and say that they will buy the house. Mohit comes and says house will not be sold. Vinay says when Chandu has no objection then why you? Nana Bhai and Jaam Saab plan to get the house together. Vinay writes the chit. Madhuri says she will check. Vinay asks her to check, but don’t give the chit. Madhuri gets the chits and says he has written Rekha-Vinay on all chits. Rupal says we have to find honest candidate. Madhuri asks chandu to write script.

Bakula Bua gets in Chandu’s body and writes her name. munna reads the chit. Vinay says this house will be sold. Chandu says he will decide to sell or not to sell. Jaam Saab tells that Rekha, Madhuri and Rupal have taken advance from us. Rekha says my son will sell the house. Chandu says he will not sell the house. Nana Bhai says he will get them jailed. Chandu says it is good, now you all shall go to jail. Madhuri says Chandu….I don’t hope this from you. Mohit hugs Chandu and thanks him. Bakula Bua comes out of Chandu’s body. Chandu asks Munna where is everyone? Munna says you have won and hugs him. Bakula Bua says she has used her strength and won over intelligence of Nana bhai and Jaam Saab.

Jaam Saab and Nana Bhai meets a builder from whom they have taken 10 lakhs rs to sell Raja Sadan. Builder gets upset hearing they refused to sell the house and threatens to commit suicide and accused them for his death. Jaam saab and Nana Bhai tell that they will return double money. Builder asks for 30 Lakhs rs. and asks them to get Raja Sadan vacated in 5 days else he will shoot himself. They run. Builder laughs. Jaam Saab tells nana bhai that kapadia made them scared and tells that gun was real. He says how can Chandu talk like that. Nana Bhai says it seems like ghost entered him. Jaam Saab laughs and says yes ghost.

In the night Rekha hears the anklet sound and thinks whatever anklets she has stolen is in the box. She tries to wake up Vinay and hears him talking to Amitabh bachchan in sleep. She wakes him up and tells that she is hearing anklet sound. Vinay says may be Shyam is walking in sleep and Munna must have tied ghungroo to it. They hear ghost sound and gets shocked. Rekha says we shall go and check.

Precap: Everyone is scared to witness ghost in the house. Ghost laughs.

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