Chandrakanta (Colors) 27th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Iravathi Calls Rahu Dev to Know Chandrakantha’s Truth

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Bhadramaa with Iravathi prays Rahu dev that he is half god, half demon, most powerful, etc. She continues praising him and says she wants him to find out truth about that girl/ Chandrakantha. Rahu Dev says tathastu. Miniature Chandrakantha watches hiding and tries to run. Rahu drops ash pot on Chandrakantha, but she escapes. Bhadra asks who is it. Rahu says she will know when Rahu kaal starts and disappears. Bhadra boasts that she pleased Rahu dev with her pooja and says let us wait till rahu kaal tomorrow. She leaves. Chandrakantha runs and hides behind chair legs again. Iravathi shouts who is it, then thinks it was her imagination. Chandrakantha informs her aunt Mayavi what she saw. Mayavi says Bhadra and Iravathi chose Rahu kaal then, rahu’s students will try to get out truth from Chandrakantha. She tells Vishnu ji beheaded Rahu as he tasted amrith by trick, Rahu’s head is the most powerful part and even his shadow is very powerful, she can calm him down only via Gomedh stone and can get it in Suryagarh’s hill. Chandrakantha says she has to go with Iravathi tomorrow. Mayavi says she will get Gomedh stone while Chandrakantha can go with Iravathi, but has to make sure Rahu kaal passes away. She leaves for Gomedh mountain.

Bhadra prays Vishnu ji. Iravathi enters murmuring someone’s end is coming today, where is Bhadra maa. A shadow stops her and says she cannot meet Bhadramaa as she is praying Rahu kaal’s students, Iravathi’s duty is to bring Chandrakantha on time to jungle and asks to and call Chandrakantha. It disappears. Iravathi asks maid to bring Chandrakantha. Maid leaves.

Chandrakantha wakes up remembering Veer and thinks why she is remembering him, she hates him. Gehna wiggles sleeping Veer’s sleep. Veer murmurs he cannot live without Chandrakantha. Gehna gets angry. Chandrakantha thinks Veer was drunk last night, will he be fine. Veer opens eyes and gets angry seeing Gehna holding his hand and withdraws it, but falls asleep again. Chandrakantha walks towards Veer’s room when maid comes and says rani Iravathi is calling her. Chandrakantha says she will come later. Maid says rani ji wants her to come right now. Chandrakantha says she will get ready and come. Maid leaves. Chandrakantha thinks where is maasi/Mayavi. Mayavi gets Gomedh stone and runs to give it to Chandrakantha, but falls down and gets trapped, thinks which enemy trapped her now. Chandrakantha gets erady and comes out of changing room. Maid says rani ji is waiting for her. Chandrakantha thinks she has to pass on rahu kaal somehow. She passes by Veer’s room and sees Gehna wiggling Veer. She gets angry, then think she should not stop, but angrily throws magic and drops liquor mug. Inebriated Veer asks what broke. Gehna says her sautan’s heart. Adhivasis surround Mayavi. Mayavi asks who are they, do they know who she is. Their leader says he is king of this jungle. She says he should rule over jungle and not people. He says he gets what he wants and snatches her jewelry. Gehna comes out and asks Chandrakantha why did she throw liquor mug. Chandrakantha people do magic here and someone does not want Gehna to be with Veer. Gehna says she does not want to come between her and Veer, but Veer’s child in her womb made her interfere, once child is born, she will leave this palace and go to her hut. Veer comes and says Chandrakantha he needs to talk to her. Adhivasi’s leader snatches Gomedh and makes her unconscious via black magic.

Bhadra and Iravathi eagerly wait for Chandrakantha. Bhadra says 2nd part of day has started, she should call Chandrakantha soon Maid returns and says Chandrakantha was coming with her and suddenly disappears, she is at a place where she cannot go. On the other side, Veer stops Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha says she will not stop, he ruined her and even Gehna’s life. Veer says he left liquor, women, all luxuries for Chandrakantha and tried so much to see her happy, but she hates him. Their argument continues. Gehna says she will leave. Chandrakantha says Veer brought up child and he has to take its responsibility. Veer says Gehna is fake, he loves only Chandrakantha. Gehna says she will leave. Chandrakantha asks her to stay and says he loves only her, what he has to do to convince he. She says she can see his truth in his eyes, so she wants to go away from him. He holds her again. Iravathi comes and shouts at Veer what is he doing, why he is trying to stop his mother’s success, asks Chandrakantha to come with her as time is passing way for pooja. Chandrakantha thinks unknowingly she came to know Veer’s truth and walks away with Iravathi. Veer thinks which pooja maa wants to do now.

Mayavi wakes up and thinks adivasis took he Gomedh, she frees herself. Iravathi takes Chandrakantha to jungle and asks he to tell truth that she is magician and stole magical knife. V says if she had to, then why would she return knife cover. Iravathi says she killed great magician rani Ratnaprabha and even her husband, but could not get knife. Ratnaprabha had a few month old child who was crying whole night for her mother. Bhadra helped her win Vijaynagar and she is queen now. Mayavi searches adivasis and chants Om. Adivasis feel severe headache and try to run away. Mayavi walks towards them. Chandrakantha asks Iravathi why she is telling queen’s story to he. Iravathi says truth will come in front now. Rahu comes and laughs. Mayavai reaches adviasis and warns to give her belongings or their lives. They return gomedh stone and her belongings. She sees Rahu’s black shadow rushes to give gomedh stone to Chandrakantha as a bird. Rahu laughs on Chandrakantha and shouts she will get death sentence.

Veer tells Tej that after trying so much, Chandrakantha does not trust her even now. Tej says looking at Gehna, she would not trust him, he should go and convince her again. Veer says maa took Chandrakantha somewhere. Rahu and his students surround Chandrakantha and ask to tell truth, else she will die. Iravathi asks Chandrakantha why did she return to palace, what she needs. Rahu throws tornado around Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha prays vande Vishnu. Mayavi as bird drops gomedh stone and Chandrakantha catches it. Chandrakantha tells she is a simple fisher woman, Bheema and Ruchi’s daughter and grew up near sea shore, she wanted to learn magic, but how will a fisherwoman learn magic, maybe her dreams made her do petty magic. Bhada says Iravathi that Chandrakantha is telling truth, else Rahu would have thrusted her in ground. Iravathi says she is half inside ground. Bhadra says Vishu’s power has sucked her inside ground, she is telling truth. Chandrakantha continues holding godmedh and collapses. Veer comes running and holding her, asks to open eyes. Iravathi asks what is he doing here. He asks why she takes Chandrakantha to temple, jungle, etc. Iravathi asks if he is feleing pain seeing Chandrakantha in pain. Veer says he feels pain seeing his mother’s pain, this girl tells truth and if she dies, Vijaygarh’s justice will be defeated, he lifts herr and rushes towards palace. Gomedh stone falls down. Gehna picks it.

Veer takes Chandrakantha to vaidya and asks why she is not curing Chandrakantha. Vaidya says her injuries are internal and mental, once her medicines start working, she will wake up. Veer confronts his mother that Chandrakantha has shattered and has become unstable, if Iravathi is happy now. Iravathi says Chandrakantha is a magician and her magic speaking on Veer. Chandrakantha’s truth is caught. Veer asks when. Iraavathi says Chandrakantha is a magician and lier, she told Veer taught her sword fight and maybe even magic, her truth has come out. Veer says Chandrakantha is not a liar, look at her condition. Iravathi says Chandrakantha is at risk, but he is in pain. He says he is worried about his mother, she sometimes says she has to keep her alive to ward off black magic, sometimes wants to kill her, what is she up to. Maid informs that Chandrakantha got conscious now. Veer rushes to her and asks if she is fine. Chandrakantha asks to stay away from her. He asks if she angry on him. She asks who is he.

Precap: Chandrakantha shouts at Veer that he is speaking loudly to his mother. He says he is speaking to queen and she should spare Chandrakantha. Iravathi says she will kill Chandrakantha via snakes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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