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The Episode starts with Dev telling Narvekar what all he found out about Amit’s case by his students. He tells about Gaurav. Narvekar says I know everything. Dev goes. Narvekar makes call to get records. Dev meets constable. Dev asks for photo copy of Amit’s records, its matter of young children. Constable agrees to him.

Avi takes care of Meera. Dev comes to meet Avi. Meera refuses to send him. Dev shows a toy. Avi goes with Dev. Dev asks Avi about Amit’s students. Avi says Amit Sir never have beaten anyone. Dev asks did he touch students, in a wrong way. Avi says no, lets go home, mum is waiting. Meera panics at home. Dev gets Avi home. Meera’s nose bleeds. Dev looks on and goes. Dev makes tea and thinks of all kids.

He meets Tilak and tries to know by whom is he afraid, I know you know everything, just tell me to prove Amit was a bad person. Tilak says no, Amit was a good person. His brother comes and asks Dev to leave Tilak, else he has to inform police. Dev calls constable and asks about reports. Constable asks him to meet at carom shop. He tells Dev that Amit got a call before his suicide. He gives call log and address of that person. Someone sees them. Dev comes to a dance institute and sees someone. He stops the music. The man Himanshu asks what’s this. Dev shows his card and asks him about Amit. Himanshu says Amit was my just friend. Dev says you used to talk a lot to him, what did you talk to him, who was he for you, friend or enemy, or anything else, why did Amit commit suicide. Himanshu cries and says Amit was everything for me, we loved each other, you will laugh on me now. Dev asks who am I to laugh on your relationship, who am I to judge you. Himanshu says Amit’s wife knew about our relation, none knew this secret. Dev says thanks for saying truth, tell me one more thing, did Amit beat kids. Himanshu says no, never. Narvekar comes there. Dev asks where is washroom and goes there. Narvekar asks about Amit. Himanshu asks how many policemen will come to ask same thing. Narvekar asks who. Himanshu says he is in washroom and describes Dev.

Dev meets Amit’s wife Leela and asks about Amit being a gay. Leela asks what would I say that my husband is not fine. He asks did anyone knew about Amit’s truth to be gay. He says Amit used to share everything with me, someone has sent Amit and Bala’s pic on his phone, I have deleted it, I had to face society too. He says all kids loved Amit, so he preferred to die than losing his image. Dev leaves from there. Someone attacks him. Dev comes home. Zohra worries for him. Dev asks Narvekar what happened. Narvekar warns him and asks Meera to stay away from Dev.

Zohra does Dev’s aid. Avi tells Meera that Dev is solving Amit’s case. Dev gets thinking. Meera comes to help and asks about the case. Dev tells about all the kids, Gaurav was in shock. He recalls the case and says he was in front of me, everyone trusts the van driver Naveen, he was stopping Tilak from saying anything. Meera says I will come along. They leave. Dev comes to meet Naveen. Meera gets a call and runs home. Meera cries knowing Avi got kidnapped. Dev and Narvekar console her. Naveen lies to Narvekar. Dev says he is lying, you can’t let him go. Narvekar says I will talk to Gaurav’s parents myself.

Dev follows the school van. He sees Gaurav and Tilak. Dev meets Gaurav. He tells a story to Gaurav and asks him to say truth. He asks Gaurav to say why did he burn his clothes, why does he not want to go to school. He asks him not to lie and promises to end everything, be brave like me. Gaurav says I told Amit Sir, he caught Naveen uncle. Naveen scares Gaurav and molests him in van. Amit tries to save Gaurav from Naveen. Amit slaps Naveen. Naveen threatens Amit and pushes him. He threatens Gaurav also and asks him to tell everyone that Amit has beaten him. Dev says this didn’t happen because of you, enough now, will you support me, we will see this doesn’t happen with anyone. He shakes hands. Dev gets everything recorded. Naveen takes kids in van. He asks Tilak to come out. Naveen tries to molest Gaurav. Gaurav recalls Dev’s inspiring words. Gaurav shows a knife and says move back, I will hit you. Dev ad Narvekar come there and nab Naveen. Dev says well done Gaurav.

Narvekar asks where is Avi. Dev says you forced Amit to commit suicide, knowing Gaurav’s parents are going to complain, you scared Amit and blamed Amit for molestation, are you a devil. Naveen says you have much smartness, go and find Avi. Dev asks where is Avi.

Dev takes the gun and aims at Naveen. Narvekar asks him not to shoot. Naveen laughs and asks Dev to shoot. Dev recalls Gaurav’s trauma and shoots at his leg. Narvekar asks did you go mad. Dev says if you don’t tell me, I will kill you. Naveeen tells about Avi. Dev finds Avi and gets him home. Avi hugs Meera and Dev. Meera asks can we stay here. Dev says you are still living here, don’t do black magic here. Zohra says he is talking like its his house. Meera makes Avi sleep and calls Narvekar. She says your thinking about Dev is wrong. Narvekar says you got affected by him. She says he is a nice person and ends call. She recalls Dev’s and Zohra’s words. Narvekar says you have won again Dev, but you can’t hide your truth forever, I will not leave you.

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  1. Amazing show and I love ashish acting its real you don’t feel like its acting his gestures and sumona is great too .
    As my opinion I don’t think that dev killed his wife coz the way he remembers and is sad it looks like there’s more mystery to it anyways its good suspence I would like to
    explore more ?

    1. yhh i agree with u.a very nice carries the curiosity till the end.

  2. Best show on TV in the present time.. Ashish chowdhary acts so well…gives the Sherlock Holmes vibe

  3. agree wid u all……….bt so few comments!!!!!!! I don’t know why people lose interest i good shows and run after saas bahu dramas

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