Chandrakanta (Colors) 25th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer’s Narsimha Avatar

Chandrakanta (Colors) 25th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Iravathi asks Swayam to let villagers go. Swayam shows who dared to order him. Iravathi says his mother. Swayam warns villagers dare not to go. Iravathi slaps him and asks villagers to go. They thank her and leave. Swayam shouts at Iravathi. Iravathi says a more powerful rakshas/monster has come who will kill him. He says he is immortal and nobody can kill him. Iravathi slaps him again. He collapses. She ties magical bell on his leg and thinks he is immortal, but not more powerful, wherever goes, she will know. She asks guards to take Swayam to palace. On the other side, Chandrakantha thinks she has to tie bell on Veer to know his movement. Veer walks in and says he heard about a monster in village, he will find and kill it. Chandrakantha thinks how to tell it is himself, says it was Swayam. Veer fumes in anger. Chandrakantha says they have to search Tej and Umang and free Bhadramaa from Iravathi’s grip. Veer says he will go to palace now. Chandrakantha stops him. Iravathi goes to jungle and finds animal’s big foot prints. She sees villagers coming and hides in magical shawl. Villagers discuss that monster was really big and weird, it was so powerful. Iravathi thinks it must be Chandrakantha as only she knows immense magic. She thinks she will find out monster and kill him/her before he/she harms her and Swayam.

Chandrakantha and Veer walk in jungle. Veer sees his monster avatar’s footprints and says how can a lion have only 2 feet, something is wrong. Their nok jhok starts. He asks what will they name their child if girl is born. Argument starts. Veer takes different names. Chandrakantha rejects all. Veer says Chanda, it will suit their child. Chandrakantha says he has become intelligent being with him. He asks what about boy and takes many names. She rejects all. He says Narsimha, it is final, he will name his son as Narsimha. Chandrakantha thinks it is Vishnuji’s avatar to kill evil, even Veer is becoming Narsimha.

Tej and Umang in Iravathi’s jail think of escaping. Tej notices soldier’s moments and their break timings and informs Umang they should escape during solders’s time. He frees his steel chains already and tries to help Umang, but he cannot. They both get back on their place waiting for second chance. Iravathi continues searching monster in jungle and finds Gehna who steals Badhrama’s magical stick and tries to use it to make herself more beautiful, but it does not work. She throws it and walks yelling she is already beautiful. Iravathi makes her unconscious and takes her to palace in palanquin. Tej and Umang try again to escape, but stop hearing someone come. Chandrakantha walks in saying she brought food for prisoners. Guards stop and say they did not see her till now. She says turns into Veer who says he is eunuch and Swayam’s close aide, Swayam spent last night with him. He continues keeping guards busy while Chandrakantha gets out of his body and walks to Umang. Umang shouts. She asks to shut up, and she and Tej try to free Umang. They free Umang and take him out. Veer continues entertaining guards and takes them out. Iravathi comes to palace gate with Gehna in palanquin and asks guards to let her in. They say she may be Iravathi’s imposter, so they will not let her in without checking her via magic. She yells at them. Gehna wakes up and runs. Iravathi orders guards to catch her. Guards run behind her and after a bit of Gehna’s jokergiri they throw net on her and catch. Veer comes out of palace and changes into narsimha and takes monster body. He roars on Iravathi. Iravathi thinks he is Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha rushes out and asks Veer to calm down. She shows their visuals. He calms down, changes back to human and collapses. Chandrakantha holds him…Drama continues…

Precap: Chandrakantha asks Veer if he will become Narsimha to protect humanity and kill evil. He says yes. Tej and Umang join them. Chandrakantha says she will teach him how to control his anger and kill evils.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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