Love ka hai intzaar twinj shots by kiya episode 82

       Episode 82

episode started birds warbling busy in their own world..making the morning beautiful with Their songs..composing their own music.
Camera went on twinkle room.
Twinkle sleeping peacefully with her both kids.When life started play the game no one understand what comes in next turn same like this twinkle too. Every day she tries to live possibly.She doesn’t know what destiny think about for her. What decision they took for other happiness to sacrifice their happiness and give others happiness. What they get it.
Next side maya and Anant abroad the flight.Soon they reached Mumbai airport.
Dev come to airport to receive them. While Anant lost somewhere. They sit in car left for home.
At Sarna [email protected]
Kunj wake up with a smile.He gets up went in washroom.After sometime later he come back from washroom. In his towel.
Kunj finding his clothes. He was missing twinkle how nicely she prepared his all things on table. Now without her he can’t do anything.Finally, he select the clothes what to wear. Kunj wear his clothes.He went towards dressing table. Wear his watch take his laptop bag. Moved towards downstairs.
At [email protected]
Kunj comes downstairs.He went towards couch area.Kunj eyes went on Usha and Anjali. who was standing in mandir.They both doing aarti.Kunj went towards them. Stand beside and joint them in aarti..
Anjali sing aarti song. Soon they done with this.Usha and Anjali turned and found Kunj standing there while his eyes were closed folding his both hands. They both smile to see him here.Kunj open his eyes he saw his mother and sister stair him.
Kunj: why you both looking at me like this I know I’m very much hot man still what did Papa and om thinking of you both ??.
And my wife will kill you both ???. Usha and Anjali give him slap on his both cheeks playfully.
Usha: hatt.
Anjali: very funny chote.. I’m quite surprise to see you in mandir..
Kunj: sometime Kunj Sarna too comes?.
Anjali: acha. Now take aarti..
Kunj: offo di I’m not believing in this all’s.
Anjali: still chote. When you’ll improve.
Kunj: never di..
Anjali: at least have this parshad.
Kunj: okay Meri MAA. Kunj forwards his hands Anjali give him parshad.
Usha: where is maya she didn’t see anywhere. While having.
Kunj: woh MAA Anant Bhaiya and Maya Bhabhi went mumbai.
Usha: what when?? In confusion.
Kunj: from early morning flight they went.
Some urgent work is there, so I told them they should go MAA Maya Bhabhi feels bad.
Usha:okay at least she should informed me. I’ll not deny her.
Kunj: offo Meri MAA why you behave like typical mother in laws.
Anjali: haa maa. If it’s not important they will not go.
Usha: you will not understand Anjali. I m here I know how is my daughters in laws.
Kunj raise his eyebrows ??.
Kunj: you were talking about my wife maa?. Even?
Usha: ji. She went I don’t mind even not with maya.Usha murmured. Don’t know what happened to her..
Usha: what about Aayat. ??
Anjali: what do you mean by Aayat MAA even she to went with her parents obviously.
Usha: it’s not important.
Kunj: she didn’t go Maa itself. And last night eating my head, so I have not option left I have meeting, so I drop her Taneja Mansion.
Anjali: but how she will stay without her mother alone.
Usha: don’t worry Twinkle is here. It’s not first time maya left her many times.Hardly Aayat went with her Mumbai.(In sad voice.
Kunj:haa di Aayat stay with Twinkle Many times.
Usha:But still kunj Aayat is here
responsibility not twinkle. I’ll go and see breakfast.
Anjali: I’ll come MAA with you and help you.
Kunj: di please get one coffee for me I’ll get late for my meeting.
Anjali: where are you going chote so early.
Kunj: I have work in hissar.
Usha: okay wait I’ll make breakfast fast for you.They both went in kitchen prepared breakfast.while Kunj sitting and reading newspaper.Soon Usha and Anjali come with breakfast. She calls kunj on dinning table.
Anjali: come chote.
Kunj went towards dinning table. He just took the coffee mug.
Anjali: sit have your breakfast.
Kunj: I’ll get late di.. he drinks coffee so fast.
Usha: why so hurry kunj.
Kunj: okay MAA bye. I’ll come late. He hugged them and ran from here. He come out of the Sarna Mansion.Kunj sit in his car leave for hissar.. after sometime later other’s family members too wake up. They all get freshen up and come down for breakfast. Manohar asked about where is anant and Maya, or Aayat and Kunj. Usha tell him about maya and Anant they went mumbai.While Aayat with twinkle at Taneja Mansion..
next side Taneja Mansion..
Twinkle wake up she open her eyes. Turned her eyes and look at her kids who sleeping next to her. Aayat face hide under twinkle chest. Twinkle caress her hair with her fingers. Cuddle her tightly.
Twinkle cupped her face and kissed on her forehead.Twinkle get up see the time.
She takes her clothes went in washroom.
After she comes and get ready.Twinkle call Anjali and tell her to send aayat things with servant.She went downstairs.
Twinkle comes and went towards kitchen. Find Asha preparing the breakfast. She went towards her.
Twinkle: can I help you.
Asha: no need of this my nand ji?. You go and sit. Where is your kids.
Twinkle:sleeping they still have time for school.Twinkle make kids lunch. Later she went upstairs.
Twinkle: ansh and Aayat now wake up.
They both just moving didn’t speak.
Twinkle pulling the blanket.Aayat open her eyes and look at twinkle. She got up sit there.
Twinkle: good morning my girl. Aayat give her normal smile. She looked at here and there in room.Her eyes finding maya.
Twinkle see this.
Twinkle:Aayat mamma went mumbai. Chachu take you here. Now come I’ll give you bath you’ll get late for school. Stars lost in herself thinking about last night what happened between her mother and father. Aayat look at twinkle face with wet eyes. Twinkle cupped her face.
Twinkle: what happened to you Tell me.
Aayat:woh twinkle chachi. You know what mamma Papa fight with each other. I didn’t like it.Small small tears escaping from her eyes.Twinkle wiped her tears take her on her lap.
Twinkle: this small problem because of this you worry. Haa so what Aayat you don’t worry about these things okay. Mamma Papa went mumbai now you with me so be happy you are good girl of my na. Aayat nodded her head in yes. Let go have bath.They both went in washroom.
Twinkle give her bath. They both come out.Aayat wrapping herself in towel. Twinkle see Ansh who still sleeping.
Twinkle: you sit I’ll come.Twinkle lift Ansh take him in washroom like this only.
Pouring water on him. He looks at twinkle found himself in water. He gives angry look to Twinkle.
Twinkle: ho hello give this look to your sadu father not me. Stand straight soon Ansh to take bath.They both to went in room. Ansh see Aayat and get shocked to see her. He rubbed his eyes that he didn’t in sleep.
Ansh: mamma yeh Aayat jeshi ladki kaun hai. Twinkle laugh.
Twinkle:she is Aayat only.
Ansh: what..
twinkle: now don’t wasted time.Twinkle make the ready for school.She makes two ponytails of Aayat. They went downstairs already everyone sitting having their breakfast. They went towards dinning table Leela and rt see Aayat and surprised.
Rt: Aayat beta.
Aayat: yes nanu.Twinkle tell them too.
Twinkle Feed them.
Naman: now let’s go baby.
Soham: haa Papa. Kids hold naman hand and left for school. While twinkle playing with food. She lost in her thoughts.
Leela and rt look at her than look at to each other face.rt gesture to Leela.
Leela:Twinkle Puttar where you lost haa. Mahi shake her twinkle come in sense.
Twinkle: haa ( in clatter voice.)
Mahi: di What happened to you.Twinkle give her fake smile.
Twinkle: nothing mahi. Bas aeshe hi.
Rt: have your breakfast properly.
Twinkle: hmm. Later rt to left for office. After breakfast Twinkle helping Asha in work to distract her mind. While Leela and Mahi sitting in hall. Bubbly come there sit with them.
Soon kunj reach hissar. He come out of the car. While Yuvi already presented waiting for him only. Sara standing beside holding files. Kunj come near them.
Yuvi: finally you come bro.
Kunj : sorry I was stuck in traffic.
Sara: Sir I check everything let’s go.
Kunj: hmm.They went in office. Other clients already there.Soon the board meeting started all sit. Their mind and eyes just in the meeting.
Next side in Mumbai
maya and Anant meet with each and every one all greet them after they went their room to get freshen up.. after sometime later. Maya sits with her mother and sister.
Priyanka: maya didi Aayat nahi aai.
Maya: hmm.
Varsha: so what if she didn’t come..
Ambika: Varsha please.
Maya: now you all tell me.
Priyanka: maya didi lets go for shopping will buy new clothes for tonight party.
Maya: hmm good idea.
Varsha: that after lunch we all go for shopping.
Usha and Anjali sitting talking about maya and all’s.
Anjali: MAA so what if maya leave Aayat here.
Usha: not about her Anjali. I don’t understand what going on between twinkle and maya since many days I saw them mainly maya only.She behaves very widely with her.
Anjali: haa.
Usha: I don’t want anything just my kids stay together and happy babaji.
Anjali: MAA I have an awesome idea.
Usha: what?
Anjali: MAA that you coming with me today MAA don’t say no.
Usha: what I’ll do in your school beta.
Anjali: offo MAa so boring you are now.
Usha laugh on her. Bebe come there.
Bebe: What happens today why MAA and beti fighting..
Usha: no fighting Bebe. She wanted me to’ll go with her.
Bebe: go na Usha.
Anjali: tell her Bebe.
Usha: okay Meri I’ll go.
Anjali: that’s like my sweet MAA pulls her cheeks.Later they both mother and daughter left.They reached Anjali musical school.Usha look at whole place it’s so beautiful everywhere flowers all musical instruments are there. They went inside.
It’s very big hall. Kids sitting on their place.A big piano is there. Whole walls fills with their all family pictures specially Usha when she used to do this all.
Anjali: how’s it MAA.
Usha: so beautiful Anjali beta.
Anjali: after all MAA humare chote ne yeh sab kiya hai beautiful toh hona hi ta na..
Usha look at Anjali face.
Anjali: haa MAA this all done by kunj.The Best gift ever. ?????..
Usha: haa. Now let me introduce to your students..
Anjali: haa I’ll. Hi everyone.
Kids: hi.
Anjali: meet with my mother she is singer.
Kids: haa.
Usha: hi how’s you all.
Kids: we all are fine..
Anjali: so let started our class okay.
Anjali teaching them how to play piano. While Usha admire her daughter to see her so happy with these kids.
Usha: yeh babaji see my Anjali she is so happy with this all kids. Please fill her hands too.They both spending their time with all kids. Other scene.
Twinkle went in her room. She sees Ambika many miss calls is there. She sits and call back to her. Ambika received her call.
Ambika: hi Twinkle Puttar.
Twinkle: hi aunty keshe ho aap.
Ambika: fine good what about you all.
Twinkle:we too good.
Ambika: where is Aayat twinkle.
Twinkle: right now she is in school. Where is Maya Bhabhi.
Ambika: woh she is busy with her sister.
Twinkle: hmm. They both talk to each other normally. Later end their calls. Twinkle went downstairs.
Leela: come Twinkle. She went sit beside her mother.
Twinkle: haa. Woh Ambika aunty ka call ta.
Leela: ho what she telling you.
Twinkle: nothing MAA just asked for
Leela: I didn’t like them twinkle.
Twinkle: why MAA?
Leela: their behaviour towards Aayat I didn’t like it even Usha ji too.
Twinkle:hmm.Let them na MAA.
Leela: really twinkle you didn’t feel bad haa.
Twinkle: how can I feel not bad MAA.
We don’t care MAA if they love Aayat or not. Just matter for us Anant Bhaiya.
Leela: you all know about them.
Twinkle: Anant Bhaiya only told that MAA Maya Bhabhi family didn’t like Aayat as a Maya Bhabhi daughter. Me and kunj to feel bad at that moment but what to do.
You know how much she crying at that time when they come. She wants their love.But forcefully we can’t get for her MAA.
Leela:still twinkle she is a small girl how can they do like that. Kunj didn’t say anything to them.
Twinkle:if he will say anything MAA than this wouldn’t be happened.And nothing is in my hands.
Leela: when I see you twinkle now I didn’t think for while that you’ll bear this all pain so easily that girl can’t bear it a single injection pain now she my twinkle.
When we all got to know that you and kunj giving your baby to Anant and maya I was just shocked and surprised for you.Twinkle give smile on this. Leela cupped twinkle face. That twinkle who didn’t let anyon touch her doll never give to her sister as well that twinkle my twinkle( in painful voice both eyes become moist) my twinkle give her real doll to others. Who always hide her things now she started hiding her pains. Don’t know when my little twinkle become so big. What sacrifice you did twinkle many people can’t do it.
Twinkle: still MAA no one understands value of my sacrifice they give name of eshaan and Mahan.To my sacrifice MAA.
Leela wiped her tears.
Leela: I’m Proud of you twinkle.Really twinkle you have a very big heart. I never thought how nicely you’ll Handel everything Kids family.
Twinkle: I’m like this because my MAA taught me this all she did my upbringing ♥️♥️.She hugged Leela.Twinkle place her head in Leela lap. After sometime later kids to come back from school.Twinkle change her kids clothes and feed them later they went in garden playing.
Kunj and yuvi done with their work they to come back from hissar.
Yuvi: I’ll come mahi.
Kunj: where are you going.
Yuvi: Arey i want to meet with mahi.
Kunj: okay than let’s go there only even I too. Soon they reached Taneja Mansion.
They went inside.While other family members sitting having tea.They too went and sit beside all’s.
Naman: how’s your meeting.
Kunj: good.Where is twinkle. Leela eyes went on twinkle who coming from stairs.
Leela: here only.Twinkle see kunj and yuvi she went near them.
Twinkle: finally meeting done.
Yuvi: yes.And twinkle please make coffee for me.
Twinkle: yeah sure I’ll. She went in kitchen. While Kunj excuse them and went behind twinkle in kitchen. Twinkle back facing to kunj. He went towards her. Give her back hugged twinkle understand who he is. Kunj rested his chin on her shoulder.
Kunj: how you know it’s me?
Twinkle: easily I can feel your touch and others.
Kunj: acha very smart twinkle nowadays.
What you eating haa???.Your top floor is developed it. ??.Twinkle turned and look at him .
Twinkle:bas yeh baate karwalo always making fun of me..
Kunj: aur bhabhi se baath hui?
Twinkle: nope but her mother calls come for Aayat.
Kunj: why for Aayat.
Twinkle: maybe she wanted talk to her.
Kunj: ab kya baat karni hai unko after what they did it. Fake love huhu.
Twinkle: Kunj leave it you always tell me leave it now what about you.Kunj going closer to twinkle while she went backwards. Stop due to platform.
Kunj: why you go backwards.??
Twinkle: because you come near me..
Kunj: acha ji. Kunj hold her hands pulled her toward him.They both very closer to each other’s. Kunj kissed on her cheeks.
Twinkle: leave me kunj anyone will go. What they think of us. It’s not your home it’s my home so control on yourself ??.
Kunj: why?? In which book it’s written that only I can romance with you in my home haa?????.
Twinkle. Yes in twinkle book.
Kunj: you are very curl wife. ??.
Twinkle: okay.Just than Leela and Asha entered in kitchen they both stop at door to see kunj and twinkle. They both giggles.
Asha coughing purposely.They heard sound of coughing.
Asha: guys.They both turned and look at them. They can see Leela and Asha giggling ? them ???. It’s awkward for them. Kunj looking here and there.
Leela: Twinkle coffee Yuvi calling you.
Twinkle: haa MAA.
Asha: what you do here kunj in kitchen ?.Kunj give death glares to Asha who laughing.
Leela: you all come. She left.
Asha: good place you both find to so romance ???.
Twinkle: nothing is like that.
Asha: me and MAA see???.
Kunj: what did you see tell me too.
Asha: why I’ll tell you..
Kunj: than I’ll show you ??.He kissed on twinkle cheeks.And winked at Asha who open her mouth like O. ?.Twinkle hit
On his arms playfully.
Asha: very shameless ?.
Kunj: movie is still left. It’s just a trailer ??.He went from here back to everyone. Twinkle and Asha laugh. Twinkle take coffee and went in hall give to Kunj and yuvi.
Outside in [email protected]
Soham and Ansh or Aayat playing in wet mud. Making houses and all’s.They three of them fully dirty in mud.
Ansh: see my house.
Aayat: haa. cry baby looking like you only?..
Ansh: even yours too. Big fatso lizard.?.
Aayat: I’ll see you later did you forget last punishment ha. You craved again for that ??.
Soham: tell me too Aayat what punishment..
Ansh: why you so curious Soham Bhai.
Aayat: baat hi aeshi nai pagle??.
Leave it Soham it’s very personal after I tell you than iss ki bachi kuchi zidh bhi Chali jaygi???.Soham started throwing wet mud balls on each other’s they all playing mud holi?????.
Three of them fully drenched in mud. Everyone come in garden.They see them and shocked to see their face.
Yuvi: what going on here..??.Which Holi they played.Just than mud slightly went in Ansh eyes. His eyes started burning. He about to used his muddy hands.
Aayat: stop I’ll do it.
Ansh: ahaaaaa???my eyes.
Aayat: wait. Other look at them. Stars hold Ansh hands take him towards water tap.
Aayat: Ansh wait okay. Aayat open the tap and take water in her small hands. Wash Ansh eyes.Everyone admires this.She can’t do it properly still doing.
Twinkle: awww.????.
Ansh open his eyes.Aayat blowing in his eyes.
Aayat: now fine.
Ansh: haa.
Twinkle: just now I give them bath these kiddos ???.Twinkle give them voice.
Wait I’ll come ansh And Aayat see twinkle she come towards them.They both ran while twinkle behind them.Other enjoying it.
Kunj:Arey Twinkle Leave it. Na.Asha went take soham.Twinkle too catch them. Take them inside. In ha way twinkle holding them from their hands.
Yuvi: maar Twinkle today make their butter chicken ???… Kunj throw cushion on him.
Kunj: wait beta yours is coming I’ll tell twinkle she will make their and fresh too??.
Aayat: twinkle chachi chodo na..
Ansh: haa Mamma please.
Twinkle: wait I’ll not leave you hoti today what you both think of yourself haa. Whole day I’ll clean you both haa.
Aayat: no na. See kunj Chachu.
Mahi: Leave di. How cute they look. ??.
Yuvi: wait I’ll click their pictures ?. Aayat act like that save me from this devil woman ????. Yuvi take his phone. Aayat stop him.
Aayat: wait let me see how m I looking?.
Than click my picture.
Asha: uff this girl??.
Mahi: Aayat you looking beautiful.
Aayat: this I know mahi massi I m beautiful still check it this better ???.Kunj and others kept their hands on their foreheads.Aayat making cute faces while Yuvi clicking her pictures.
Asha: twinkle Leave than you both come with me I’ll give you three of them bath..
Twinkle: hmm.Okay.They went with Asha. While twinkle went upstairs in her room to bring their clothes.They three of them get freshen. Aayat wrapping herself fully in towel. Looking hell cute she.?.Ansh too they both come in hall.
Ansh: mamma.
Mahi: come here mamma is coming. Ansh holding towel tightly due to in fear that his towel not fall downs ??..Yuvi giggles to see like these juniors Sarna’s?Ansh walking slowly slowly.
Yuvi: ansh come here.innocently he went near Yuvi.Yuvi cuddles him.
Ansh: what you want.Yuvi smirked at naman. ? Yuvi try to open his towel.
Ansh: haaaaaa no Papa see.
Kunj: Arey yaar Yuvi chod de.
Yuvi: chal abey. I’ll open your towel ?.
Twinkle come there with clothes. Ansh pleasing him.He hold tightly towel.
Twinkle: Yuvi leave my son.
Ansh: mamma see na.
Aayat: do it Yuvi chachu??.Sharmili bride ??.
Twinkle: I’ll do with you.Aayat ran from there went towards kunj.
Ansh: don’t make me angry ?.
Naman: uff??.
Yuvi: wait banana chips ???. Now sham sham of you in front of everyone all laugh loudly. Soham and Asha too come joint them.
Twinkle: Kunjjj??.
Kunj: leave him na. You know after constipation still.
Ansh: naniiii. Save me.
Yuvi: acha ??.
Ansh: maarduga.
Yuvi: oyye look at your size than talk. Twinkle pulling Ansh while itself towel open it and falls down.
Yuvi: haaa?????. Karma.
Ansh: hehehehhe?.Yuvi look down and shocked. Ansh wearing boxer inside in towel. ?????.
Ansh:what happened Yuvi Chachu sham sham haa..
Naman: epic Yuvi ???.
Ansh rubbed his nose with his thumb like same (Yuvi did in serial)..
twinkle: what you think of yourself haa Yuvi. Come ansh.They both brother and sister stands twinkle make them wearing their clothes.
Yuvi: yeh pidha toh with protection ??.
Kunj: I’ll see you later Yuvi.
Mahi: you are very bad Yuvi. While Aayat teasing twinkle when she wears clothes.
Twinkle:Aayat let me do it na. Stand properly.
Aayat: I don’t like this dress.Twinkle show her eyes. See nanu to your daughter.
Rt: what Aayat.
Ansh: mamma hit this Aayat. He tell me that I forget last time punishment give her same.
Aayat: very lame joke of the day ta Ansh. Your mamma can’t do that same with me.
And my mamma isn’t here I’m free..??.
Twinkle:acha come out of your dream world. Baate karwalo bas.
Mahi: come Aayat I’ll make your hairs.
Aayat:hmm.Sometime. Twinkle get maya call.
Maya: hi twinkle.
Twinkle: hi bhabhi. Aap keshe ho.
Maya: fine. How’s Aayat.
Twinkle: even she is too fine. Just missing you only.
Maya: laugh. Arey she miss me. Achi toh hogo hi na. After she is with you. ?.
Twinkle: means.
Maya: I’m right twinkle.She and miss me very lame sound.When she is with you she forgets everything.When she was with me that time Aayat miss you so much. Not me. (Taunting way)
Twinkle: no bhabhi nothing is like that.
Maya: I understand Twinkle everything. She immediately deny coming with me why?.Every kids excited for their nani house but Aayat. No. Why she needs me hai na uske Pass uski twinkle chachi.
Twinkle:Bhabhi aap yeh kya bol rahe hai.
I don’t know why she didn’t go with you.
Maya: this Anant make my life hell. My husband not understood me but my devar. Just because of him I come Mumbai.
You know Anant slap me. Didn’t Aayat told you haa.
Twinkle: hmm she told me that you both fought with each other’s.she was scare with this all.
Maya: Aayat can’t hide anything from you.
Leave it twinkle. Take care of herself bye. Tears dropping off of twinkle eyes.
Twinkle: bye.twinkle gulps this painful words.She went downstairs.She helped Asha in dinner. Later all comes and sit for dinner.Kunj see twinkle face.
Kunj: twinkle sit have your dinner.
Aayat: twinkle Chachi I’ll want chocolates.
Rt:okay I’ll give you chocolates first have your dinner.Rt feeding Aayat while Leela to Ansh.Aayat look at rt face with love eyes.
Aayat: (think) Ansh nanu is so good.And my nanu huhu never talk to me once.Huhu?.they all done with dinner.
Yuvi: mahi don’t forget to take your medicines.
Mahi: I take Yuvi.Later they all went in twinkle room and sit.
Asha: Yuvi very caring for you mahi.Hmm.
(In teasing way)..
mahi: haa he is caring. But less than Kunj jiju??.
Yuvi: huhu..
Mahi: true is true Yuvi.We all see kunj how he cared about Twinkle Di during her pregnancies days.he didn’t leave her for a second look at you. I told you stay here with me but you were not.
Yuvi: haa whatever. Look at yourself and twinkle.
Kunj: hmm right mahi. Thank of god you are very strong. Compared that twinkle.
Many problems’ come in twinkle pregnancies.
Twinkle: right that’s why worried about me than he too same I can tell Yuvi is much better than him. ??.
Yuvi: shabaas ???.
Kunj: what do you mean. Did you forget how much you teased me at your time haa. And I do whatever you want.
Twinkle: haa just for your Anmol rathans ?. Haa father you are very good.
Yuvi: than I’ll become more than him.
Mahi: that’s impossible. You will hear all taunts the way Twinkle Di telling to kunj jiju ???..
Yuvi: Arey mahi I’m used too ?.
Mahi: means…
Yuvi: many times in office when twinkle call to kunj. I have his phone, so I put the call on speaker, and she thinks kunj and speak whatever comes in her mouth ??. And talk about messages I’ll to reply her poor twinkle though kunj was there ??.
Mahi: what????.
Twinkle: Sadu Sarna.
Kunj: Arey mahi I’ll tell you something. When Yuvi used to message you before your wed. Some of reply’s done by me??.
Asha: good at least they just giving reply to each other messages and calls nothing else???..
Yuvi: chiii dirty head.see your wife naman.
Naman: what dirt in this. Ab you think dirty.Twinkle take out old albums of kids.
Just than all kids too comes there.They too see the photos.
Yuvi: aww twinkle you look so fatty ?.
Mahi: didn’t worry teri wali bhi soon become like this..??don’t fly in air.
Aayat: who is she?
Twinkle: it’s you Aayat.
Aayat: hoo. It’s me so cute chubby. I bone beautiful only??… in some of the pictures Aayat with kunj and twinkle.Aayat sitting on twinkle lap. While Kunj standing beside her in their photo shoot.All pictures of
aayat very cute. Playing with balloons.
Ansh: mamma it’s all Aayat pictures where is my. All pictures links..
Twinkle: I’ll show you.Ansh pictures too cute.
Mahi:Yuvi will too do this photo shoot with our baby.In One picture comes twinkle standing flawing her baby bump. Maya standing beside her..
Aayat: ale twinkle chachi your yummy so big..???..
Yuvi: whispers because one little panda inside in her???..
Twinkle: woh aeshe hi. Aayat baby hai na.
Aayat: hoo. Cry baby.I never see my mamma picture like this. Why???.Others become quiet.
Twinkle: hmmm
Aayat: twinkle chachi let’s go and bring chinki massi baby.
Twinkle: no we can’t she is small how can she stay without her mamma.
Aayat: why small baby can’t stay without their mamma.
Mahi: yes.. Aayat again look at all pictures she was mostly with twinkle only.Many pictures clicked in Taneja mansion few pictures with Anant and maya.all just new born baby pictures of aayat and Ansh.
Aayat: but see I stay with you na.when I small mamma didn’t see in pictures. If small babies can’t stay without their mamma’s how I??
Twinkle: bas Aayat how many questions you asked. See the time you both brother and sister still wake up. Now leave this all. Twinkle kept the all albums in wardrobe back. Asha and Naman too went in their respective rooms. While Mahi and yuvi or kunj setting on side couch.kunj asked Aayat that going with him Sarna Mansion or not.
Kunj: Aayat you’ll stay here. Or else come with me..
Aayat: you too stay here na.
Kunj: Aayat one option nobody is there. So now it’s your choice. Whether you will stay here or else with me. Aayat think.
Aayat: now I’ll stay here with twinkle chachi okay..
Kunj: good..
Twinkle take her both kids. Lay down beside them.She pats on their back. Make them sleep.
Yuvi: let’s go kunj.
Kunj: haa.
Twinkle: you wait kunj I want to talk to you.
Kunj: okay I’ll call you.
Mahi: Yuvi stay here na please..
Yuvi: mahi I’ll come tomorrow paka.
Mahi: okay fine goodnight.Yuvi and kunj went to their homes..Mahi to went in her room.Twinkle check Ansh and Aayat whether they sleep or last they sleep.Twinkle get up take her clothes went In washroom.Till now kunj to reaches Sarna Mansion. Went in his room. Change his clothes come and lay down.Twinkle went in balcony. Dial Kunj numbers.
Kunj see her call is coming.He received her call.
Kunj: bol meri Siyappa Queen.
Twinkle: I’m not in joke mood kunj.
Kunj: Arey yaar. Suddenly what happened you twinkle.
Twinkle:not suddenly Kunj. You can understand Maya Bhabhi not me why?? Can you explain me haa…
Kunj: what are you talking Twinkle.I m not understanding twinkle.
Twinkle: as if you understand kunj. You can’t understand me but you can understand others how nicely you know how to Handel other problems what happened to you on my time kunj haa.
Maya Bhabhi telling me about her devar.
Kunj: Arey yaar. They both arguing with each other’s. I just try to solve their matter twinkle that’s it nothing else.why you become so hyper twinkle haa.
Twinkle: I’ll kunj. When my husband not understand me, but he can understand others us.
Kunj: now what wrong I did it twinkle.
Twinkle: you become nice in everyone eyes and I’ll hear their taunt what is this.
Kunj: now who taunt you. Peacefully you in your home.
Twinkle: you people can’t let me stay in peace.They can’t see I’m happy. First you and second your kids. Eating my head.
Kunj: if you have any problems with them than tell me frankly.
Twinkle: acha.. here I’ll do everything end of the day what I got nothing just taunts.
Tumhari bhabhi mujhe kuch bhi nahiwas bol shakti hai Kunj haa.
Kunj: now what happened between you and bhabhi.
Twinkle: you’ll do something for me.. nahi you can’t..
Kunj: then why you tell me this when you know I can’t do anything.
Twinkle: chodo na. Tum.What you people telling about me I can’t Handel kids now how Will i kunj.
Kunj: I told you na. I can Handel Aayat. If you have any problems. She doesn’t want to go twinkle only.
Twinkle: really I’ll have kunj haa. It’s just wasted the time talk to you.
Kunj: haa jaa na when you know it.
Twinkle: even you too go to the hell.
Kunj: haa same to you. Send her I’ll take care of her too.
Twinkle: come and take..they both argue and end their calls. Twinkle went in her room lay next to her kids. While Kunj sleep In anger.Twinkle closed her yes went in flash back)..
(flash back )
Twinkle working in kitchen.While Aayat sleeping in maya room.after sometimes later twinkle heard Aayat crying sound. She ignored that maya is here.Aayat crying same continuously. Twinkle wash her hands and went in maya room.She Aayat crying nobody is in room. She was alone sleeping edge of the bed if she turned just falls downs. Twinkle ran towards her. Take her in her arms.
Twinkle: bas bas Kya Hua haa.To my little doll haa. Don’t cry.Twinkle wiped her tears.But she cry same.Twinkle take her in her room.Try to stop her but she not. Twinkle patting on her back. Maya come from garden went in her room.See Aayat is not there. She asked everyone after she went in twinj room.And see Aayat was in twinkle arms. Maya gets angry she went in her room.
Maya: twinkleeeeee.(loudly).. twinkle turned and look at maya.
Twinkle: bhabhi.
Maya: how dare you take her.She snatched Aayat from twinkle forcefully.
While twinkle just shocked to see maya behave.
Twinkle: what happened bhabhi.
Maya: don’t act innocent.
Twinkle: what I did.
Maya: how dare you take my daughter.
Here I was searching her.
Twinkle: bhabhi she cried and when I went in your room find nobody is there that’s why I took her.
Maya: please twinkle stay away from here.
Twinkle: nothing is like that bhabhi.
Maya: take her okay fine. Twinkle shocked. Maya place Aayat on the bed and left the room.While twinkle don’t how to reacted. Twinkle see Aayat how still sobbing she wiped her tears and take her in her arms make her sleep.Later Anant come from office asked maya about Aayat while she didn’t give him answer.
Twinkle to didn’t come downstairs. She told Anant.
Maya: so I give her back.
Anant: why you are out of your mind haa.
Next side twinkle try to call kunj. But he didn’t answer her calls. Neither maya come nor Anant to take Aayat back.
At 12clock. Kunj come back home he went in his room. Kunj see twinkle sitting and Aayat sleeping in lap.Kunj went towards her sit beside next to him. He loses his tie.
Kunj: uff I tired. Twinkle crying slightly Kunj look at on her face.
Kunj: kya hua Twinkle.. and why yo calling me so much.
Twinkle: Kunj I want to talk with you.
Kunj: what tell me and what my princess doing her at this time.Kunj bend down kissed on her cheeks.Twinkle answer me.
Twinkle: woh na kunj. Bhabhi.Twinkle narrate him whole scenario what happened actually how maya left Aayat and went.
Kunj: what..
Twinkle: haa kunj I didn’t do anything. She just crying.
Kunj:okay calm down I’ll see.kunj went downstairs goes in maya and Anant room.
They both husband and wife sitting.Kunj went near Anant.
Kunj: Anant Bhaiya.
Anant: Kunj what is this.
Kunj: Anant Bhaiya she didn’t mean it.
Maya: really kunj. She just try to want to show that I didn’t take care of Aayat is it.
Anant: maya you shut up.
Kunj:okay I’ll sorry. Anant and Kunj went upstairs. Twinkle see them and stand up. Kunj take Aayat from twinkle.
Kunj: take your daughter Anant Bhaiya. He takes her went.
Kunj: problem solve.Twinkle look at Kunj in anger she went washroom.End it…
Whole week passed like this.Kunj was busy in his work badly. Hardly he sleeps.
Maya and Anant enjoying in Mumbai.
Yuvi staying with Mahi in Taneja Mansion.
They all went for movies and all’s. Kunj and twinkle hardly talk to each other’s.
Kunj know it’s better to leave her now if he too same like twinkle than things become worse between he concentrated in his project.Kunj was went Chandigarh due to his meetings.
At night Taneja [email protected]
Rishi and Sanaya to come even chinki along with her both kids.All kids playing with little baby(sana). Aayat sit in side.
Rishi: yaar I was missing kunj.
Twinkle: let him do work..??.
Rishi and all’s teasing Aayat a lot. First she enjoyed it later she fed up with this all. She lay down on the floor.
Yuvi: Arey Aayat What is this ???.
Aayat: shut up..
Rishi: looking antics my jaan.
Twinkle: hmm???. Their laughing sound echoed in aayat ears which increased her lot.she did something other laughs more now on her.
Aayat: twinkle chachi I hate you.
Twinkle: now you all please no more.
Okay sorry.She screamed so sharp.
Aayat: I know my mamma and Papa you are bad.
Yuvi: Arey sorry pidhi..??…
Chinki: Aayat come play with my baby.
Aayat: no I want my mamma.She really cries lot.rt and Leela scold everyone. Other kids sleep while Aayat still like same..
Rishi: yaar go and sleep na..
twinkle: come I will make you sleep.
Aayat: don’t talk to me.. ?????…
Boys sit watching match. While twinkle struggling with aayat.
Twinkle: wait I’ll call this kunj..he sleeps peacefully.yuvi call to kunj..
Yuvi: why you not.. Again break up ??.
Twinkle: karna please..
next side Sarna Mansion.. Kunj just come now from Chandigarh. He gets hell tired due to driving. He didn’t have his dinner and lay down and sleep. Just than Kunj phone ring..he found his phone at last he got.. Received the call put the call on speaker..
Kunj: (in sleeping voice).. haa who..?
Yuvi: it’s me Yuvi kunj. Say twinkle..
twinkle: Listen kunj Aayat..
Kunj: what happened to her now. Let me sleep.
Aayat: kunj Chachu…???.. This all are bad..
Kunj: hmm I know Aayat baby sleep now..
Twinkle: come and take her Kunj..
Kunj. Arey twinkle Handel now I’ll come in morning..
twinkle: she wants her mother now..
Kunj:Arey tere pass chup hoti hai na tu karna please..
Twinkle: now she wants mamma not me..
kunj: hmmm. He cut the call..
twinkle: aayat mamma will come beta.
Yuvi: haa pidhi..Twinkle try to calm her. Aayat started hitting herself with her nails.
Just one word mammmaaaaaaa……..
Rishi: kunj will not come to leave his sleep.
Twinkle: this sadu na.. twinkle try to call him continuously. Kunj sleep disturb. He gets up..
Kunj: offo babaji.. Aayat..???..
Kunj take his car key left downstairs.. He come out of the Sarna Mansion and sit in his car and left for Tm..he was badly needed of sleep. He Drive anyhow.. while rt and Leela to try. But Aayat is Aayat..
Rt: give her what she wanted twinkle..
twinkle: now she wanted her MAA Papa.
Yuvi: But Twinkle she calm down when you with her why ?? Now..
twinkle: this girl is very different.When she wants me and Maya Bhabhi than we only.When she wants Anant Bhaiya and kunj and they only..she quite to me now see her.
Yuvi:hey drama queen.what sana think of you haa cry baby ki sister??..
Aayat: irritating voice.Aayat get up throw the vase in side..
Twinkle: Yuvi yaar please kunj will kill.
He’ll not anything to you..soon kunj reaches the Taneja Mansion.He come out of the car.Kunj take yawn and went inside the mansion.He rings the door bell. Servant opens the door.Kunj went inside.He went towards all.
Yuvi: kunj.all turned and see kunj.he was standing there..kunj look at on Twinkle face who gesturing him on Aayat. She was busy throwing things.
Kunj: Kya Hua..?
Twinkle:?‍♀️ I don’t know.kunj look at Aayat.He took step near her.
Kunj: Aayat stop it.kunj try to stop her. Kunj holding his phone in one hand.Aayat take his phone and throw it.. All shocked.
Kunj: what wrong with you what you want tell me..
Aayat: (breathing heavily). This all is very bad kunj Chachu.words too she can’t speak properly..Kunj sit on his knees. Match with her height. Kunj cupped her face..
Kunj: tell me..
Aayat: this all making fun of me.Kunj look at everyone..
Kunj: what they did..
Aayat: this Yuvi Chachu.. I’ll kill him..Yuvi laugh..? kunj give him angry look.
Kunj: is it funny Yuvi..??.Yuvi covered his mouth. And you twinkle.
Aayat: even she too.I want to go to my mamma. Even mamma is too not good you all are same. All teasing me.
Kunj: acha bas..don’t cry.. mamma Papa will come soon.
Aayat: no I want now only..
twinkle: Yes.
Aayat: don’t talk to me..
Leela:Twinkle beta I told you na not do it but you were not listening me now see how much she cried.Kunj wiped her nose and call to Anant. After many calls he picks up the call kunj put the call on speaker.
Anant: yes kunj..
Kunj: talk to your beti..
Anant: yes Aayat..
Aayat: Papa cry more ????…
Anant:why my baby cry haa.
Aayat:Papa come na I miss you and mamma.
Anant:Aayat don’t cry Papa will come immediately okay you are a good girl you know Papa can’t see tears in your eyes. All smile to heard this.
Aayat:no come now only..
Anant:okay Papa coming..
Kunj:okay happy.
Anant:Kunj okay bye take care of her.
Kunj: hmm.they end the call.
Aayat: nobody loves me…
Kunj: no Aayat..
Aayat: hit them…
Kunj: okay I’ll. Now you don’t cry..
twinkle: come to me..
Aayat: huhu????..Kunj lifted her in his arms.slightly she cry still. All sit there see them..
Rishi: kunj struggles whole night Aayat will not sleep..
Yuvi: hmm.
Kunj: I’ll see you both later I’ll not break your teeth’s than change my name.. Kunj went near side big open window.Totally look like balcony..
Mahi: I’m toh sleepy..
Yuvi: wait see na..
Kunj pats on her back.while Aayat resting her head on kunj shoulder.Kunj look at in sky.. Cool breeze..
Kunj:(kunj started sing lori for Aayat.
All look at Kunj in surprising way)
Nindiya yeh legi tujhe thaam re
Soja de de aankhon ko aaraam re
(Kunj roaming here and there with aayat)
Ke sara din chalke hai guzara
Tu uljhano ka maara
Ab jaake aayi hai yeh shaam re
( Yuvi about to speak he gestured to him not speak.)
Are aa re aa re aa
Are aa re aa re (x2)
( rt and Leela smiling to see kunj)
Teri woh baatein aa sunaaun
Baithun sirhaane loriyan main gaaun
(Aayat quietly seeing other face.)
Raahein takti hai yeh ataari
Tijon ki ghadiyan sooni hi guzari
Saare nazaare yeh baharein
Hai tujhi pe waare
(Twinkle went near them stand beside kunj)
Khwabon ne bheja ye pegaam re
Soja de de aankhon ko aaraam re
( Aayat closed her eyes.. )
Ke sara din chalke hai guzara
Tu uljhano ka maara
Ab jaake aayi hai yeh sham re
(Kunj stop the lori Aayat again open her eyes tell kunj sing more)
Are aa re aa re aa
Are aa re aa re (x2)
(Kunj sit on widows edges)
Nindiya yeh legi tujhe thaam re
Soja de de aankhon ko aaraam re
Ke sara din chalke hai guzara
Tu uljhano ka maara
Ab jaake aayi hai yeh shaam re
Are aa re aa re aa
Are aa re aa re (x2)… end
All looking at Kunj and giving him smile:
Kunj feel that Aayat sleep. He went towards all.
Kunj: sogi bas..
Yuvi: well done.
Kunj: speak slow. Beta..
leela: kunj you know how to sing lori. You sing so beautifully..
Kunj try to give Aayat to twinkle but Aayat holding kunj shirt collar tightly. She didn’t want to leave him.
Chinki: first time I saw this kunj I love it.. see you all men’s learn from him.
Twinkle: it’s not first many times jab yeh zind karti haii end me kunj hi sulata hai iss
Ko.from starting she sleeps more
comfortably on kunj Arms.
Kunj: take na even I too sleepy..
Yuvi: haa how’s your meeting.
Kunj: report ready karle nahi toh I’ll not leave you Yuvi.
Yuvi: yes..
Rt: kunj you to sleep here only.
Kunj: But Papa..
Yuvi: you husband and wife now forget your fights.kunj and twinkle look at each other face.
Leela: so much you both fight haa..
Kunj: MAA first she started..
twinkle: no maaa..
Naman: okay leave kunj go and you people to sleep.And Rishi you and Sanaya too.
Yuvi: let’s sleep together all What’s say..
twinkle: Kunj didn’t sleep..
Yuvi: why.. he’ll.
Kunj: do whatever you want to do.. I’ll sleep here only. Feeling dozy.
Twinkle and Asha bring mattress. After they all set to sleep. Take their kids. While Yuvi and Kunj along with kunj both kids. They sleep together and rest of them too. Girls in one line boys in other..kunj kids cuddles him from both side, and he sleeps immediately.After everyone too sleeps peacefully.
Episode end………
How was the episode??
Hope you all like it..
I don’t know how is episode..???
I try my best…
and who want Twinj romance ??..
thanks for your comments and likes…
And episode depending on your comments.. give your reviews please..
hope you all not get bored with my episode…
bye love you all…
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  1. Secret admirer

    Epi was good
    But twinkle is too good for kunj
    Kunj should understand twinkles value he is totally taking her to the granted …
    And how can a parent leave their daughter all though she is not their daughter
    But sometimes I think Maya and annant didn’t asked for aayat kunj himself given them ….
    Then this isn’t correct
    ND aayat is so stubborn girl …
    Nd the whole family is trying to unite twinkle and kunj and they r trying to make twinkle understand but the main thing is kunj should understand twinkles value
    And please don’t feel bad no romances a good and biggggggg fight between kinj and twinkle and kunj understands her value….

    And when you’ll be ending this…
    Just for curiosity…
    Kuch zayada hi lamba khich Raha …
    U can try a new story…
    That’s it….
    But epi was ❤️??

  2. Himanigaur

    Awesome episode kiya loved it..pls post soon!!

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    Kunj & aayat moment was so sweet …..
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    But only thing I always feel is twinkle emotions Ko kisi koi parvah nahi….she always taken as granded….I feel like everyone should know twinkle’s value…..chotte ayath se Kunj tak..(me thumse sirf suggestions de Raha hum…..story thum kaise plan Kiya waise likna ..)
    Leela is a perfect mother in today’s epi……..loved the how she understands twinkle….kunj’s Lori was amazing…
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  10. Vibhu

    Excellent update !! Becoz of this Maya, our Twinj fight everytime. Its high time now kunj should know about Maya’s real face. That flashback was so shocking. This Maya is so bad yaarr .. Always doing Melodrama. Calling twinkle and taunting her ..!! Such a witch she is !! Though I really felt bad for kunj also. He’s so busy in meetings and all. And then he has to bear these family dramas as well. Poor soul..!!!
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