Chandrakanta (Colors) 20th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Iravathi Gets Vishnuji’s Boon

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Chandrakantha walks into village disguised as villager, searching Veer. A man mistakes her as Phullo dancer and asks to start dance. Chandrakantha thinks is a good chance to search Veer. Veer takes Umang near cliff and says she was here itself, help him find her, shouts Chandrakantha. Umang thinks why Veer is calling Chandrakantha, if he has gone mad. Chandrakantha dances with other dances holding knife. Nishi starts feeling sleepy. Chandrakantha completes her dance and tries to leave thinking Veer must not have come here. Iravathi stops her and says she liked her dance and wants to reward her. Man pushes her to go and get reward. Chandrakantha falls on Iravathi’s feet and creates storm to correct her pallu. Iravathi gives her reward. Chandrakantha thinks she has to keep Veer away from Iravathi for sometime and says let us do Vishnuji’s maha yagna and rani Iravathi will head them. Iravathi says they have to find Trinami first to free Swayam and villagers. Chandrakantha thinks she got Iravathi busy in yagna.

Umang tells Chandrakantha is dead. Veer says she just fell into well and he has to save her alone if Umang cannot help. Umang stops him and says Chandrakantha was hanging from cliff and pleading for life, but does he know what he did with her. Just then, Chandrakantha hits Veer’s head from behind and he collapse. Umang thinks her as Surya and asks why did she hit Veer. She ties pukhraj back on Veer’s hand and asks Umang to help her. He says he does not want to come between then. She says Umang was always between Chandrakantha and Veer. He is surprised and asks if she is Chandrakantha. She says yes, she is his friend Chandrakantha. He emotionally hugs her and says he is very happy now. She tells him that Veer does not remember anything as Iravathi is controlling his memory with pukhraj stone, she tied it back now and her main aim is to save Veer from Iravathi. Dhruv hears Chandrakantha’s voice and thinks for her Veer is most important even if she has to be punished by Vishnuji. He returns to Vishu temple to get magical knife. Sadhu stops him. He says he is ready to take risk to save Vishnuji’s knife from Iravathi.

Iravathi meets Trinami and requests him to free Swayam. Trinami/Tej takes out Swayam from bottle and Swayam pleads Iravathi to save him. Tej asks Swayam to promise that he will not eat villagers. Swayam denies. Tej sends him back. Dhruv prays Vishnuji and magical knife emerges. Iravathi pleads Tej to free Swayam, he will not eat villagers hereon. Tej gets out Swayam who promises to not eat villagers. Tej frees him, but he disappears. Iravathi shouts where is her son. Villagers search Swayam and does not find him. Swayam goes and sticks with magical knife and thinks whenever this knife is taken out, he will also come out. Dhruv starts bleeding and collapses. Sadhu hurriedly treats him. Iravathi insists Tej to get back her son. Tej tries and sees a bright light behind Swayam but cannot identify his location. He says he does not know where her son is and she has to do Vishnuji pooja to get him back. Villagers say dancer was also saying same. Chandrakantha says Umang she has to get Veer to palace soon. Umang says they should disguise themselves first and gets clothes. He himself disguises as woman. Chandrakantha says only Veer can defeat Iravathi as he is both Iravathis strength and weakness.

Tej with villagers takes Iravathi towards temple and asks her to walk in and pray. Iravathi thinks she cannot enter temple and prays outside itself. Vishnuji emerges and gives her boon that she will get whatever she wants to. Iravathi thinks now she will become immortal and even free her son Swayam. She tells villagers that she is going to save her son and leaves. Tej thinks how can Iravathi get Vishnuji’s boon. Gehna on the other side takes inebriated Nishi towards cliff to push her down. Nishi escapes and runs. Gehna shouts at aides to search Nishi, she fooled them. Nishi hides and runs towards palace thinking she can escape fro there. Iravathi catches her and twists her neck. Nishi pleads to not kill her, she will do whatever she wants. Iravathi says she has to die if I want to survive and strangulates her. She then gets a bottle and cages Nishi’s soul in it. She then boasts that she got Vishnuji’s boon and will become immortal, but before that, she has to find out what secret Bhadramaa is hiding.

Chandrakantha disguised as man and Umang as woman takes Veer to palace and inform soldiers that they found him jungle. Soldier orders his subordinate to inform Iravathi and asks Chandrakantha how did they find senapathi Veer when even queen Iravathi could not find him. Uman says they found senapathi in bushes. Soldier asks to take their reward, but vaidya walks in and says prince Dhruv’s life is in danger. Chandrakantha with Umang follows Vaidya and thinks what happened to Dhruv, she will cure him with magic, asks Umang to guard outside and inform if someone comes. She does magic and cures Dhruv and herself collapses. Iravathi on the other side orders Nishi’s soul to get into Bhadrama’s body. Bhadramaa wakes up and calls Iravati. Dhruv also wakes up and tells Chandrakantha that he had got talismi/magical knife. Chandrakantha says she had seen light, if he had got it. Dhruv says yes, he made a mistake by throwing her in well even after knowing only she can hold magical knife. She asks not to worry, they both will get it and even Umang will help them. Dhruv asks what about Veer, did he get back pukhraj. Chandrakantha says yes and no, Veer will also help them. Dhruv says he does not want Veer with them. Chandrakantha asks not to worry as only she can hold magical knife, they are already in trouble and not to increase trouble by involving Veer. Chandrakantha says only Veer can defeat Iravathi. Swayam says what if he becomes hurdle, she has to choose between her aim and Veer, and if she chooses Veer, he will not support her. Irvathi asks Bhadra to tell what she saw before inhaling toxic fumes. Bhadra touches her forehead and shows visual where Dhruv calls Surya as Chandrakantha. Irav athi is shocked and asks if Surya is Chandrakantha. Bhadrama says she wanted to tell her same, Chandrakantha is alilve. Chandrakantha on the other side says she selects her aim and not Veer. Dhruv asks to promise him. She promises that if she wants to choose between Veer and aim, she will choose aim always. She takes Vishnuji’s oath that she will get talismi knife at any cost.

Precap: Iravathi tells Veer t hat she lost Swayam because of Surya. Veer kills Umang. Chandrakantha confronts Iravathi and says she has to pay for her sins. Iravathi lifts her in air and throws on floor.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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