My Life From Another One – SwaSan FF – Episode 2

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Episode 1

Thank you Tani , Sus, Anu, Sandhiyaswasaniyan, Pravee and Hemi for commenting in prologue. ? Thank you again Sus and Hemi dear for commenting in the previous episode. Let’s start the Episode 2.

The episode starts with Swara, Harshi and Swara’s mom finishing lunch. They wash the plates and clean the table. Harshi also helps. Swara’s mom asks her not to do any work but Harshi refuses. 

“Won’t you listen to elders advices?” Swara’s mom questions Harshi. 

Harshi gets a little shock inside her. Swara’s mom smiles and consoles her saying “I know you would never do such a thing. I know you respect them. And I know you love me too.” Swara’s mom laughs and hugs her. 

Swara gets happy to see them hugging. She thinks “If she stays with me here, then she won’t do any wrong . Because she loves mom and respects her. In this way I can help her. Mom won’t refuse. That’s for sure. I hope this will work.” 

Swara says to her mom , “Why don’t we ask Harshi to stay with us mom? After all she is staying in hostel all alone right. I don’t know why I didn’t get this idea before!”

Swara’s mom – That’s a good idea Swara. You will stay with your friend. I can stay with my two daughters. How brilliant! I will ask her parents. They won’t refuse. ” She gets happy and goes to call Harshi’s parents. 

Swara thinks – “Thank God for giving me that idea. I’m quite smart!” 

Swara’s mom comes and says ” They agreed . Your mom got happy. She said she will come to your hostel and tell the owners of it. Why don’t we get your luggage from hostel?I will come with you. Until we return , Swara can make things ready in home for you. ” 

Harshi says – ” that’s a great news !! It’s ok aunty . I will go and take my luggage. You guys stay . ” 

Swara’s mom says – ” no no. I will come with you. You might want my help ” 

Harshi agrees. Swara says , 

” Okay I will take care of home. You guys come quickly. ” 

They tries to leave. Harshi gets a call. She looks at phone and gets thinking and cuts the call. Swara looks on..

She gets light at heart. “I won’t let anything happen to anyone”

Swara’s mom looks at Harshi and asks “Who is it dear? Why won’t you answer that one’s call?” 

Harshi looks at Swara’s mom and thinks… ” He is Sanskar.. mmm… He is…” She tries to speak. Swara’s mom understands her and takes her in . She makes Harshi sit.

“Dear, I won’t ask who is that. But will you promise me that you will give up on that relationship?” 

Harshi looks on. She thinks for a while and looks at Swara and her mom. Swara tries to leave thinking about the situation. 

But Harshi stops her and says “Swara please don’t leave. I want my best friend to be with me always.”

Swara stays. Harshi speaks. “I promise you MOM that I will give up on that relationship. I will not talk to him. I will not even look at him. I love you” she hugs Swara’s mom. Tears fall from her eyes. 

Swara says “I’m sorry to say this Harshi, but even I wanted this to happen. ” 

Harshi says ” I knew. I felt it from your words.” 

Swara gets sad . They both hug each other.  

“Now shall we leave girls?”Swara’s mom asks. 

They smile and leave. 

-The Scene Ends-

The next scene starts with Swara, Harshi and her mom leaving the hostel. They steps out of college. 

Sanskar is seen coming in front of them. Harshi tries to escape from his eyes. Swara’s mom looks at him. Swara looks on.

“You won’t keep that relationship ever again  dear. Will you?”

“No mom.”

“Mom? Is she her mom?” Sanskar thinks.

“Let’s leave” Swara’s mom says. They all leave. Swara looks angrily at Sanskar and goes. Harshi holds Swara’s hand tightly. 

Sanskar looks at them.

-The Scene Ends-

“Now you won’t have any trouble from him” Swara says to Harshi after returning home. She is happy. Harshi says “Thank you so much Swara. You all help me a lot. Thank you so much” 

“Hey no thank you in friendship” they hug each other. Swara says “Harshi you must call my mom as “Mom”. You already did. But I hope you’ll talk as that in future too.”

Harshi gets surprised. “Did I call ‘Mom’ to aunty! O god. What would she think about me!”

“Nothing much. Just that you are my own daughter” It was Swara’s mom. They smile at each other. 

-The Scene Ends-

After that situation they lived like a one family. Swara and Harshi had the same Mom and Dad. They ate same food. They went to same places. They studied together…. They were like one……

-The Scene Ends-

Thank you so much for reading everyone. ? Next part will be updated tomorrow.

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