Chandragupta Maurya 30th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Durdhara Teams Up With Chanakya

Chandragupta Maurya 30th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Durdhara asks Chandragupta/Arya who is he. Boy says he came to take her to the people waiting for her. She warns again to reveal his identity. He holds her hand and drags her with him. She slits his hands repeatedly, but he does not stop and says she can inflict more injures on him as he is not afraid of death and has defeated death many times before. Durdhara reminisces Chandragupta’s words and says only Chandragupta can defeat death repeatedly. He says she identified him right and asks to accompany him now. She agrees and follows him.

Dhananand meets Seleucus and Ambhi Raj and justifies his reason for ordering Amartya Rakhas for setting ashram on fire that he wanted to save their reputation as it was nurturing young revolters against them. He convinces them that he is their well-wishers and if they unite, they can destroy their enemies easily. They both agree.

Durdhara emotionally tears her dupatta and tying it on Chandragupta’s injuries asks where was he all the while and requests to forgive her. Chandragupta refuses to forgive her and takes her to ashram where Chanakya and Mura are present. Chanakya asks Durdhara if she is ready to help them against Dhananand. She agrees. Chandragupta warns Chanakya not to trust Durdhara as she betrayed them many times before. Chandragupta says only time will reveal if Durdhara has changed or not. Durdhara she realized her brother is an evil and already started her plan to destroy his powers, she already informed Dhananand that one he injured him was Chandragupta. They all 3 stand shocked. Durdhara says even Dhananand was shocked similarly, but then she told Chandragupta’s ideology is living in many people’s minds. Mura tells Chandragupta that Durdhara has really changed and is their friend now. Chandragupta says that is fine, she has provoked a doubt in Dhananand’s mind and Dhananand will try to find out truth at any cost; they need to be very careful now.

Dhananand enjoys liquor with Ambhi Raj and congratulates him for fixing Durdhara’s wedding with Ambhi Raj’s son. Ambhi Raj offers him to marry a Takshashila girl as there are many beautiful girls in Takshashila. Dhananand says he is happy the way he is. Their discussion continues and Ambhi Raj discusses how he got Chandragupta and Chanakya killed and stuffed them in a grave, he can take him to their graves. Dhananand excitedly asks to take him there. Ambhi Raj says it is dark now, he will take him in the morning. Dhananand insists to take him there right now.

Chandragupta scolds Durdhara for creating doubt in Dhananand’s mind and tells Chanakya they have to clear the mess she spread. Chanakya says Dhananand must be eager to find out truth, so he will go and handle situation. Chandragupta says he will be with Durdhara and not let her create any more mess. He rides horse with her blaming her for the mess. She requests him to forget past. Horse gets stuck in dirt, and Chandragupta gets down to drag it out and himself gets stuck. Durdhara offers him rope and suggests to stop his superego and take him. He denies at first but then accepts rope and tries to pull horse out. He slips and falls into dirt. Durdhara also falls on him. She laughs and he feels angry. She sees pumpkin nearby and carries it along. They reach outside Taksashila palace where Ambhi raj’s son is waiting for them and asks Durdhara where was she and why there is a dirt on his body, he was worried for her and sent soldiers to search her. She says she went to bring a special gift for him. He excitedly asks what is it. She shows him pumpkin and it will keep him healthy with sharp vision and strong body so that he can mesmerize her beauty and be with her always. He gets happy.

Inebriated Dhananand walks out with Ambhi Raj and insists Durdhara to accompany him. Durdhara hesitates, but agrees. Arya/Chandragupta drives chariot. Dhananand reveals Durdhara that they are going to watch someone’s end. Durdhara asks whose end. Dhananand says Chandragupta’s end, he was still alive and had escaped fire. Durdhara and Chandragupta get tensed hearing that. Ambhi Raj says Chandragupta was alive for some time and he killed Chandragupta and Chanakya. Chandragupta gets tensed thinking if Dhananand finds out they are alive, they will be in trouble again.

Chanakya Niti: A pearl is unique and special and with many pearls, one makes a more special pearl necklace; similarly if talented and like minded people unite, they can create wonders.

Precap: Chanakya says though Dhananand is very powerful and skilled warrior, he cannot defeat Chandragupta in inebriated state.

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