Jhansi Ki Rani 30th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Jhansi’s people reject Manu as Maharani

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The Episode starts with Ross telling Janki Bai that he will kill Maharani infront of his praja and then all his problems will be solved. He says Ross is never wrong. Janki Bai smiles. Laccho Bai thinks where is Janki Bai. Laccho Bai and Saku Bai come to court. Janki Bai also comes and tells that their eyes was betrayed. Laccho Bai taunts her. Saku Bai says we know that our Maharani is innocent and that’s why I didn’t get trapped in Laccho and Janki’s words. Laccho also praises Maharani and says Ross will remember his defeat. Manu smiles. Gangadhar looks on. Janki thinks he will remember, but he will do something that will make Jhansi remember always. Everyone is celebrating in Jhansi. Sadhu baba comes to the court and bless Maharani and Maharaj. He says he is feeling proud to have shishya like Maharani and says I am happy that you have agreed to my sayings. He says you are devi’s avatar, maa durga’s avatar and says you are born to make Jhansi better and says you will bring a new moon here. He blesses them and leave. Gangadhar asks Manu not to take his words seriously. Manu thinks she can win Gangadhar by winning the people and asks Jhansi’s soil to accept her as its daughter so that she can save it. Kashi comes and tells that everyone is celebrating and waiting to see her. Dasi brings sweets for her. The people of Jhansi tell about the gifts which they will give to Maharani. Ross asks the horse care taker to take his horse out. Horse caretaker sees Ross drunk and asks him not to ride on the horse. Ross beats him with hunter and rides on the horse.

The people are waiting to do the first darshan of maharani and says they will see how she accept their gift. A kid asks his father why they are waiting to see Maharani. Man says he is our rakshak, our Maharani. Ross kicks him and says I will show everyone what is her value and says she can’t protect herself, your Queen. All the Jhansi residents keep the gifts on the table which they bring for Maharani. Saku Bai, Janki and Laccho are watching. Saku bai this is all our wishes aarthi. She asks Janki why she is silent. Janki thinks ross can do anything now, as he is not in his senses. Ross beats a british (indian) soldier. Laccho Bai tells them that all Jhansi are ready to accept Maharani. Janki says your spy was wrong. Saku Bai asks them to strengthen their heart and says Maharani will be praised in sometime. Janki thinks where is Ross? Ross thinks where is Lakshmi Bai. Gangadhar and Manu come there. Manu smiles addressing the people. People chant slogans cheering for them. Ross is about to kill Manu and is holding the gun in his hand, standing far away. Janki doesn’t see Ross and thinks he is very drunk and can’t do anything. She comes and stands beside Manu. She asks Manu to light the diya according to the custom. Gangadhar nods his head in approval. Manu lights the diya, but it is blowing off. Manu and Laccho Bai try to hold the diya, but Janki pushes Manu and makes the diya fall on the people’s gifts. The people see their gifts burning. Janki’s Dasi says this maharani is selfish and stone hearted. Other people also tell that Maharani burnt their gifts. Ross stops seeing the people hatred for her. They tell that they will not see her and leave. Janki tells that people are leaving without seeing her. Ross laughs and says what is the need to kill her, when her praja rejected her and says she would have died alive with this insult. Gangadhar says my praja rejected you and says I taught you so much and even requested you, but you made me lower my head. Manu says whatever happened is with mistake and says I trust myself, I will make place in their hearts and will win their trust and will prove that I am Jhansi ki Maharani.

Later Janki tells Gangadhar that seems like it was yesterday, when people were happy to see her on her first darshan. She says they loved her so much, but now rejected her. Laccho Bai taunts Maharani. Saku Bai says this insult is of all Newalkar family and our nose is cut infront of everyone.

Tatya Dikshit comes there. Janki says you came at the right time and says what kind of alliance you brought for Maharaj. She says you are Raj Purohit, but showing enmity by insulting us. Laccho Bai says Manu will be name sake Maharani for all life. Janki says I am afraid that our praja might refuse you as the King, then you will lose this throne because of your wife. Tatya Dikshit thinks I am sure that Jhansi can’t get good Maharani than Lakshmi Bai. Manu tells that she will give them hope. Janki says let Maharaj handle his praja and asks why she thinks that she is more knowledgeable. Saku Bai asks her to leave it and taunts Manu referring her to stone. Gangadhar thinks Lakshmi Bai can’t light even a Deepak, my praja came to give their love, but went with anger.

Manu comes to the widows and asks where are they going? Manjiri says Maharaj asked us to stay in other Palace. Manu says I forgot about this.

Precap: Manu sees Moropant in disguise. Ross checks Moropant’s beard. Moropant is about to take out the sword.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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