Chandragupta Maurya 27th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Chanakya Senses Dhananand’s Plan

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Chandragupta Maurya 27th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandragupta with his team heads towards Piplivan. Durdhara asks Sthul to give her water. Tarini gives water bag. Chandragupta snatches it and says he cannot take chance regarding Durdhara’s safety as their plan’s success depends on her safety. A king with his army stops them and says they cannot go further. Chandragupta with team gets down and asks to give his identity before stopping them. Chanakya says he is Avanti’s king. Chandragupta says he is the one who betrayed them rejecting their invitation and befriended Dhananand. Avanti king bends in front of them and says he came to seek Chanakya’s help as his citizens are intrigued by drought and their crops are infected. Chanakya says he betrayed them by rejecting their invitation, even then for humanity they will help him, but he came as a king and what will he offer in return. King says his soldiers and other 2 state’s soldiers will accompany them till Piplivan.

Dhananand orders servants to clean his paintings and fix them all around Magadh. Amartya Rakshas walks in and says his aide is executing plan well. Dhananand says he is proud of his aide. Tarini’s painting is shown with Dhananand’s painting. Tarini sends message via bird to Dhananand. Chandragupta notices her and asks why she is looking at sky and why she has royal ink on her hands. She cries that he always doubts her. Chief walks in and asks what happened. Chandragupta says she got nervous thinking he is doubting her. Chief says Tarini gets nervous often, so they protect her always.

They all reach Avanti and see crops severely infect. Durdhara says looks like they are infected for years. Chanakya starts preparing medicine for crops. King asks them to accompany him to palace and accept his feast. Chanakya says they need to reach Piplivan soon. King insists and says crops are getting better with Chanakya’s medicine and he should wait for just 1 day and accept his feast. Chanakya agrees. King asks where is Chandragupta. Mura says Chandragupta and Durdhara have gone out and to spend quality time together before heading for a new journey of their lives.

Dhananand at Avanti palace orders cooks to prepare special feast for his guests and asks Amartya rakshas to prepare death bed for Chandragupta. He himself kneads puri dough and says puris will be soft and fluffy if dough is needed well. Amartya rakshas asks why he is cooking instead of letting cooks cook food. Dhananand says he wants to serve best food to his guests and blabbers in his usual psychotic style. He then feeds sweets to Avanti’s senapati and says their guests will enjoy it as it will be their last meal. Chanakya and his team reaches Avanti palace. Senapati greets them and says there is special feast waiting for them, especially tasty sweets. Chandragupta gets suspicious and taking Durdhara to a room informs that senapati cannot know about food so much, something is really wrong. She says he is right. He says he is worried for her safety and feels something wrong will happen, so he will leave her in this room and will return only when it is safe.

Avanti king thanks Dhananand for helping him via Chanakya and planning to kill Chandragupta and his whole team. Dhananand reveals that Chandragupta’s trusted team member is on his side now and calling old man who lived in death pit for years offers him money and asks to continue giving him Dhananand’s information. Old man carries money bag and clashing with Chandragupta money falls down. Chandragupta asks how did he get so much money. Old man lies that he found it in Tarini’s room and she is a traitor. Chandragupta says he is worried for Durdhara’s safety and informing him about her location asks to go and protect her till he returns. Old man goes to Durdhara and says Chandragupta sent him to protect her. Chanakya and his team sit in living room. Waiters arrange food and act in a strange way. Chankya says these are soldiers and not cooks or waiters, it is all Dhananand’s plan and they should wait till he comes in front. He suggests Sthul to act as drinking and throw whole drink backside. Sthul does same and fights with waiter. Waiter pulls sword followed by other soldiers. Dhananand walks in with his army and surrounding them says Chanakya’s intelligence failed and he himself came under trap. Chanakya says he can see Durdhara is missing. Dhananad asks where is Chandragupta Tilchatta. Chandragupta enters breaking door and kills soldier.

Precap: Dhananand sees Tarini fighting and thinks Chandragupta and his team are his old enemies, who is this new enemy.

Update Credit to: MA

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