Healing the souls part 2(ebss ff)

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Healing the souls part 2

“this is whattt… I feel for you, did you get that?” he spoke out of breath.

“she was just an old friend… okay?” he assured her cupping her face. She nodded her head still hugging him but didn’t look up, too shy with the events.

“now look at me,” he asked, his voice was getting calm now but that didn’t help her erratic heartbeats to calm down.

And when she couldn’t take it anymore she turned away from him blushing tomato on his declaration.

Sometimes people don’t say an “I LOVE YOU” but it is visible in their actions and it was one of those actions of his which have made her believe in his feelings for her.

But adrenaline worked in a different way for girls and this time the adrenaline rush was making her look away from him and hide somewhere and at the same time wanted just his company.

“Kavya… are we staying here whole night?” he left hot breaths on her exposed neck.

“weather is also changing, I think we should leave for home,” he said with utter cuteness.

“yeah… we should,” she said as she took a quick glance on the dark clouds covering the moon already.

Trying to avoid his eyes she made a dash towards their car only to be pushed on the bonnet.

“and where do you think you are going avoiding me..haan?” he asked her clutching her wrists tightly.

“Kabeer… she squealed with the jerk.

“what Kabeer… I apologize for you didn’t like it, but I just thought we needed this,” he said leaning on her.

Terror and surprise were visible in her big innocent eyes, “No, I didn’t …”

“it is okay if you still feel uncomfortable with me, take your time…” he spoke in a genuine voice.

“no… it is not like that,” she spoke as he started stepping away from her.

And before he could have understood anything she hugged him tight.

“i don’t know why but nowadays I feel… she stopped due to all the pressure inside her.

“yeah.” he encouraged her.

“I am ready to take this step Kabeer…” she said changing the flow of the other things she wanted to say.

“Hey, I don’t want to force anything…” he whispered tangling his fingers in hers.

“you are not…” she answered stretching on her toes to match his height and planting a kiss …

Suddenly a car’s flashlight shined on them and her aim missed as she planted a kiss near his lower lips and someone shouted, “continue at home Bro…”

Some reckless college boys shouted on them through their open jeep.

“thanks for suggestion guys…” he shouted back still holding her in his hug.

She pinched him as she heard his words and smiled on his once an army-Man Husband.

The perks of being his wife were him being not afraid of a single thing and his occasional arrogance towards things,” she thought as she stared on his handsome features which have sharpened because of this little nuisance.

“son of *****,” he swore under his breath.

“i think we should leave for home,” she spoke stifling a smile by pressing her lips.

“yeah we should,” he said as he adjusted his blazer.

They walked back to the car and as soon as they opened the doors they burst into a good laugh on this incident and them being caught like this.


She came out from the washroom wiping her face with the towel, she has not changed her clothes yet due to the urgency of visiting the washroom.

“i think we should let him sleep this way only otherwise he would wake up,” he said keeping the night dress of Aarush away.

“yeah, you are right,” she said taking out her simple kurta from the almirah.

Without saying a word her husband had taken every responsibility of her child,it was just a promise he had made with her dying husband but he had tried completing every duty that came with the promise. these thoughts ran in her mind as she took down the pins holding her bun intact.

She noticed how carefully he took him to wash room when Aarush woke up from his sleep to pee.

He wasn’t the biological father but he was everything to Aarush.

“Hey, are you on earth.” she didn’t notice when did he came behind her and took away the bangles from her hands.

“oh , sorry.” she apologized abruptly.

“what happened Kavya?” he asked taking the sit in front of her and turning her stool to her.

“i was just seeing my son and my husband,” she said buttoning the last two buttons of his t-shirt.

“ohkay.” he said smiling to her.

“a lot of things change na in this little life, our equation with people keeps changing with time,” she spoke thoughtfully.

“once you were my best friend and now look at us..” I have no one but you whom I can rely upon the good or bad.”

She smiled faintly as soon as the bitter memories surfaced again.

“thats true… but you know what Kavya, in the army they make us learn the very first lesson of being alert and being ready for everything,” he said as he took her hands in his.

“but I assure you no one can come between us and can harm you or Aarush till I am alive.” the words left and she covered his lips.

“don’t say, sometimes we ourselves turn a bad eye to our happiness,” she said in a low voice with unreadable terror in her eyes.

“as you say,” he replied uncovering his lips but kissing them with love staring her all the time.

“i need to change,” she whispered looking away due to the feelings erupting in her stomach.

“are you running away from me,” he asked making the grip strong on her wrist.

And she noticed the sudden huskiness in his voice, his aura was changing to a different man.

“Kabeer , let me go.” she requested lowly as she stood ready to leave the moment.

“not today Kavya.” he declared as he pulled her to him from the behind.

She closed her eyes due to the heat mingling in between their bodies and made no attempt to stop him when he sided her hairs and exposed her shoulder.

They had enough of their problems, worries, bad days and now it was the time to finally accept happiness.

He hugged her from behind and kissed her right ear.

“Kabeer… Aarush will get up.” she said muffling a moan to her throat.

“he won’t,” he whispered pulling the string of her blouse.

She shivered when his lips touched her back and his hands made their way to her belly.

“actually you are right, we can’t take chance.” and with the words, he scooped her up in his arms and walked out of their room ignoring her pleas to put her down.

“I hope you changed the sheets recently, didn’t you?” he asked as he put her down on the guest room bed.

“does it matter?” she challenged him.

“that we’ll see,” he said as he turned off the lights and threw away his t-shirt.

“are we ready?” he asked one last time before making her his from now on.

“hmmm.” she hummed as she joined her hands behind his neck.

The words died afterward and breaths echoed through the room, somewhere thunders shook the skies and winds grew strong but here in this room some other heaven was lived by two people.

His hands grazed her skin lovingly and she jolted with the emotions overpowering herself… soon the beautiful Blue saree was in one corner of the bed along with every unwanted barrier.

“did I ever tell you, you have such innocent eyes,” he whispered and kissed her eyes.

“your eyes hold your purity in them.” suddenly some words from past echoed in her mind and she pushed him from top of her.


Hey everyone second part is up, I hope you enjoyed it. Now the third and last part will be up in no time.

Till then take care

With love Morusya.

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  1. Wonderful episode dear
    Just loved it ❣️❣️
    Each scene was perfect..
    Now I am seriously addicted to your writing skills..
    Post soon.

    1. Morusya51

      Thank so much Drishti for liking the chapter, and just telling (Addition is not good for health *winks*)
      love you a lot dear♥♥♥

  2. why 3rd and last part??? hope theres more

    1. Morusya51

      sorry dear, but i have already decided that 3rd part is last, there would be more shots hopefully but as i am already writing a few stories it won’t be possible to maintain one more…i apologize again. and thanks for reading this one♥♥♥

  3. Shekhar

    Whether there is depth in character in serial is or not, certainly you enhance the depth in this FF. I am not fond of ff or story, bcz, every writer try to write a good story mere using fancy wordings and erratic scenes where in you inserted the thought process of character , there by reasong their behavior in story. You know, what you speak or act, is all the result of puzzling thought process of each person, which you worked out beautifully! Good read!

    1. Morusya51

      oh man!! you are being so kind to me…i just try keeping myself in place of my characters and then giving those emotions the shape…but yes you are right writing the puzzling thoughts and then their possible outcome is something really big,
      in my spare moments or moment of rest, i keep thinking about my characters and what they would do in the next part and probably that thinking helps…
      thanks a lot for reading this and sharing your views.???

    2. Shekhar

      You might have heard, SPEAKING WORDINGS / ORDER / LETTER.
      In any writing , any sayings are being justified by reasons there of is SPEAKING WRITING. Now a days, such SPEAKING WRITING are being seen only in SUSPENSE / DETECTIVE books written by world famous author, other wise answer to our most WHY for this or that never comes out. In story or serial, every word we used or every act we perform, shall be, utmost should be, justified with reasoning, and that’s call SPEAKING WRITING! You know, as of now, SUCH SPEAKING BOOKS or SERIAL are countable only on finger tips. We keep hearing, SELF EXPLANATORY stuff, but rare people does know, WHAT DOES MEAN IT IN FACT. ? Writing anything is damn easy, but when it comes to SPEAKING, every othet author gets fail. We are being asked answer to a question with reason while studuinh, is the best example of SPEAKING WRITING, but simply what we do is, gone by gone, and never get it’s practical usages in life.

      1. Morusya51

        yeah when someone is reading a SPEAKING WRITING then the reading is more alive that i feel… attempting to write such would be needing a great force , i try creating the illusion of my story to readers so they feel what i want them to feel and then at the same time i want them to imagine a few parts of the story when needed.
        thanks for a good talk.

  4. Hi sis, really loved the updates , really its melting my heart , the words u have just used to describe is literally simple , and this is one of the story which i read with a different taste,tnx sisy

    1. Morusya51

      hey Love….thank you so much for loving my attempt, i am happy for the love you are giving to this little story of mine ♥♥♥
      i am hoping you in the next part as well☻

  5. Fenil

    Lovely !!
    that college boys scene wow !

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much Fenil, yeah iliked it.

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