Chandragupta Maurya 19th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta’s Changing Nature

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Chandragupta Maurya 19th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhananand orders Mahamartya to kill farmer and inform him before killing that he enjoyed his grown onions. Chandragupta walks in and says he cannot do that, farmer did not have any other way to express his plead, if he is killed, what will happen to his old mother and small children. Dhananand says now he and Chandragupta will also attend farmer’s punishment. He takes Chandragupta and Mahamartya to punishment venue. Farmer pleads to spare him, his mother and kids will die without him. Dhananand gets farmer buried in ground alive saying he is letting farmer meet his beloved soil. Farmer’s family shatters seeing that and stands crying. Chandragupta stands feeling sad for not saving farmer. Dhananand says now there is no traitor in his kingdom and it is good for king, he tells

Chandragupta that he does not like traitors and Chandragupta should be careful. Chandragupta stands shattered and sees Mura standing at a distance, watching whole incident.

Chandragupta walks to Chanakaya and complains that Dhananand brutally got a farmer buried alive in ground, now his family will die with hunger. He describes even earlier incidents. Chanakya continues writing, blows off lamp and continues writing again. Chandragupta asks how can he write in dark. Chanakya says he has shut his eyes and not his brain, he should keep his brain active all time and asks to walk 5 steps towards right and take his food. Chandragupta takes food and walks away. Chanakya thinks his motto to send Chandragupta to palace is working, he is seeing change in Chandragupta and soon after a few days, Chandragupta can distinguish between good and bad. On the other side, farmer’s children cry due to hunger. Grandmaa tries to console them. Chandragupta reaches and gives his food to them.

Dhananand orders Mahamartya to send gifts to Selukus. Mahamartya says he has ordered citizens to get gifts for him and he can give that to Selukus. Dhananand sees citizens holding white roses and gets impressed. Mahamartya says their blood has gone white in fear after yesterday’s incident. Citizens in que keep white roses in front of Dhananand’s feet. Chandragupta walks to him and keeps rose. Dhananand says he likes youngster a lot as he accepts change easily and obeys. He then sees Mura standing in que and yelling at her calls to come and forward and submit her rose. She walks to him. He boasts if she forgot how he killed her son. She pricks thorn into his foot. He shouts. She walks away. Chandragupta thinks Dhananand will not spare maayi now.

Chanakya gives moral gyaan that to grow tree, one selects best seeds, but even soil is also important, if it is salty and spoilt spoil, it will spoil seeds, and if it is fertile soil, it will grow a big tree.

Precap: Dhananand punishes Mura saying she took out a drop of blood from his body, now he will remove last drop of blood from her body.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Chandra couldn’t save the life of farmer. First time he is looking puzzled and helpless. Chanakya will take advantage of this. One day Chandra will rebel.

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