Kumkum Bhagya 19th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi seeks Purab and Disha’s help to win challenge from Pragya

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Kumkum Bhagya 19th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi telling that he loves Kiara very much and loves her Mamma also, but she is very stubborn and not letting Kiara with him. Pragya thinks you can prove easily that she is your daughter, but how to let her go. Abhi thinks Kiara will love him much as he is her Papa. King comes to Kiara’s room and thinks I have been acting to be your real father and I don’t want you to meet your real dad, as I am fake, but my love is not fake. Kiara holds his hand in sleep. King thinks if your real father came to you then don’t know what will I do? He thinks he is used to her and can’t imagine life without her. He thinks Pragya made him leave all bad habits and asks how she will make him leave his habit to have her. Abhi says if Kiara loves me. Disha hears him and says she loves you

very much. Abhi says Pragya don’t let me meet Kiara. Disha asks if something happened? Abhi asks her to tell whose daughter is Kiara? Purab says yours. Abhi says Pragya don’t accept his and said that Kiara is king’s daughter. Purab asks why she will say this? Abhi tells about Pragya’s challenge to prove that Kiara is his daughter else forget her. He tells that he challenged her as she said that Kiara is King’s daughter so he challenged her, so she accepted his challenge. Purab says she did give challenge to us also. Disha says I want to hear Maasi from her mouth. Abhi asks purab to help him. Purab says we will do our best to unite kiara and you. Abhi says I have to prove that Kiara is my daughter or not of King’s daughter. He says he wants Kiara to be with him, wants her to spend time with him, sleep and wake up with her.

Disha thinks if Pragya di will come here. Abhi hugs Purab. Purab says who knows that Kiara might come home, and you both sleep together. Abhi hugs him and leaves. Disha thinks don’t know what Pragya di might be thinking. Pragya thinks Sunny is like Disha and you are like me, and thinks you look like your Papa too. He wants to snatch you from me, but you are my reflection and nobody can separate us. She says when I fought for my husband then why will I lose for my daughter. Next day, Abhi asks Sunny how is he looking? Sunny says you asked many times. He says you are looking cute today. Abhi says he is going to meet Kiara. Purab stops car at King’s house. Abhi hides on the back seat and covers himself with bedsheet. Pragya says kids are getting late and opens the back door, but Purab asks her to sit from the other door. Kiara sits in the car. Pragya tries to check. Purab says it is just bedsheet. Pragya asks about the test preparation. Sunny says good. Pragya says she is sending Kiara with him as he told. Sunny says Papa told and then chuck…Purab says bak bak. They leave. Pragya thinks Purab is behaving strangely today. Purab tells Kiara that there is a surprise. Abhi removes the bedsheet from his face, and hugs Kiara. Kiara gets happy. Pragya finds Kiara’s maths notes and thinks to go to school and give to her.

Kiara tells Abhi that she is scared of her maths exam. Abhi says it is very easy and says if you don’t wake up early then will get late. Kiara says she fears that she will be left alone if she fails and all her friends will go to next class. Abhi recalls and a fb is shown, he tells Pragya that if his concert fails then he will lose all the contracts. Pragya asks him to think about his fans and perform for them. She asks him to concentrate on performance. Abhi tells himself the same. He gets nervous again and asks her to kiss on his forehead. Pragya kisses him. Abhi asks him to think about the performance and not about the result. He says you are best. Kiara says Mamma said the same thing today and asks do you know my Mamma? Abhi says yes, and says I know her very well. Kiara asks do you know my Dada also? Abhi says yes. Kiara says then you might be knowing my real father also and tells that Sunny told her. Sunny says I heard mom and dad talking. Abhi looks on. Purab stops the car. Sunny asks Purab to bring pencil for him. Abhi wishes them best of luck. Kiara says today is test and tomorrow is exam. Abhi asks her to go. Kiara hugs Abhi. Abhi asks her to go. He thinks something and tells Purab that he brought Kiara to school, now this school will take me to Kiara, I will win from Pragya. Pragya is on the way and thinks she should have check her bag.

Anu gets angry on cookie toy and says you can’t stay with Abhi. She throws it. Pragya hides from Abhi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Now Disha and Purab join the dumb as [email protected]#k band wagon….ekta how could abhi all of a sudden can’t live without a kid he not too long met he’s like a kid himself already….the only sane character in this show is king and i wish he leaves kkb its a waste of his talent no one deserves him they are all mentally unstable…this show is and have always been crap and because i hope for the best i keep checking in but this show is a lost cause

    1. Really fed up of storyline and so called that dishrab now my new hatred is fr dishrab whom even trying to detach kiara from Prague with what rel even disha is speaking y can’t alia stab them and separate them its annoying gr me plz make kiars understand her age and closeness with other men knowing after he is real father piece of trash

  2. Dumbest serial and character all screwed it anymore for me o lose respect for everyone acting except king

  3. Lorddddddd… What was the purpose of spin the bottle? Did anything big come out from the stupid game? Now another game has started, on how to prove Abhi is Kiara’s father? Seriously, this Ekta is definitely the owner of a devoid brain… Spin the bottle proves that this serial is spinning on shit… King is joining the ranks of a stupid vast of characters these days, the man so blind that he can’t see further than his own nose…so how would he see what’s going on between the abused Pragya and the infant Abhi? The only ppl with a slice of brain is Tanu she proves that she can think, doesn’t matter that she”s hyperventilating for nothing because Pragya and Abhi will still end up together but just because she can think for herself… Chachi is the only sane person in the serial right now…

    1. I laugh each time she “hyperventilates’. Her acting coach taught her to just move her boobs up and down. That other little technique of hers of blowing air out of her mouth when she’s thankful is a little… But really, would she have done a better job if she had a better acting coach? Very very rarely are her eyes involved in the acting. It’s just the lower half of her face moving, nothing else. She does good memory work, but there’s no passion in her eyes.

  4. Kings voice and tone, while thinking, when with a sleeping Kiara, was magical. He wasn’t reading a script. He became Kiara’s Father. Disha and Purab have clearly started thinking like the privileged criminals. Only their own desires matter, To hell, with anyone else’s relationship. They are going to have what they want! Just like Tuna, Alia and Mithali…mostly everybody in the criminal Mehra Mansion. Oh great. Then Abhi starts whining. That’s when I stopped watching. I can’t deal with this much stupidity, today. This is at 6 minutes. Watching a grown man who has children in real life, do what this actor is doing… a big man… is an insult, to himself and all adult men. How do respect any actor/actress that will go so low. And we are not even seeing the slimy tuna yet!! Why haven’t these actors figured out that Ekta is USING these people to make fools out of them, all.

    1. Alongside every viewer.

    2. hello aki,really i like and love your commets where you are from and what are you doing working or studying .for kkb atleast after leap only we are commenting like this since the writter and production and director has been changed but if you look at kdb ,all fans of their shows are slamming and crying to see only leads alone since their serial is only covered up with their villians sherlyn and prithvi there do you know something ,i dont know whether you see kdb or not but there its too rediculus and comedy circus going on all scenes even romance scene all are copied from kkb abigya to them if you would ,now bank robbery and everything cold stprage and everything ditto copying there not even a single scene left out ,but what the suprise is they are happy that they are trp fetchers since they are no1 slot now.if you woul no atleast in kkb everything is damn slow but in kdb they are jumoing the scenes ,e=fro ex,sarla ma had parlyzed in mogambo period and mem loss trac of abhi after his accident finishing mogambo track atleat that was coincidence and al were related,but in kdb the first day jhanki mam gets paralyzed hearing the convo bet prithivi and sherlyn within one week when she is recovered they had given her mem loss ,comedy na all within one week.

    3. You know Akituster, I also think the same thing.. How does a grown man like Shabbir feel to do a role that he’s been reduced to,? Abhi’s a whimpering weakling man who don’t have the balls to tell King that Pragya was his wife before, that he treated her badly and is paying for it now, that he doesn’t sleep with his wife because he still loves Pragya, that he is Kiara’s father, that he believes Pragya is fooling him about his relationship with King…and so much more that he wants to know… There, how hard was that to do? Just like you I find it painful to watch this mature actor doing cringy scenes like what he’s paid buck to do… Another thing is, I get so distracted watching Abhi’s dark lips..
      in my face… do you think he has a medical problem? It doesn’t look nice, I think if I prick it with a pin, it’ll run some kinda gooey liquid…im kinda concerned for him…even Tanu’s lips look so too…do you think that stress on the job causes that? Anyways, I don’t want ppl criticising me for saying that but it’s just my observsation…btw, how are you dear? I guess you are much inside because of the blistering weather… I don’t envy you and Cathy at this time of the year you know!! Take care of yourself Akituster… Hope you have a sunshiny day tomorrow…minus some degrees of temperature…from the cold..

  5. Hey Ishu and Naz, thank-you for the thoughts! I truly appreciate both of you taking the time. Yes, I know. I fully accept that I too am a viewer. Ishu, I have been away from ‘life’ for over 18 years because of an accident injury. For most of that time I lay in bed finally not being able to walk or use my arms for 12 of those years. The pain I dealt with would have made a good horror story. A chi gong master saved my life after I had been informed to settle my affairs and find a quiet, peaceful place for my last months. It’s dangerous to tell someone of my personality what to do. I’ll do the opposite, simply to prove that no one can take my choices away from me. And the chi gong master appeared! I began to walk etc. weakly. Unfortunately my healer passed on before my treatment was finished. Very few individuals understood the complexity of the one main injury out of 7 spinal injuries. So Ishu at this point I am finally returning to life and it is slow going. I had hoped to have a website up by now and it will likely wait until March. There so much admin and ‘clean-up’ to do for the years that I was not functioning physically. My home was changed a few times to match my changing mobility. Right now, because I am weak it is a horrifying task to bring everything to normalcy. Getting ready to go back to work and life has been astoundingly fascinating, shocking and tiresome. The world has changed into 1984!! (the book). The new communication styles are so politicized. This is like re-entry to the planet in a sci-fi show. People are eating poison and being told that it is food! I’m not really a tv watcher but when I was forced to take a lengthy break (6 weeks, on a lounge chair) I thought I would try to watch some Hindi serials to pick up my Hindi which is minimal. I don’t need the sub-titles any longer, excepting an odd word on occasion. I began watching KKB around episode 300 was surprised at the production, didn’t understand a lot so found the first 300 hundred episodes and binge watched the show. By November and December of 2016 I had caught up on all the shows, was watching daily and began to notice some very odd coincidences regarding the plot and astrological movements. I became curious. How can you not be curious when you see patterns developing! I decided to turn my watching into studying, critically. This project fits in perfectly with the type of work I do. And I decided that I needed to experience the show as a real viewer, involved and open emotionally. I gave myself a time limit which ended in early Nov. I have what I need for the project. It is not the show that keeps me involved. The show has become just really bad, low-grade entertainment. And that’s unfortunate as they still have a lot of talent in the cast and crew. Although the director is no longer interested in doing great cinema. Thanks for letting me know Ishu… I was convinced about 6 weeks ago that the director had been changed. The writers are bereft of any new words and are writing for people who function emotionally at the age of children or teenagers. My work involves exposing false narratives and assisting individuals, groups and even businesses on identifying their current narrative, identifying ways to change and shift into more honest, creative, happier and more productive outcomes for individuals, community and business. My assessment techniques are unusual, unique and effective. This show… rather the way the producer/production team works has been my focus. And today, the stupidity level… Last week, I spent about 10 hours researching Ekta Kapoor. Likely that has not helped my attitude. Originally the plan was to watch this to the end. How could I write up my findings if I didn’t watch until the end? But the damn show just won’t end! I can’t pretend it is a comedy anymore. And it is worse than a farce because it is being used to entrain innocent people into accepting very negative attitudes. I am harbouring the frustration and anger of an activist type person, at how people are being led away by the Pied Piper of Hamelin, really Ekta Kapoor. Once my website is up, I’ll be fine. I am even considering putting up a temporary blog or something just dedicated to discussion of my findings regarding KKB. We’ll see. This is still a new world for me… the web. The fast changing rules are mind-boggling and you have been reading tamed down comments, from me. As I can be very cynical, my sense of humour and out loud commentary may not even be allowed anymore! I like talking about everything that is taboo, so that the mystery and fear are dealt with and false taboos are released from existence!! So what do you both think/feel Ishu and Naz and the other wonderful friends I have met here. This part of the ‘web’ I quite enjoy! I checked out twitter today and found today’s comment (mine) being displayed! Yes, I smiled. And Naz, it would appear that everybody is into those ‘white pills’, pumping up or painting extra lip and using those face filler panels from Korea (?) to change the shape of their faces or using surgery. Wait until you read what I have to say about their efforts!! (It’s funny). And sad that they have been taught to hate themselves, their real selves, so much. I swear that every time Tuna uses dark lipstick and then opens her mouth she does look exactly like a s*x doll I saw on a documentary years ago. This is not to satisfy the viewer, this is to satisfy what the producer thinks the viewer should be. And Naz, thankfully we have been around zero for temperature lately. The real cold will hit in January. You should see me shovelling snow with a small shovel. I am loving any physical activity these days! Ishu, I am an NRI from Canada. Because I am currently forced to take a lot regular breaks, I use my break times to watch the program and check for comments. I will check in tomorrow. I do wish to finish my project properly (today’s feelings anyway) and I do not want to miss all of the commentators… the real draw for me nowadays. G’night..or G’morning depending on where you are!

  6. Lot’s of love and respect to you Akituster. It is so much interesting to read your comments. My hat is off!!!

    1. Thank-you for your kindness Hayot. Kindness always opens hearts*. Thank-you for recognizing , like Naz and Ishu that this heart needed a reminder. And I do hope that means that you too, will join in with comments!
      *p.s. as long as the heart is available for opening.

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