Chandra Nandni 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update:Apma informs Helina,Nandini is alive

Chandra Nandni 31st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra looks at Prabha and says Nandini and says I meant, it belonged to Nandini and now they belong to you,Nandini asks why,Chandra says you performed bindusara Tilak and took place of his mother so,Nandini says it’s so weird,Chandra says sure it will sound weird but come here see these rains people think this happens when god is angry but it happens when two clouds share their feelings and these things are expressing my happiness,come let me help you with remaining jewellery,Nandini says no I shall help myself and leaves.

Apma stops her,nandinis face is covered and asks what’s in this plate, Apma sees it,and thinks these are nandinis jewellery how does she have it,nandini says I didn’t steal them maharaj gifted them to me as I performed Tilak,Apma says no no I just wanted to check now go dress well and wear these to and see you in function. Helina says Elis don’t worry i will talk about you and Kartikeya to your father. Chandra walks in the function,he looks at Nandini and smiles,she is wearing the jewellery and thinks I’m so happy to see you,Helina says Chandra, Elis loves Kartikeya and so once bindusara is married we need to talk to Champa naresh,Chandra asks does she really love him or you are behind some new profit,Helina says I’m not lying,Elis told me,she also has his name on her Mehndi,Chandra says the thing is I don’t trust you and so if Elis really loves him I shall talk to Champa naresh.

Helina asks how come you are back in king costume,Chandra says I’m in love,Helina says so I am,Chandra says I hope you don’t interfere any more ,Helina gets angry and leaves,Helina calls adornus and asks him where is bindusara,adornus says last few minutes of freedom,Helina says seriously and leaves,Apma pulls Helina and says I have a really bad news,Helina says I’m busy,Apma says Nandini is alive,Helina is shocked,Apma says yes the same Nandini who fell of the cliff is still alive, Helina asks why isn’t she in mahal then,Apma says she is here,Helina asks where she is ,Apma points at Nandini and says the one in veil ,Helina says it’s Prabha,Apma says I saw her face it’s Nandini,Chandra Nandini are back in game,Helina says bindusara has seen her face and it’s half burnt,Apma says it was all a game.

Apma says when Prabha is in Chandras room,no one is allowed in and today Chandra gifted her nandinis jewellery,think on it,you are betrayed again,you have given him two children but,Helina says ma we know,rajmata forced Chandra and so we have babies and let me tell you I looked after Magad and bindusara when Chandra was lost in nandinis separation,I’m going right away,Apma says stop it Chandra and Nandini are playing a game and so let’s play one to,bindusara hates her and she showed bindusara her burnt face and fooled him and bindusara will be our facade,we will use him,Helina says it’s so long he hasn’t met her choti ma.

Bindusara says what this isn’t possible,she can’t be alive,no ways I don’t want that women back to destroy us,Helina says so you think I’m lying,look I have no problem of her returning but why lie with that half burnt face and that veil and fool you,bindusara drinks alcohol,Helina says forget her come it’s your day,all are waiting for you,once our function is down I will handle this issue,don’t do anything in function,and you know how your father reacts when it comes to Nandini and I don’t want you two to fight,bindusara angry and leaves,Helina says today people will see bindusaras true face, and the hatred I have planted in his brains.

Bindusara walks in function,Chandra walks to him and says I’m proud of you I hope you will make us all proud here after too , god bless you. Kartikeya says dharma I’m going to talk about us to pithashree,dharma says not today,dharma says this isn’t the day,Kartikeya says shoo I will today I can’t wait anymore. Chandra calls Elis,and says I heard you like Kartikeya, so before I talk to his father I would like to hear it from you,Elis nods yes. Kartikeya tells his parents about he has found his love,and looks at dharma,about to say dharma,his father thinks it’s Elis and says I know your choice I’m happy with it.

Chandra and Champa naresh discuss and arrange their wedding, dharma applies bindusara haldi and says I hope you Learn to respect women after your wedding. Kartikeya tells dharma pitahamaharaj agreed and leaves. Nandini applies bindusara haldi,bindusara sees reflection of her face and remembers helinas words,and gets very angry and says stop prabhaji,and walks to her,and says you performed my Tilak and then Shagun haldi too and says I want to thank you and perform your Tilak,Nandini says that’s not needed,Bindusara says cant I Panditji,Panditji says off course you can,Bindusara says please,Chandra says you don’t need to,Bindusara says I know her face Is half burnt and what’s her fault in it so cmon remove your veil,and pulls her dupatta,Nandini closes her face with her hand and turns around,mora steps in,all are shocked with bindusaras step,Bindusara says won’t you show your face choti ma,Nandini looks at him,all are surprised seeing Nandini.

Pre cap : Nandini says maharaj please tell them the truth.bindusara says yes we are all waiting for this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. I am so confused.Whats going to happen next?Any ideas, anyone?

    1. Roopa you and i confused, viewers confused,makers totally confused and now we need to check astrology for Nandini, what he will say this is totally unique chart ,unable to read.
      My only hope is waiting for Archarya, that include Chandra. Only serial we can’t even predict.
      I hope Chandra will talk instead of keeping MUM MUM.

    2. I totally agree with you padmini.Getting frustrated day by day.Chandra should be strong.Nandini should be strong.Instead all the evil ladies are becoming stronger.

  2. Nandini’s identity revealed to all but as she has lost her memory no one will be in problem except Nandini. How Chandra will favor Nandini, how Bindusar will come out the conspiracy of Helena and Apama will be interesting to watch.

  3. Arpkishore

    Bull shit episode.. So as we discussed Helena got children by using moora it’s revealed from her mouth. How is tis apama planning once she s telling the plan to her mad daughter everyone noticed her face I hope. Paka sagikala da samy. Oly thing I was wondering s abt her hubby. Pavam ya avaru.. If thy gets fight how could she reacts wit him.. As I said in comments sterday nan half burnt drama s wasted and tat creep particularly pointed tat oly and bindusara removes her veil in front of all. She s n trouble. Once ch said to mad wife don’t interfere in his life. Tis word and sterday he said another word tat I was fooled myself once I married u.. He could have said tis before she interfered once nan came from kalinga and he found tat apama s d murderer. He too know tat Helena s involved in dd death. Tat time itself he should said tat to Helena.. So nan veil removed and everyone sees her. Now she can freely roam in mahal. But from thr oly she ll be getting big trouble. Waiting for chanakya to reveal the truth. Hope in next epi we can expect tat.

  4. Arpkishore

    Another thing I didn’t mentioned in previous comment. How cum Helena questions ch abt his turn over as a king. She has no rights to ask tis. And a gud slap s given to her by ch, once she tells Elis s interested on karthikey. Suddenly he asked r u getting any profit by this marriage. Perfect slap in perfect timing. Apama has no fear r guiltiness to face nan face to face. How cum she tat much cruel, these credits r goes to our award winning writers and makers..

    1. Arpkishore, well said ! It has taken Chandra 20 years to tell Helena that he made a foolish decision when he married her. And, today, he told her not to interfere in his life….why didn`t he tell her this after DD`s murder truth was revealed. For years, he kept saying that he has 2 wives and now….after 10 years of separation from Nandini he finally told her. Way to go Chandra…..It`s better late than never. Apama is still roaming around free in the mahal without any conscious of guilt and for some reason the writers want to have her in the show and irritate us.

    2. Hi friend,Here we have seen CGM answering H at least 20years after their marriage!
      This serial is running on poor plots from the beginning.There are some unsolved mysteries where writers never tried to answer
      Only TRP puller is RT if he doesn’t portray this role then no one turn up to this show .
      And coming to the episode the directors or cvs have to answer these questions:
      1.what is the reason for CGM
      and C giving more preference to H and A?
      2.A is a brutal killer then how she is permitted to move freely in mahal?
      3.DD letter-from the beginning the story is rotating with fake DD letter written by A,then where is the actual letter?
      4.The mahal is full of conspiracy against Nandini.Where is Avantika?Sunanda?Malathi?
      5.Moora and Chaya turned against Nandini!Where us Chays and Malay?
      6.Nandni death,no further interrogation done ?Bindusar is the real culprit
      7.I appreciate the Baba of Dharma ,he is the only saviour of Nandni from evil
      8.This serial though it had low TRPs in India is doing well in UK and other countries.Portraying the great emperor CGM as coward ,in efficient,is not good because people of other countries may get a wrong opinion on our king
      9.Again same question character assassination of CGM ??
      10.if the story goes on positive side showing the wittiness,affectionate,courage and cleverness of CGM without this crap leap then it would make wonders but cvs are destroying the story day by day
      1%History is not shown every thing fiction

  5. Ohhh!!my god bindusar sees Nandini more shocking is apama saw Nandini she will again think an evil plan ohhh my god another question running on my mind what is Chandra going to say

  6. What the hell helena hv2 kids moora force him!!!! Makers hv shit on brain. Hé was force by chakku tô consume with dd too. Again and again woman is humilité and direspect in front of every one

  7. Any Tamilan watching CN?

    1. Gpk484

      Yes bro me I’m tamilian my name KARTHIK

    2. I`m a Tamilian too !

    3. I am Tamil from Malaysia

    4. Im a tamilian too.
      @shree ,padmini,aditi and others yeppdi pa bore adikama daily comment pandriga acutually i stopped commenting here two weeks ago but i keep on reading all your comments.
      Im waiting for chandra and nandini unite.But dont know how long we have to wait

    5. Nandini, All of us are waiting for CN to unite, day day the story is getting bad. I really don’t know whether this two can unite. At least if the makers says that CN can’t unite, i will stop watching.

    6. Im a tamilian too.
      @shree ,padmini,aditi and others yeppdi pa bore adikama daily comment pandriga?
      Actually i stopped commenting here two weeks ago but i keep on reading all ur comments.
      Im waiting for only chandra and nandini unite but when will it happen ???

    7. Im a tamilian too.
      @shree ,padmini,aditi and others yeppdi pa bore adikama daily comment pandriga?
      acutally i stopped commenting here two weeks ago but i keep on reading your comments daily.
      When wil chandra and nandini unite????

    8. sorry i posted three times

    9. Nan tamil ponnu tha ☺

    10. Jayani

      Ponna??? Dat’s gr8 2 hear… M Jayani frm Tamil Nadu as well but I liv in Dubai

  8. At least now Chandra has to speak if he keeps quite like he did 10 years back when 8 year old bindusar questioned him regarding his mother’s murderer that time he was quit, now situations is different he has to react and speak and make every one to shut there disgusting mouth mainly the two evils,
    At least now someone has to reveal to bindusar who actually killed his mother it would be better if Chandra or chanakya try to black mail apama or Helena saying if you ever try to play tricks we are better players than you so you better shut your mouth and don’t wag your tail we know
    when to cut it so that would be bang on but we don’t know what is in store for use,
    Apama is digging her own grave, they are thinking by hiding that can plan dirty tricks using bindusar as a weapon, but truth is once he gets married to dhrama he will change then come to know what love is, same way dhrama might get to know what these two evils are up to
    This is might be silly might happen it’s just my opinion that all
    One day bindusar himself will crown nandini as Maharani and except her as his mother
    How disgusting is rajmata she never get involved in political matters but in this
    matter she is number one chee what type of a mother is she she knows that apama is the culprit of dd death then who come she is quite, just because nandini went against her words she is disliking her if at all bindusar questions her what will be her reply regarding his mother’s death let’s see
    And what a reply Chandra day by day your words are enough for her it was a tight slap he doesn’t believe her even for a penny good Chandra then how come a daughter with her see its better for nandini to leave the Mahal and go to some ashram and lead a peaceful life with out any trouble for God sake poor lady from the beginning till now she is the one suffering and not the culprits well done writers you achieve it now again you people will repeat the same thing sailing in the same boat again these two will plot and again separate them or try to frame her thistle who it will be might be rajmata in the list to die

  9. Yeah you are right how come she is questioning him it’s his wish when ever he like he will wear it, what is her problem each and every thing he had to tell her, when he will eat, when he will bath, when he will dress up when he will shit etc stupid psycho character is that Helena, I feel sad for Chandra why can’t you slap her so she can loose her memory and nandini can regain her memory by seeing you shaping her haa haa

    1. Shalini, I thought on Wednesday episode, C is going to slapped H, i was waiting but disappointed

  10. Arpkishore

    S shalini agree wit u, same thing I have mentioned in my comment.. Tis time ch started to react but in today episode once bin opened Vail I xpctd a tight slap from him. But s missed. Helena words to ch day by day she’s getting slap. Moora no brain, oly once nan went against her words for tat idiot s taking revenge from her. From the beginning itself oly she s suffering no one understands the feel of anyother person’s. Oly the person who s suffering thy can feel d pain. Accept wit ur words.

    1. Arpkishore, don’t talk about Moora, she is frickled minded person, one day she swing right another day left, like Monkey. If she finds N is innoncent, than she falls on her leg, just drama.

  11. Well Helena is Chandra’s wife and even though they married due to Political reasons, Helena loves Chandra. If we compare Helena to Nanthini’s mother Avanthika who had an affair with Nanthini’s father while married to Chandra’s uncle, Avanthika was the reason for Sooriyaguptha’s death, Whatever said, Helena has all the rights as Chandra’s wife. If Chandra was so concern then he could have just separated from Helena, Chandra is selfish and scared of Greek Army.

  12. Savithri V Ramani

    If again Nandini is put to trouble no one can watch the serial.It is high time that bindusara should know who has killed his mother? Again everytime Nandini has to suffer means there is no use of the title let the title be Helena and Alma the great evil

  13. Yeah you are right when dd except nandini her why can’t Helena do the same thing simple but no, she is selfish she wants to rule alone so she and her mother wants to eliminate dd and nandini
    I don’t think she loves him it’s just for power that as all

    1. Yes, Helena doesn`t love Chandra or any one else…she just loves herself.

    2. Aditi, u are right, she is only interested on Mukya Maharani crown. I just want to know she married to Indian King, got two kids no indian name but Greek name. For Bindu wedding she is using gown instead of traditional indian constume, what’s so special for this Helu

  14. shocking episode..finally everyone knows that praba is nandini ? how come apama devil speaking out betrayal ?(ella problems kum karaname indha pisasu tha)… So what is next ? Waiting for chandra’s ans …last time no one was there for nandini expect chandra…but this time dharma and chanakya are there to support nandini…hope for good things…let’s see..Bindhusara doesn’t have rights to call nandini as choti ma?it is really irritating me…

  15. Can anyone please translate full precap dialogues.?

    1. Gpk484

      Yes I wanna know it too ! And where is Nandini going ! In the precap what room is she entering ?

  16. After so long, Chandra is back in action, dressed in King attire n Helena was shocked to see him. She was suprised to see Chandra n ask him how come u are in this attire n he says he is in love n told her not to interfere. Finally we got the answer that Moora forced Helena too have kids with Chandra, that Moora is another pain n brainless lady.
    Now Apama n Helena are using Bindu to get rid of Nandini, the game is starting again. So now Bindu saw Nandini face in the water, same like Chandra saw Nandini face in the water when they will in Kaling. Bindu,is rutless guy ,does not respect woman ,also his Choti maa n he removed her veil in front of all his guest, fell so bad for Nandini, why she always have to suffer so much. Last time when Bindu ear pierceing ceremony, Chandra has removed her veil in front of everybody, same repetition again. I only hope Chandra will not be quiet. Apama n Helena get sucessful, everytime they create the problem n pretend as if they don’t know anything.
    Precap Look like Nandini leaving , is she leaving the Mahal?

  17. Arpkishore

    I’m tamilan here..

  18. Apama you will get big app for sure, and both mother and daughter are very happy to have bindusar as they weapon but that same weapon will turn against them, when he starts to love dhrama because she is brave courage never hesitate to speak her mind so let them play nandini has dhrama with her for sure she will show mirror to bindusar and she already doing it,
    What Chanakya has in store for us we have to wait, did he found out about nandini’s truth.
    Now by other concern is everyone knows Prabha is nandini can dadi, kids who are grown up now can respect her, Moore do not sat she will for sure start her blah blah blah thing again poor nandini has to go through all this for the sake of love which she has not received it properly by Moore, bindusar, chaya, sunanda, her own sister roopa each and every one are the culprits of nandini even Chandra if at all he revealed to bindusar the true killer of his mother this misunderstanding wouldn’t have happened
    My advice to the director and the CVS is please there are many loop holes in the story, some incidents are not being solved, the presence of the evils should be reduced and do not repeat the story again, no creativity, presentations is very worst bad and pathetic, no proper conclusion of a track why so hurry, finish it properly then move to next track,we as viewers are confused till now apama is roming very freely with out guilty feeling then why Chandra is not doubting on these two, is he so much in live with her that he is blind for God sake he is Chandra Gupta Maurya and Chanakya why you people are showing him so dumb he is the most regional person in the world ever why you people are degrading him

  19. Arpkishore

    S Helena s such a kind of person who loves oly posting and to be in higher authority. Nan vaalanum na ethana pera venalum Bali kudupan. Tat case she is.. In case if cgm dethroned and someone except bindusara should be equal age to Chandra. She loves tat particular person and marry tat person without any doubts. For ex Malay in case he was throned as magad king definitely she ll fall in love wit him once again and she ll kill chaya to get her place. Such an idiot mad psycho.

  20. Well said she is a person hungry for power, for that she can go to any extent like killing a pregnant woman in a barbaric way cruel way, now also she is concern for her mukhya maharani’s post and not Chandra so this shows from the beginning itself she was back of Chandra only for power not love, if she would have been in live she might understand Chandra’s condition even once Chandra told her on her face it’s self that she do know what love is and she is moking him what type of a wife is she, she is selfish, even having children with him is only for self gain if you all think if at all bind go against her she will even try to eliminate him to make her son to rule.
    She doesn’t even have guilty feeling that she has killed so many people for her selfish gains hope one day she will loose everything what nandini went through her daughter will go through karthikain might get married with her daughter but he won’t except her as his wife whol heartedly that time she come to know what nandini went through Helena’s karma will now be ready erased to her own children

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