Udaan 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Imli fakes an accident

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Udaan 31st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji telling Imli that he will lie to Suraj that Chakor left him, if he finds Chakor, then it will be bad. She says its matter of one day, then he will believe that she will never come, he went to meet my parents, don’t worry, I planned everything, they all will believe Chakor has run away. Kasturi says I feel Chakor is in some problem, else how could she go leaving us, she just told Imli, if anything happens to her then. Suraj worries. Bhuvan asks her not to worry, Chakor will come back. She cries.

Bhaiya ji says I m impressed by you, you are clever, why are you helping me hide the crime. She says so that you help me in hiding my crime. He asks her what did she do. She asks him to come. She takes him to her room’s bathroom and shows Vivaan tied up. Bhaiya ji gets shocked. He looks at Imli. They make Vivaan sit on bed. He checks Vivaan’s breath and says he is alive, he is unconscious, his head has bleeding, why did you do this with him. She says I want to take him to hospital. She says why did you do such thing. She says Vivaan got to know I m not pregnant. Bhaiya ji gets shocked.

He asks what, you are not pregnant, then what’s this. She says I had miscarriage suddenly, Vivaan got to know this. She tells everything what happened. He starts laughing and says I always prayed to have such bahu who is more clever than me, you are really clever. She asks what shall I do of Vivaan now, till when can I hide him here, anyone can see him. He says when anything becomes burden, you have to get rid of it, we will get rid of this burden also. He aims gun at Vivaan. She gets shocked and moves his hand. She asks did you go mad, if anything happened to my Vivaan, I would have killed you. He says you got mad, you want to hide him and not letting me kill me. She says you are misunderstanding me, its true I want a solution, it doesn’t mean you take his life, he is my love and life, I m doing this to save my love, Chakor was snatching my love, so I don’t care of her death, you wanted to make me away from Vivaan, this can’t happen. She holds his collar and says Vivaan is my life. She says I know when he gets conscious, he will understand why I did this, I want to take him to hospital and save him, find some solution, I m helping you, you also help me, you are very clever, think of some way.

Servants take some sacks and also Vivaan in one. Suraj collides and sack falls. Bhaiya ji sees the green leaves. Servant apologizes. Bhaiya ji signs him to pick sack and leave. Tejaswini asks Suraj about Chakor. Suraj goes seeing Chakor’s diary. He says its good got this diary, I can find out about her. Servant puts Vivaan in the car. Bhaiya ji says we got Vivaan here, now you know what to do. Imli says yes. He gives her car keys. She drives off. Bhaiya ji says she is ahead of me, amazing. He laughs.

Imli makes Vivaan sit near the tree and drives ahead, hitting the car to the tree. She makes Vivaan sits in driver’s seat and sits beside. She gets fake blood/red color bottle and applies to Vivaan and herself. She calls Suraj and cries saying our car accident happened, Vivaan is injured, come fast. Suraj gets shocked and asks where are you, I m coming. She tells place. Suraj runs. She smiles and sees Vivaan. She says everything will get fine. Suraj is on the way and thinks what’s happening, Chakor is gone and now Vivaan and Imli’s accident. He reaches them. Imli acts and says I m fine, but Vivaan is injured, he needs to be taken to hospital. Suraj asks Vivaan to open eyes. He asks is there water. She says its empty bottle here. He says I will get water, once we get him conscious, we will take him to hospital. He goes to get water from river and feels Chakor. Mahiya…..plays. He says I feel Chakor is around. He sees her slipper and says Chakor’s slipper……He says Chakor came here before going or she went this way.

Suraj shouts Chakor where are you, come to me. Some brahmans get Chakor’s body from the river.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Eagerly waiting for chakor to return cheap imli??

  2. Had to skim read the last part seen in spolier imli will go to new messures to provoke suraj agianst chakor but he eont believe the people bring chakor to the same hospital chakor calls suraj will chakor only remember suraj?suraj will hear chakor and tell teju but every1 will think suraj is losing his mental concous as he clearly heard chakor

  3. I can’t see how they can redeem Imli. Vivaan and Sukor should never forgive her. How can Chakor be off screen all week? are the makers crazy. All the episodes after the camping trip till the end of next week should’ve been shown in two weeks max.

    1. It’s ironic that Imli’s attempt to hide what she did to Vivaan led Suraj to Chakor’s slippers. Logic says he should search nearby villages to see if she ended up there, of course that’s not guaranteed to happen.

  4. Happy Eid!

    1. Sukorian

      Eid Mubarak

  5. Chakor came there,her slipper fell,then she walked in the water wearing one slipper and went away.#HeightofDumbness

    1. so that she didn’t have to marry the person whom she had already married 10 days ago.But who cares about this trivial things.Let’s focus on the actors’ (who are fortunate to get screen space) expressions!Too bad the tv industry hasn’t noticed yet how oscar worthy performance is showed regularly in this 1.7 trp fetching show!

  6. Sukorian

    I can’t say anything anymore…

  7. very horryfing epi.don’t know what to say.but I like vj’s acting but it gone all wast foe this stupid cvs.I miss chakor so much.I saw a ig pic where suraj holding Chakor’s diary.
    And I thought suraj went hoapital for chakor but I was wrong.He went there for vimli.don’t know what is the future of this serial.so talented actor and actress but they can’t use it properly.
    hi all my friends!
    To all my friends advance EID-UL-AZHA-MUBARAK to all my LOVING FRIENDS.

    1. Sukorian

      Khair Mubarak

  8. Aleya.marzan

    just dying .,……………. donno whats gonna happen but plzz chakor dont misunderstand suraj. n suraj be a man not cry baby.

    i’m not anyones did here only friend . by soul n by age also . i’m 13 soon gonna be 14

    love u all

    1. Welcome aleya baby to our udaan family oh u r just 1 year older than me fell free to me anything ok nd here we all r brothers nd sisters

  9. Shreya.

    Loved kasturi kaki worried for chakor… She raised qstn lyk may b chakor is in trouble..nd d way bhuvan kaka consoles nd suraj’s teary eyes omg don’t know what to say abt dis part…loved nd felt very bad…

    Nd another positive thing is chakors diary which is in suraj’s hand….hope no one c tat diary nd suraj also dont say anything abt dis diary….

    And d last part… Suraj feels chakor is around tat place…actly am literally crying seeing these peoples love towards my chakor….

    No cmnts abt d rest of d episode…

    Abt precap cant able to c chakor in dis state…definitely i will cry tmrw…suraj shouts na where r u chakor come to me..dis precap gives me goose bumps…

    Happy Eid all my loving frnds!!

    1. Sukorian

      Khair Mubarak

  10. Missing chakor so much I can’t tolerate this imli every tym cvs focus on imli don’t know y they should give more importance to chakor I m curious to know what is written in that diary

  11. Trp is 1.7 udaan was one of the top show on channel and has fallen so bad that ita not far behind colors channel lowest trp shows i hope cvs realised imli has damaged the show as many viewrs left the show since imli started getting more screen space we havnt seen chakor for a week and paras nd meera r enjoying thier time going to poojas etc as imli has occupied the screen i find this plot dumb suraj saying chakor went the lake way yh she walked it and lost het slipper on tbe way? by lnow suraj should realise chakor is in danger this track is stupid and the show has been damaged but cvs justification for this track is to show imli imli imli and say its entertaiment instead of cvs shoeing suraj worrying for chakor there showing every1 focusing on vimli and partially forgetting chakoe is missing r they for real

  12. I jus dont get the audcity of some ppl its not sukor fault for al lthis baseless drama its cvs who instead of showing suraj and his worry for chakor they show imli and her baby shit thats benn going on 4 1.5yrs and finally im happy that the trps r giving cvs what most audience think of plot many have quit show and i dong thinl will return cvs finally will know trps on sukor not imli

  13. Just give it some more time frndsss…we can’t give up on our sukor right,? Hi, I am Anila from Kerala…I am also a die hard fan of sukor…

  14. Joke no.1:-One day imli wake up and finds that she lost her baby that also some months old baby…
    Joke no.2:- suraj finds that chakor went the river way..
    More jokes yet to come..

    1. Yep chakor is a fish that she used the lake it seems every believed something so weak as chakor ran away amd noe the focus is bk on vivaan and imli i cant believe no1 actually went out to look for chakoe espcially suraj he only got hints after helping vimli whaf r cvs doing please fix suraj nd joke no3 imli claims she lost baby ages ago but wen ragini went chakor nd vivaan found thr baby kicking but now vivaan claims that imli never let him touch the baby

      1. Suraj is good for nothing.During the 2nd baby track,when he told that he was imli’s baby’s father,i thought he did that to buy some time and do something to clear the mess.But he did nothing except embarrassing himself by his antics. Chakor whose life was in danger went missing.He is doing nothing. Tejaswini should have taken iodine during pregnancy.

  15. Hey all…welcome to all my dears who are new here.hey anila.. I’m also from Kerala..
    I don’t want to say anything about this episode . the only thing I like is that kasturi is worried for chakor and suraj had the diary of chakor I want to know that what she written on this diary. I hope imli will not see that diary if she find it then definitely she will rewrite the words in it and will create misunderstanding between sukor.. We don’t want further misunderstanding between sukor… Why CVS messed with the plots.. Why suraj don’t think that chakor is in trouble. And why didn’t he search for her instead of crying for her.. But vj s acting is amazing he is an amazing actor and he nailed it.
    Pls CVS don’t be mess with the serial. Already many people lost their interest in udaan

  16. Happy Eid gys.
    It was dhmaka episode. Imli ki planning best hai bt i think it wouldn’t work long right gys.
    N I wanna see chakor as soon as possible.
    Feeling bad for suraj. N precap was simple.

  17. Gys help me please I wanna read all ur new sukor ffs.
    Actually I was unwell so I couldn’t read gys.
    N nw its to much late to understand evry story. N I don’t wanna leave a single story wt to do gys.
    Suggest me please.

    1. Sukorian

      Aanya take ur time n if u read one ff please don’t go back just type on the browser the next number like the url is the same just number is chsnged

  18. Sukorian

    EID MUBARAK TO ALL OF U FROM Sunny n Me ??????

  19. Eid Mubarak to all those Muslim friends here…. Sorry guys for the late wishes

  20. Hi all my friends! EID MUBARAK from Aria.
    Welcome Anila .One of my friends name is that.
    sukorian and sunny thanks for ur wishes but where is sunny .don’t her exam finished?

    1. Sukorian

      no she has to prepare alot but she will cb

  21. I am wondering why Imli is alive. She is so irritating b*t*h that Chakor Vivaan Suraj should kill her. Imli should be killed blo*dy b*t*h

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