Chandra Nandni 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Kartikeya saves dharma

Chandra Nandni 21st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Helina dashes adornus and scolds him and says cant you watch out,adornus says ma every prince has a princess, and now even I want a princess and even Elis has a prince now,Helina asks what,adornus says you know every loss of mine,Helina says I shall slap you,Apma says Helina calm down,adornus tell me,adornus says she likes Champa nagar prince Kartikeya.

Charumati and Elis together,Elis says how could you spare that dharma for that mistake it’s their trick to marry prince and get into Royal family,first bindusara and now I have seen her eyeing on Kartikeya,Charumati says now I shall teach her a lesson and says dasi go call dharma she is here to serve and not rest. dharma says ma have this tamarind and relax,Nandini has tamarind and reminds a scene when padmanand stabbed her and shouts in pain,dharma asks what happened,Nandini says dharma he stabbed me,dharma says may be its memory flash and for first time you saw a face clearly and that too a enemy,but why did he try killing you,dasi says dharma Charumati is waiting for you and Prabha maharaj is waiting for you.

Everyone together ,Elis says lets have some fun,I have an idea let’s play a game,bindusara says you all continue I shall leave,Elis says cmon stay for your sister,bindusara says ok,Elis says let’s play truth or dare,Kartikeya says interesting,bindusara and Charumati sit in front of each other ,it’s bindusara turn,Elis says cmon charu go ahead,Charumati says he is my friend first and then husband and I know everything about him,bindusara says so it’s a dare and jumps on the table and shows some cart wheels,Charumati blushes and walks to him,and says well done and now how about some starring,Elis says no one can defeat you Charumati,Charumati says so this is the dare,let’s see who winks first,bindusara says I always win whatever the challenge may be.

Bhadra and Chitra exchange looks,Kartikeya says bindusara remember here we need love and not strength,all cheer them,and the game begins,dharma walks in,bindusara looks at her and looses,bindusara thinks I again lost because of her,the scroll points at dharma, Charumati says don’t you know you shouldn’t step here who called you here,it’s a Royal family game,dharma says but I,Charumati says go get us alcohol,bindusara says stop game is game,this scroll pointed you, so let’s see is it that you can just talk or perform as well,dharma asks what’s my dare,bindusara says you have to walk on the parapet.

Kartikeya remembers when he was with dharma once and she was trying to walk on parapet and told him she is scared of heights.
Kartikeya says she may fall,its dangerous,Bhadra says yes he is right,dharma says accepted. Nandini walks to Chandras room,Chandra says today my trust won,after 10 years you a here with me,I know you will come and hugs her.

Dharma on parapet,trying to balance,bindusara says stop not this way I open your eyes,dharma thinks don’t look down and continues,Charumati says Elis I shouldn’t have called her,what if she slips down it would be a big problem .
Dharma strats feeling guiddy and slips,Kartikeya rushes to her and holds her hand and says don’t worry look I’m here don’t be scared and pulls her up.chitra takes dharma along with her,dharma gives bindusara cold looks and leaves.elis says looks like you know a lot about dharma.

Kartikeya says dharmas father works at our kingdom, also she is from my town and it’s my duty to serve my People.
Chandra says Nandini, don’t worry,I’m with you,bindusara we will manage this issue together,just don’t leave me,Nandini pushes him and runs but dashes bindusara,bindusara says you can go,Chandra says she is Nandini your mother,bindusara says you have lost it Nandini is dead,Chandra says go check,Chandra and bindusara follow Nandini,Bindusara says dasi check her face and they see it’s not Nandini.

Bindusara says look she isn’t Nandini,Chandra says I’m sorry. Dharma says ma good I arrived in time and we exchanged clothes. Bindusara says Nandini is dead, she fell of a cliff,Chandra says you won’t say a word against her,she is my wife and love her the most,Nandini says he has lost it in love of his dead wife,Chandra says order the guards to find Nandini,Bindusara says she is dead we don’t order to find the dead.

Adornus says bindusara bhaiya come have a peg at least,bindusara exercising. Charumati and Chitra hiding and watching him,adornus says bhaiya you are angry on pithashree he isn’t in his senses,Bhadra says enough adornus mamashree is in love and with women who was Great in every sense,Bindusara says did you just say love,she destroyed me my mother and my father,my father is in love with a dead women.

Nandini thinking of the moment when Chandra touched her,and says why am I feeling so bad,like I’m caught in emotions,why do I see him,’this isn’t correct but I do find it correct,Nandini gets off her bed and thinks of Chandras words and is in tears,Chandra in nandinis memories.

Chandra hears Payal sound and follows it.

Pre cap : Chandra about to open Nandinis dupatta, Nandini says no maharaj you cant,Chandra sees its Nandini.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Bindusar as well as Charumati are not leaving any chance to humiliate Dharma. Waiting for the day when the situation will turn. Again CN meeting interrupted but looking precap it seems tomorrow Chandra will find her but in different position. Will he be able to help her to regain her memory and what will be role of her opposition specially Bindusar is worth to watch.

  2. So at last Chandra seen her love wife nandni .. Seems lik in hotstar thy uploaded today exactly 6pm… Karthikey supports dharma. Nice scenes.. So nandni got memory of nand face but can’t remember who’s he. Y he stabbed her.. Waiting for tomo episode

    1. Yes say he’s had seen the face of his love hope they’ll have a baby again
      Atleast now they’ll be United forever ! ♥️♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️

    2. Previous precaps used to mislead us.I hope this time he really sees nandini and not a dream or something !Ike that.

  3. Savithri V Ramani

    Again boring game with all budding royal family and the main architect of the theme is in great stress.Nandini poor idiot not getting her memory back Evil is again ruling what prevents Chandra to tell bindusara that his mother was killed by Helena family and make him feel guilty of killing his sweet mother All nandini effort wasted and a tasteless show is on with the youngsters.For all the serial ending and moral should be strong for people to watch by wasting there time here in Chandra nandini it is just the reverse

  4. same helina,Nandini,and Chandra story is repeating as like by changing just characters as charumati,dharma and bindusara……. ????☺??????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. What type of girls those two are… disgusting… n this yuvraj bindusar future king hurting innocent for his own deed… wat rubbish… i hate dis royal family game scene… i want only chandra nandini scene… chandra ur love never cheat u, so plz make them reunite soon.. makers hw many times u showed us in precap chandra unveiled nandu’s duppata… but still chandra doesn’t knw prabha s nandini… now a days many of my frnds not commenting hr… am missing them so much… plz pannunga… feel bad…

    1. Jai we r so tired f saying tat we interested nly n cn but these makers never listenning….

    2. Yes Shree, I hope the new director will listen to us.SIR, PLEASE READ ALL OUR COMMENTS.IT WILL INCREASE THETRP OF YOUR PROGRAMME.

    3. Jayani

      Comment panniten… Santhoshama akka??? It’s nt dat u didn’t want 2 comment… Busy wud studies nd enjoying wid my cousins… Day after, ven I go back 2 dxb, I’ll cum back 2 my regular routine… 2nd comment regularly

  6. rhea shrestha

    not interested in
    chandra and nandini
    story only watching show
    for bindusar and dharma

  7. Iam so excited…how nandu nd cn wil react….bhdra was so good eventhough he was a son f malai……karthikeya was so good but why showing him as so good thn bindu bec actually,bindu is important character thn him….charu nd elis r lke helu….ohhh nandu wen u wil get ur memory …..

    1. Jayani

      Bhadra is d son of Malay??? OMG!!! I didn’t know dat… Dey r showing Karthikey gud coz hatred will turn into l7v

    2. Jayani

      *luv… Bindu nd Dharma hate each other nd sum day dey wud fall in a situation where day hav 2 help each other… So den dey will develop feelings nd fall in luv… Or dey wud b in a situation where dey wud hav 2 marry each other nd d remaining as Chandini will continue

    3. Brianna Sandhu

      But I don’t understand, aren’t dharma and bindusar brother and sister?

    4. Jayani

      No dear… Dharma is d child baba ( d old guy shown ven dey were in Champa in deir house) nd Prabha (Nandu) takes care of her as her own child

    5. Jayani

      *child of baba

  8. Wow I liked only Chandra and nandini’s sceens I feel pity for Chandra in some way even he is facing a punishment for not revealing the truth to bindusar regarding Dr’s death each and everyone are facing the heat of past incident if you all clearly see
    1. Chandra is in depression because he lost nandini but has still believes she is alive, he knows who is the murderer of Dd so indirectly even he is facing the punishment
    2.Bindusar has assumed that nandini is the actual murderer of his mother, even he is facing the heat like who he thinks has his mother figure she is the actual murderer of his mother and calling her as mother when he comes to know about the actual culprit he will feel guilty and ashamed because he was calling nandini as his mother with her he misbehaved and punished her by pushing her from the clif so he is also a culprit for killing a unborn child he tried to kill two lives
    3. Helena what to say about her even though she has every thing except happiness which she will never get she has a son who is good for nothing to be a king and on top that Chandra never participate with her in anything if you all would have noticed so even she is facing the heat, she might think that after eliminating nandini she is at peace but the past incident will for sure will hunt her or her down fall is sure by bindusar
    Everybody knows who is the actual murderer of Dd is this will irritate bindusar because when he questioned no one cleared his misunderstanding he will give his peace of mind to each and every one for hiding the truth especially Chandra
    So at last Chandra got his love back but with a big problem she has lost her memory what will be his reaction now will he be able to help her regain her memory back, or misunderstand her
    We have to wait to see the face of the witches
    There past ghost has come back they both have to face each and every bad things have done to Chandra and nandini
    What Chandra failed to do now bindusar has to do it for his mother and choti maa nandini sake punish the culprits crualy

  9. Too many cooks spoils a dish.This is the present worst situation of CN.The story started with some theme now it reached somewhere.For these stars who have great potential to perform need competent CVs.
    A small example Iam telling…yesterday one hour episode of naamkaran is telecasted.Though it misses so many logics,Total episode is
    gripping .IHere the writer effort is appreciating.
    Inspire of having Rajat in this show ,the makers are unable to think out of box ,creative team is lazy here.
    They have not properly utilised RT now introduced Sid into picture.
    Is there any change in narration or direction?nothing has changed.
    The team dug their own pit with this leap. Instead they plan well and show our king and queen as smarter to clear all the mistakes in the mahal.
    Ok coming to present leap
    This new school going kids gang is irritating.They have only one aim to insult Dharma.
    The cVs show RT and SBP in opening
    and closing scenes rest those worst spoil kids.
    Bindusar as per story is now 18 years he is doing nothing just sitting in the mahal ,drinking andenjoying with gal gang .
    And Chanakya beginning he was scared of Alexander ,Greek invasion and worried about the future of
    Magad.Now the mahal is full of Greek gang what a funny what this man is doing?
    Now what prevents the seniors in mahal to convince Bindusar,the Mahad future about DD murderer?
    Without villains ,heroes aren’t shone.
    But how long viewers have to bare this negativity?

    1. Yes, what’s chanakya doing?Magad is in chaos.

  10. It is difficult to digest that every time evil wins.The most precious period is wasted for CN

  11. I hate this Bindu treated Dharna n yesterday’s episode most of the scene was youngsters.
    Luckily Chandra Huggued Nandini not someone else, I just can’t tolerate that Chandra is always insulted or shouted by Bindu, he does respect his father. I feel Chandra is weak n has been controlled by his son.
    I am very surprised that Malai son is not evil like him, but he is nice person n respect his uncle Chandra.
    I hope the precap is not dream, I think Praba have a feeling for Chandra. Hoping Chandra have seen Praba as Nandini

  12. Although we are all frustrated with this serial, we are still! commenting.That shows how much this serial is close to our heart.Why are the teenagers still in the mahal even after the engagement? We’re not here to see Sid’s gymnastic performance.Why didn’t Chandra shouted to bindusar, It wasn’t nandini who killed your mother but it was Apama.I was just waiting for those words to come out of his mouth.Bindusar has no respect for nandini but he has a soft corner for Prabha.Why don’t Dharma go and see Chandra and find out the truth about nandini?

  13. Hi Padmini, SPD, Roopa, Shree.
    I give up now. Teenagers are portrayed with absolutely no respect other than been ill-mannered and arrogant. It does not suit to demonstrate Bindusar to talk to his father like he does. Respect was the one main pillar of that era and here we are presented with the worst behaviour and nothing noble or royal mannerism is been displayed. What a show and what writers we have. This show needs to stop showing all this negativity and should not lower the royalty of our respected culture and era.

    1. I totally agree with yr comment, CN Fan. In my comment i did mentioned that Bindu does not respect his father, especially those days they are thought from young from their Guru to respect the elders but this serial only shows the bad n evil.

      Roopa, we still don’t understand why Chandra n other Royal family are keeping quiet or hiding that Apama is the person who killed DD, we need proper reason why is it secret n pity Nandini, she did not get her right, even after death the blame still on her, I wish Chandra shd clear this
      with Bindu.

  14. Chandra saw nandini .. but why his face expression seems to be unhappy ? Is it dream or what ? I fed up with those youngsters in cn?

  15. Jayani


    Chandra Nandini latest news: Bindusar irked as Chandra (Rajat Tokas) gives royal place to Dharma and Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad)

    The upcoming twist of Star Plus’s show Chandra Nandini will show that Chandra will finally manage to take off the veil from Nandini’s face and see that she is his Nandini. Nandini has been playing a cat and mouse game with Chandra for so long but very soon, her veil will finally get removed by Chandra and he will be relieved to know that his Nandini is indeed alive.

    However, Chandra and Nandini’;s reunion will not be easy as Nandini will deny being Queen Nandini and she will insist that she is a commoner named Prabha. Nandini will want to go way from Chandra and will even decide to leave the palace. However, Chandra will not let Nandini go away from him this time around. Chandra will try every possible way to make Nandini recall her past and make her realize that she is his wife Nandini. Moreover, Nandini has been working as a maid in the palace since so long but Chandra will immediately give Nandini a royal place in the palace after knowing her identity.

    Because of Nandini, Dharam too will become free from her duty as a maid. Dharam is being harassed by Bindusar and Charumati at every step but all her worries will soon end as Chandra will free Dharma from her duties as a maid and will give her a new position in the palace. Bindusar will be irked by this and will plot and plan against both Nandini and Dharma. Stay tuned for latest news and future story updates on Chandra Nandini.

  16. This is the only serial I am watching ,that too for Rajat. Who cares about the stupid storyline, innumerable characters. ? . What a talented actor, It is blissful watching the emotions in his eyes. Only obligation to the makers, please show 4-5 scenes of Rajat daily. Enough.
    Then all of you are saying,why Chandra didn’t tell bindusara that,apama killed durdhara. I think, apama was proved as guilty only for her attempt to poison Nandhini. It is an assumption that she might have killed durdhara also, because the plan was similar. But, all the proofs were against Nandini, and her innocence not proved till now.
    So , I think this is the reason Chandra cannot disclose the matter to bindusara.

  17. Bindusar is a psycho as kid he killed Nandini. He should not be king he should be punished fore his deeds.Instead he is becoming future king. He is not thinking enough assuming Nandhini to be the killer of his mom. For that matter CGM as a king has a kid or two through every wife of his. But he only “loves” Nandini? And Bindusaar should call Nandini “maa”? What nonsense? If CGM loves Nandini so much he should have told the truth to Bindusar. Why save Apma so much? And Bindusaar and Charumati insulting Dharma is so stupid. Chanakya and company have no say in the matter. CGM is crazy. Next he will take sanyaas. Nandu does not have any kids eithter. Frankly Dharma should marry a prince who is nice to her . Not Bindu who is psycho and cruel as well. And as far as dasis go Brahmin ladies do not become dasis in king’s palaces unless the king is a brahmin too. The household where they cook meat and meat products is not a place where brahmin ladies stay and work. This is not 21st century.

  18. Jayani

    The hasn’t 2day’s epi nt posted yet??? Pl sum1 post it asap???

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