Mahek 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Karona slaps Mahek for Hiding Truth

Mahek 21st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nikki sees Pammi scolding Rohit for drinking too much. Nikki says is there a day where you people dont taunt and act cheap. Pammi says dont mess with me right now.

Shaurya’s prayer meet starts, Kanta says to Jeevan that Mahek left house without telling anyone, Dolly says we cant do sharad without her, Kanta asks Jeevan and Ravi to go search for her, Jeevan says Ravi has gone to deliver lunchboxes, I will go search for her if she doesnt comeback, dont tell anyone that she is not home. sheetal comes there and cries, she says oh God how can this happen with Mahek? how will she live alone? she hugs Karona and cries. Sheetal hugs Kanta and cries, Sheetal says call Mahek, we should be with her and support her, call her. Kanta says she is coming, sheetal says what do you mean? she is not home? how can she leave her husband’s sharad?

mahek is with Digvijay and says I cant go home, I have to find Shaurya. Digvijay says trust me, I will bring your Shaurya back, you are tensing your family. Mahek says family is doing shaurya’s sharad, how to tell them that he is not dead? I cant face their questions. Digvijay says we are tested in times where we are losing faith but you have to keep trust. Some girl brings parsad and gives to Mahek. Digvijay says its easy to lose faith but the one who keep hoping to win will get victory. Mahek nods, she gets down from car and comes to mandir, she prays for Shaurya’s safety, suddenly diya falls and blows off, Mahek thinks what kind of bad omen is this? Mahek gets tensed and thinks where are you Shaurya? Mahek comes to her street, people are taunting her for eating her husband. Mahek thinks that God is with Shaurya, nothing will happen to him. Mahek comes home,she is stunned to see Shaurya’s picture having garland and family doing prayer meet, she says no sharad will happen, my Shaurya is alive, she throws garland and diya away from Shaurya’s picture, Kanta says have you gone mad? Mahek says nothing has happened to my Shaurya. Priest says Shaurya’s soul wont get peace like this, Mahek says Shaurya is alive and I wont let his sharad happen. Karona shouts that Shaurya have left us, he wont comeback. Mahek says please understand, Shaurya is alive. Kanta says Shaurya is dead, he is not coming back, she tries to take off her marriage bangles but Mahek yells that Shaurya is alive, he needs our help, it was all drama, shaurya needs us. Sheetal says seems like Mahek have gone crazy. Mahek says I am saying shaurya is alive, it was all plan, but now something happened to shaurya, we have to find him, she gets jittery and leaves.

Ajay is in his room, he calls someone and says whole game is set. Nikki comes there and says Ajay is doing something, she asks Ajay what he is planning? Pammi comes there and says property papers are stolen, we can lose property, she looks at Nikki and says I knew she is a stealer, she could have taken it to rob us. Nikki says dont you dare. Ajay says tell me if you took the papers? Nikki says dont you dare talk to me that monkey like I am some pet of yours, papers are with me because I dont trust you people. ajay says you stole it and wants to get whole property? you are not trustworthy, Pammi says we should beat her, Ajay says we cant trust you, Nikki says I dont trust you people, you keep making plans, we had to go to lawyer but you were missing? Ajay says I had some work, Nikki says we are partners and you are hiding things from me? so I have hidden property papers, Ajay says I will keep remembering it, he leaves, Nikki thinks what plan ajay have?

Scene 2
Sheetal says to Kanta that its your fault that you couldnt let Mahek accept truth, she is a widow, Kanta says she is trauma, Karona says she will breakdown knowing truth. Sheetal says bring her to world or else she will go mad, make her listen to you by hook or crook, Balwant says we know what to do,dont lecture. Another guest says Mahek will go mad, Karona says let her go mad, we are all going mad. Jeevan thanks guests and ask them to leave, they leave. Dolly says Mahek has to accept the truth, they are not wrong.

Mahek looks at her and Shaurya’s picture with tears, she prays for Shaurya’s protection and asks God to bring her husband back, I dont want property. She gets call from Digvijay, he asks her to come outside house, its urgent, Mahek says maybe its about Shaurya. Mahek runs and is about to go out but Kanta grabs her wrist and glares at her, she asks where are you going? Mahek says Shaurya.. Kanta says stop this madness, Shaurya is dead. Mahek says please let me go, Kanta says you have to accept truth, you will go mad. Mahek says I am telling you Shaurya is alive, it was all plan, nothing happened to Shaurya but now it happened. Dolly says you are a widow, you cant wear these clothes, you have to wear white clothes, Mahek says I have to go, Shaurya is alive, Kanta doesnt leave her wrist, Jeevan comes there and asks Kanta to leave Mahek. Mahek says please understand, Shaurya is alive.. Divijay comes there and says Mahek is right, Shaurya is alive.

Ajay looks around in house. He comes in garden, Nikki follows him. He goes behind bushes and into the back storage. Nikki tries to look inside. She hides as Ajay comes out, he looks store room and leaves. Nikki calls her goon and asks him to bring key maker set here.

Jeevan says to Digvijay that I understand about Shaurya and Mahek but you also took part in this crazy plan. Divijay tells them how they faked Shaurya’s death to get property back. Mahek says it was all just plan and drama. Karona glares at Mahek, she slaps her across the face. Kanta tries to stop her but Jeevan shakes his head. Karona says didnt you get scared Mahek? not even for us?shaurya is mad, he is crazy about property but how could you take Shaurya’s side in this? Digvijay says please listen.. Karona says I am talking my family, not you, my daughter in law cheated me so I am asking her, she asks Mahek what did you get? are you happy now? did you get your property? you lost Shaurya too.

PRECAP- Mahek comes to Ajay’s house with police. Ajay says Shaurya has died, have you come to find his ghost here? Mahek says Shaurya is alive, and he is here, where is he? they went to jail so they have kidnapped Shaurya as revenge. Nikki says India’s biggest lawyer fooled everyone with fake plan, inspector you should arrest Mahek and investigate Digvijay for making false case of Shaurya’s murder. Digvijay and Mahek gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Priyankashaurya

    plzzzzzzzz hope and pray to god tht shaurya recovers fast….he is going through hernia oppresion………..pray that he come back fst lov u a lot karan miss u

    1. Aizaellahi

      really..!! ???

      who said u…I mean from where u got to know..?? ?

  2. Karan bhai jaldi thik ho jao.we need you

  3. What’s all this,,, they just dragging this drama,,, I am just fed up now,, plz stop all this nonsense,,, asap just end this track,,, the TRP is going low,,, see there are only two or three comments,,, so please stop this stupidity,,, plz

  4. Plz @itskaranvohra
    Come back soon as possible in zkm..
    No strength to watch zkm without you coz we want our shaurya is back….

    And we want our mehrya is back….
    Get well soon…
    Karan sir we will miss you..

  5. Karan Vohara i pray your operation is successful and that you have a over speedy recovery may you always have good health to a wonderful actor and to your family.

  6. This is only the first episode without Shaurya and I felt so bored… Not sure how will I watch 2 weeks without him… But I will because I don’t want his health issues to hamper his career….. I guess he had already gone through the surgery not I just wish for his very very quick recovery

  7. Shaurya get well soon dear. How will I watch ZKM without You. Come back soon

  8. I think they should arrest ajay n his mom for hiding the truth from mahek

  9. Depending on where and the type of hernia, these operations are not life and death. Many body builders go through this. Hope he is in the world famous Hernia hospital that just does . . . Only these operations. All the best.

    The challenged is on the writers to kerpnus happy enough and patient before his return.

  10. Guys, let’s pray they keep the show running without Karan. I don’t want to see this cancelled like Ek Duje Ke Vaaste.

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