Chanchan 3rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 3rd April 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 3rd April 2013 Written Update

-Umaben’s sons ask her why she fired Tushar bhai and now who will do all the work that he used to do. Who will take care of all the calculation and stuff. Umaben gives them file and says everything is written in it.

-Her sons still ask her what was the need to fire him? He was doing other work too. Umaben finally tells them she fired him because he indirectly insulted her and her husband. Sons still argue with her, but then Umaben’s husband’s takes her side and says she has rights to take decision in business as well.

-Himanshu brings a scary dog. Manav tells dog man to lock dog inside a room.

-On the other hand, Chanchan and her mum prepare cake for Manav. Chanchan’s mum teases Chanchan asking her to bring his photo as well.

-Chanchan comes to Manav’s place. Himanshu opens the door. Chanchan gives him the cake and He’s talking with her, and Manav acts as if he’s in pain. Himanshu tells her Manav is in a room where the dog is. As soon as she goes in, Manav locks the door.

-Chanchan screams and Manav and his friend are laughing. Suddenly there is a silence and Manav n his friend worry if anything happened to Chanchan. They open the door and dog comes running outside.

-Chanchan comes out after the dog with a smile on her face and Manav and Himanshu are shocked.

-She tells them that she is the one who trained that dog and when she saw him, she screamed in happiness. She also tells them after this she has no regret for whatever happened with them. They deserve that. She says, I even made cake and wrote sorry on it.. but I don’t think you deserved that.

-She says she could put dog behind them, but she won’t do that because she doesn’t want dog to suffer because of them.

-Chanchan, at her home, tells Purvi’s father that she will go and talk with Umaben. Purvi’s father says no, but Chanchan still goes.

-Chanchan comes at Umaben’s place. Manav is about to open the door, but then Himanshu throws a ball at him so he runs after him.

-Umaben sends her bahu away so she can talk alone with Chanchan.

-Chanchan gives her cake with sorry written on it, but Umaben says that she has diabetes.

-When they are having conversation, Chanchan calls her “Sethani”. Umaben says, I am not sethani. Chanchan says, I haven’t been taught to call elder people with their name. Umaben says, you learned that, but also learned how to insult elders with that.

Precap: Umaben tells Chanchan that she will forgive Purvi and her father and keep her father back on job.. if Chanchan takes all blame on herself and says that Purvi’s marriage broke because of her in a newspaper.

Update Credit to: DesiTvBox

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