Chanchan 25th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 25th March 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 25th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Kasturi ben with her granddaughter, Chanchan, coming to Sudha ben. Sudha ben is a matchmaker and is busy on the phone. Kasturi ben asks Sudha ben, do you want me pass away without seeing my granddaughter’s wedding? Sudha ben says, you won’t find groom by bringing your daughter here every dayin bride’s dress. It’s about a guy, not pizza that you order and it will be ready in 30 mins. Sudha ben laughs. Kasturi ben gets annoyed and says, if you can’t find a guy for her, then close your marriage bureau. Sudha ben says, have some patience.. God makes pairs. Kasturi ben says, so do you want me to wait for you to go the God and then sending who is match for Chanchan? Sudha ben says, don’t get angry.. everything has a time. and your Chanchan’s age of marrying is gone. However, I have a guy in mind. If you are ready to do couple of adjustments, then I can talk. Kasturi gets excited and says, you can talk. Sudha ben says wait, I will call him.

Sudha ben calls out, “YouYou”. Kasturi ben asks, YouYou? Sudha ben says, YouYou just like Chanchan.
Youyou comes out with a dog’s mask on his face. Kasturi ben gets scared and asks what is this? Sudha ben says, you said that your granddaughter love dogs. You do adjustments with his face and he will do adjustments with Chanchan’s age.


She wakes up and calls out her son, Karthik. She tells him that she saw very bad and weird dream. I saw in dream that our Chanchan is marrying with a dog. His whole body was human’s and face was dog’s. Karthik tells her to read Gayatri mantras so she doesn’t get scary dreams. He leaves.
Kasturi ben says to herself, what kind of father is him? No one has any tension about Chanchan’s marriage.

Scene shifts to a park where Chanchan aka Sanya Irani is playing with dogs.
Dogs are being nice to her as well and listen to whatever she says.

One of the dog’s owner comes to pick him up. Owner is surprised seeing dog doing Namaste and stuff. Chanchan says his training is done now. Owner gives money and leaves with dog.

Kasturi ben comes down and sees everyone laughing. She goes to Karthik, who is a painter, and asks, so you told everyone, right? Karthik says no. Kasturi ben says, don’t lie.. and so what.. if I saw dream like that. Everyone laughs louder now. Kasturi ben continues, you don’t worry about Chanchan’s marriage, but I do. She goes on, what a weird family I have. Here’s Chanchan’s age of marrying is passing and everyone is just busy with their own stuff.

She goes to Mrs. Karthik, who is a professor of History, and asks her, don’t you have any “chinta” (worry) about your daughter’s marriage? Mrs. Karthik says, there is only 1 letter difference in “Chinta” and “Chita”. You can see the history.. whenever things have to be done.. they will be done.

Rushali, daughter of Karthik, calls Dadi (Katuri ben) for breakfast. Dadi asks her, what is this? you made “tatta” on sandwich too? Rushali says, it’s tattoo.. and I am famous tattoo maker of Ahmedabad. Dadi says, what world has came to! Rushali says, you also have tattoo on your hand. Dadi says, it’s not your tattoo.. it’s religious text. read full updates with pics daily only at Karthik’s son comes there with a camera and asks Dadi to say “cheese”. Dadi says, I don’t want it. Karthik’s son says, this cheese means smile. Dadi says, don’t take my photos.. you always take bad photographs of me. Karthik’s son says, it’s my goodness that I take human’s photos.. otherwise I am wildlife photographer. And your photographs can never be bad because you’re like a “sherni” of a jungle. Dadi smiles and feels shy and says, your Daddu used to same thing. She lets him take photographs now.

Dadi asks where is Chanchan? Chanchan enters with her dogs. Dadi says, here comes dog’s trainer who doesn’t worry about her own marriage. Karthik’s son says, she is preparing for her marriage. Dadi asks how? He says, right now she is training dogs, after marriage, she will train her husband. Dadi says, don’t take me lightly. Chanchan says, I heard you saw a dream of me marrying a dog. She goes to Dadi and says, I would be fine if I have to marry a dog. Dadi says, this was left to say.. what a weird granddaughter I have. read full updates daily with pics only at She tells Karthik, everything is happening because of you.. you bring a dog for her on her birthdays. Now bring a good guy for him. She tells Mrs. Karthik, you taught her how to ride a bike, when will you teach her how to make roti? Mrs. Karthik says, when I came here.. I didn’t know anything but you, being a mother, taught me everything.. who knows maybe Chanchan finds mother-in-law like you as well. Dadi says, I hope her mother-in-law understands her.. otherwise…

Chanchan says, chill out family and reminds everyone that they have to go to Purvi’s marriage. She goes to get “PuchPuch” ready otherwise Purvi won’t marry.

Chanchan’s friends are getting ready for the marriage. One friend asks to call Chanchan and ask where she is.
Chanchan is getting a dog ready and then takes Puchpuch’s photographs.
She gets a call and realizes that she is getting late. She says to Puchpuch, I made you ready, but forgot to get ready myself.
She picks up the phone and says, I will be there in 15 mins.
Chanchan and Puchpuch on the scooty, going to Purvi’s place.

Chanchan’s friends are angry at Chanchan as she said 15 mins and still didn’t come. Right then Chanchan arrives with Puchpuch. As girls see Puchpuch, all their anger disappear.

One of the friends ask Chanchan if she brought readymade saarees as they don’t feel comfortable in regular saarees. Chanchan opens the box and gives them readymade saarees. She says, they are like skirt. You can get ready in 5 mins. Chanchan’s friends tell them, you just don’t understand our problem, but have a solution for them as well.
They all get ready and take photographs.

They get a call from Purvi who is very nervous because of her marriage. She asks them if they can go to temple and bring prasad for her so she can break her fast and then get married.
Chanchan with one of her friends go to temple and other two go to the marriage location.

They arrive at the temple and priest tells them that it’s closed.
Chanchan requests and tries to convince priest to open the temple, but priest doesn’t listen.
He says, Vishnu (God) has slept.. I can’t wake him up.
Right then, a rich lady (Supriya Pathak) comes there. She gives some money to the priest and priest says, he will arrange something for her.
Chanchan is shocked and asks priest, you were just saying that temple is closed because Vishnuji is sleeping and now? Priest doesn’t know what to say.
The rich lady asks Chanchan, haven’t you heard that only Laxmi can wake Vishnuji up?
Chanchan tells priest, this is wrong.. how can you do this? and that too at religious place like temple?
Rich lady tells Chanchan, you’re too young to teach us what is right and what is wrong.

Chanchan says, I am younger that is why saying.. what we learn from the elders? That you should bribe people?
Rich lady says, not just age, but you’re thinking is also “choti”. You’re saying bribery to “pavitra” money given to priest.
Chanchan’s friend apologizes to rich lady and asks her if they can go to temple with her. Rich lady hears Chanchan’s friend telling her to leave otherwise Purvi’s fast will be incomplete.
Rich lady says, you can enter the temple, but don’t forget that your friend’s fast will be complete because of me.
Chanchan’s friend says, you’re right aunty.. thank you.
Rich lady asks Chanchan, won’t you say thank you?
Chanchan thanks aunty.
Aunty says, God bless everyone, but after me.
Rich lady goes in.

Chanchan’s friend tells her, what kind of woman is her? I hope Purvi doesn’t get mother-in-law like this. Chanchan says, I hope no one gets mother-in-law like her.

Purvi is talking with Puchpuch. She asks Puchpuch if she is looking beautiful. Her friends tell her you look beautiful but Purvi still don’t believe. Chanchan and her other friend also arrive there now. Chanchan tells her, you look beautiful.. whoever sees you today, will just keep staring at you.. Purvi says, if you’re saying, then I must be looking beautiful. All 5 friends get emotional thinking about Purvi’s marriage.
Chanchan then gives temple’s prasad to Purvi.

Purvi’s friends then gift Purvi an expensive necklace of 1.25 lakh which she always wanted. Purvi asks her how did you arrange that much money? One of the friends says, we all took out 25 thousands. Purvi asks, you’re 4 and that makes 1 lakh .. what about other 25 thousands? They says, 25 thousands from your kitty bank as we have decided we will contribute same in everything. All 5 friends hug.

Chanchan says, don’t know when we will be able to hug like this together.

Necklace is in Chanchan’s scooty’s. She goes to get it.
A rich guy comes out for a car.
In her way, she clashes with that guy. Guy starts sneezing.
Chanchan asks him, excuse me.. don’t you have any manners?
Guy takes off his goggles and stares at Chanchan.

Episode ends.

Precap: Rich guy telling Chanchan, this is a wedding hall, not dog walk. Chanchan says, dog’s name is Puchpuch. Rich guy and his friends start laughing.
Chanchan’s friend says, leave it Chanchan.
Guys laugh harder now saying one Puchpuch and other Chanchan.
Chanchan gets serious and laugh disappear frm guys faces.
In another scene, Purvi’s father introduces rich lady (same as temple one) as their malkin to Chanchan and Chanchan is shocked.

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