Gurbani 22nd March 2013 Written Episode Update

Gurbani 22nd March 2013 Written Episode, Gurbani 22nd March 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with yestday’s scene. Happy’s toy helicopter falls on Rajji’s brother. He throws it back and it breaks. Rajji’s mom rebukes him. Poor Happy is in tears as his favourite toy is broken. Rajji confronts her brother but instead he tells her to behave a small sister. All try to pacify Happy. Rajji goes near the wall but immediately stops when her grandmother questions her.

Happy goes to his room and cries. Bani tries her best to pacify the kid in a cute way. Bani tells him to have faith in God coz when God gives he gives in abundance. Bani tells him to stop crying as she will repair his helicopter. Desho looks thoughtful.

Later at night, Bani’s dad returns home. He notices her foul mood and asks the reason but Desho says let go. She tells him that Sukhi has returned from Canada and she bought alot of gifts. She narrates the incident that took place at afternoon. Bani’s dad looks tired but Desho goes on cribbing that due to Nirveil’s fault they are suffering. Bani tries diverting the topic and says that she’ll get the tub hot water for her Dad. Desho places a tub of hot water so that Bani’s dad could place his feet in it.

Meanwhile, Bani’s Dad asks the kids about the gifts they received. All the kids show him their gifts. Papa Ji asks Bani also and she shows him her gifts. The family share good moments as they play by putting their feet in the tub. Desho sadly looks at everything. (BG Music- Saiyaan new version) Bani and Desho look at eachother. Desho goes behind the house where there’s a huge stack of hay. She clears the mess only to reveal an aeroplane. She tells Bani that this was put up on their house when Nirveil had gone to Canada. But eventually they had to remove it when he returned. Desho says its time to put it where it belongs. Bani looks on. Desho says that she wants to see her daughter happily married to a NRI. Whatever happens, Bani’s marriage will take place in an NRI family. People have only seen Sukhi’s richness but she has seen Sukhi’s happiness.

At the same time, Scene shifts to Rano who is standing infront of the mirror where she recalls the moments where was getting dressed for her wedding. She asks her husband whether he’ll be back and wont forget her. Her hubby says that even 200 births are not enough to forget her. He slowly goes away leaving Rano in tears. (flashback scenes Past)
Present: Rano takes off her jewellery (BG: saiyaan sad version) She says that people are mad who think that she is insane. But its them who are insane and who think that Balbeer Ji wont ever return. She says that he will return. Rano silently cries while Desho kisses Bani lovingly.

Rajji slowly sneaks out of her house and goes near the wall. She removes the bricks and looks around but there’s no sign of Bani. She sees a shadow and immediately places the brick in place.

Rajji walks towards the terrace where Bani is trying to repair Happy’s helicopter. Bani is surprised to see her there and says that she shouldnt be here. If anyone sees them then they would be a problem. Rajji says that there’s only one person who can repair this toy and thats Sohun. Bani says he very arrogant. Rajji says that only he can fix this and bring a smile on Happy’s face. Bani tells her to leave or else she herself would go.

Next day, Happy tries playing with the toy but it doesnt work. Bani says that he could play even without the remote. Happy disagrees. Desho leaves for some work. At the fields, Bani’s Dad and Sohun are having a talk regarding the tractor. Suddenly, Sohum’s friend runs towards them, screaming on top of his voice that ‘she’s coming.’. Papa Ji asks who is coming. Sohum’s friend immediately shuts up on seeing him. Bani reaches the spot and tells Papa Ji that she has got lunch for them. Papa Ji says he’ll have it later and leaves. Sohum is busy with his work. Bani says that she has got lunch for him as well. Sohum doesnt reply. Bani shows him the toy and requests him to fix it. But Sohum says he is quite busy. A dejected Bani thinks that she was a fool to believe Rajji. She turns to leave but Sohum tells her to leave the toy here itself. Bani is happy and says ‘thank you Ji’. Sohum looks on with a small smile.


Update Credit to: PristineSoul

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