Chanchan 17th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 17th September 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 17th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Matilal and Umaben telling his friend that they were about to say about Manav. His friend says I can’t say yes for this proposal. Maansi becomes sad. Rupali says I will leave now. She says I did my work and laughs. Manav stops them and says I request you, you can’t punish my family because of me. They say we can’t spoil our lives because of you. They apologize and leaves. Chhan Chhan calms down Maansi. Everyone become sad. Manav asks Maansi to forgive him as this happened because of him. Manav says I m not able to look into your eyes. Maansi says you don’t need to tell this, I m not crying. She says my family is important to me, I saw you all pleading them, so I felt bad. She says I will maary there who respects my family because my family matters the most for me. Maansi cries and Manav hugs her.

Manav comes to his room and gets a call from Rupali. Manav shouts on her. Rupali flirts with him. She says you don’t understand my feelings. She says this is the answer what you did to me. She laughs and says sorry. Chhan Chhan comes in the room and sees Manav angry. He says Rupali called and she is speaking the same way. Chhan Chhan says think what we have to do, we have to find out Harish. Manav tells her everything. Chhan Chhan tells some idea to Manav and he agrees. Manav goes to the doctor who said Harish died. The doctor screams. Manav says I have seen Harish. Manav says I will pay you the double. The doctor does not listen to Manav. Manav warns him saying I won’t leave now. The doctor calls Harish and says I can’t bear anything now. He tells him about Manav’s warning. The doctor says I want my money also.

Harish and the doctor have an argument. Harish asks the doctor to come to his house and take the money. Manav hears them talking and follows them. Manav takes the video in which the doctor and Harish admit their activities. The doctor laughs and says Manav has to go to jail. Harish says Rupali is doing all this. Manav comes to Rupali and shows her the proof which he has. Rupali sees the video and is shocked. Manav says you gave me time to change my decision, but I will show this video in court tomorrow. He warns Rupali and leaves.

Umaben asks everyone to have food. Dada ji says we are sad and don’t feel hungry. Matilal says we feel bad for Manav. Manav is not eating food since two days. Manav comes and asks Chhan Chhan to serve him food. Dada ji says we were waiting for you. Manav says our problem is going to solve soon. He tells them everything that Harish is alive. Everyone are shocked. Manav shows them the video. Everyone smile. Manav says this is the proof that I will present in the court. Umaben says I knew it that you will keep us away from worries. Everyone have dinner.

Manav is not able to sleep and looks at Chhan Chhan sleeping. Tum ho paas mere…. song plays in the background as he smiles seeing Chhan Chhan. Chhan Chhan wakes up and talks to him. Manav smiles. Chhan Chhan holds his hands and sleeps. The next morning, Umaben is doing the puja with her bahus and everyone. Manav and Chhan Chhan join the puja. Umaben does Manav’s tilak and blesses him success. Manav says I want to get Rupali pay for this. Matilal saus Rupali knows that you have the proof, so be careful. Mokut says you leave with Chhan Chhan, we will meet you in the court. Some goons stand on the road and stop Manav.

Chhan Chhan says I think they are not workers. The goons comes to Manav. Chhan Chhan and Manav gets tensed. The guys point gun at Manav. Manav and Chhan Chhan get down the car. The goons take Manav’s phone. Manav says I won’t give. The goons starts beating Manav and Chhan Chhan. Manav faints. The goons take Manav’s phone and leaves. Chhan Chhan also gets hurt and faints, she gets up and sees Manav lying unconscious. He says they took my phone. Chhan Chhan shots for help. She says I will take you to hospital.

Manav says I have thought what I will do now. He says there is no option now. I have to agree with Rupali.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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