Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 17th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 17th September 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 17th September 2013 Written Update

Part 1
Episode starts with Rachna talking with Shail abt having faith in herself. Shail is confident Rachna will win and her father is standing by herside. Shail tells her to make sure she doesn’t for get to seek gods blessing before leaving. Rachna is dreaming of winning and owning her own store “Rachna’s Creations”
Gunjan enters and tells Rachna to make sure she gets everything and tells Rachna abt her going to Mumbai for her second honeymoon. Rachna tells her to seek seema permission.

Mayank is talking to his boss abt going home. He is told he can’t go there is lots of work to do. Gunjan goes to talk to seema but she’s busy. Hopak and prabhu enters and gunjan goes to serve them. Seema ask gunjan if she’s not going to collage she comes up with some excuse Shail tells her she should go and so does prabhu. Seema is wondering what is gunjan up to not wanting to go to collage. She is asking seema to go to mayank in mumbai indirectly. Shail tells to eat breakfast and get ready for collage. Gunjan is wondering what to and she pretend to fall and hurt her ankle and is in pain. She ask Rachna to take her to her room but Shail and prabhu says she must go to collage. Rachna takes her to her room and she tells Rachna she’s only acting to get to go Mumbai. Gunjan shows Rachna how to walk on stage.

Part 3
Rachna tells gunjan that designers don’t go on stage they are in back stage. Gunjan tells her u never know when she is called upon and should make an impression for the first impression is her last. They practice walking together. Shail is telling dyal to make sure they have everything for Rachna competition. Shial ask dyal if all is ok he say yes. Dyal finds his medication on the floor Shail get upset he’s not taking care of himself. He’s says he already promised Rachna and he will fulfill. Gunjan gets a txt from mayank and promises to be there with or without anyone permission.
Seema and prabhu is planning to go to the temple for mayank birthday.

Part 4
Gunjan overhears and wonder what to do. She goes to seema in the kitchen and tries to ask her to help her but seema refuses. She indirectly tries to ask her to go to Mumbai again but seema tells her they are going to the temple to get ready. Gunjan goes to seema to try and persuade her but still doesn’t get permission.
Rachna is in her room gunjan comes and tells her that she’s going to Mumbai. Rachna asked if seema is allowing her to go gunjan says it’s of no use to ask for permission because it will be no. Rachna thinks it’s a bad idea.

Precap: gunjan is leaving with Rachna everyone is outside Shail gives Kerr to Rachna. Rachna hugs gunjan and tells her to be careful. It’s night and gunjan sneaks out of the house saying mayank I am coming.

Update Credit to: shenramdass

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