Chanchan 15th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 15th April 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 15th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chhanchan being asked to stare Manav keeping an eye in eye like a game. Chhanchan moves forward. Manav comes close to her. They start staring at each other. Chhanchan taunts him and he lids his eyes. They fingerpoint each other.
Himanchu plays a song while Chhanchan and Manav continue staring each other. Chhanchan and everyone around dances on the beats.

Manav tells that he wants to narrate a story and asks everyone to sit. He says it is not a filmy story but a real story of a jungle. 100 years ago, there used to be people living in the jungle and a dog has bitten a man and the man died. But the village people didn’t burn him but cremated in grave. From then, whoever comes with a dog, the man wakes up from the grave to take the revenge of his death.

Manav says his story is not yet over. Chhanchan starts leaving. She says she is not going from there because his story was horrific but because it was boring.
Chhanchan’s friend goes along with her. Himanchu tells Manav that he has made a good story. Manav says you have to see what happens next.

Manav’s father praises the food Umaben’s daughter-in-law prepared. She says that she is always in favour of everyone but today she is thinking only about herself. She has a old debt which she had to clear. her daughter-in-laws have prepared three types of Raspuris in order to get his praise. He tells Umaben to tell them that they have made good raspuris.

Scene shifts to Chhanchan’s house:

Chhanchan’s mother Maithali makes mango juice. Chhan chhan’s Dadi tells her that she has not out sugar in it and tells that if Chhanchan gets such mother-in-law, it will be good as she also ignores such petty mistakes. Poorvi and Aashka comes there and say they would have not done this to Umaben. Now she will not let their computer classes work. Maithali and Dadi gives them encouragement.
Chhanchan’s father says people used to laugh on his paintings but now people wants them.

Everyone misses Chhanchan. Dadi asks them to call chhanchan. Aashka says there is no need to talk as Chhanchan is going to come tomorrow.

Scene shifts to Umaben’s house:

Umaben comes out of her room and her three daughter-in-laws are standing in a queue for her in order to ask who made the best raspuri. Umaben says why they have made individually. They all make some excuse.
Umaben says that her husband like the raspuri which the eldest bahu has made. She says her husband did not like what Ranjana made as her hand is also painful.

Umaben gives work to Ranjana of stitching fall to the 15 sarees. She behaves with partiality towards Ranjana.

Scene shifts to Chhanchan:

Chhanchan is thinking and caressing the Anarkali. She is taking care of Anarkali as she should not get lost in the jungle. Her friend is fearing because of Manav’s story.
Himanshu and Manav change the sign boards of toilets. Chhanchan thinks she will go to washroom before sleeping. Manav is anxiously waiting for her.
As she opens the door of the washroom, Manav scares her. Anarkali runs away due to Chhanchan shouting voice. Chhanchan goes behind Anarkali.

Manav thinks he has won as the revenge got over. Anarkali runs fast towards the jungle.
Manav thinks that Chhanchan has left a snake on him. Chhanchan finally reaches Anarkali. They both fall into the lake as Chhanchan slips. She shouts and Manav hears her scream.
Manav comes there running in full speed.
Manav sees Chhanchan drowning in the water, so he too jumps in the lake in order to save her.
Manav saves Chhanchan by bringing her out of the water. He them jumps back to save Anarkali.

Chhanchan gets up and looks Manav. She asks where is anarkali. He says she is fine. Chhanchan hugs and kissed Anarkali.
Manav says he is sorry as he was just scaring her. He did not want to hurt her and Anarkali.
Chhanchan says that he is allergic to dogs even then he saved Anarkali’s life.

Abhi mujh me kahin.. song plays. Chhanchan stares at Manav seeing his humanity. They sneeze together.
The episode ends here.

Chhanchan is talking to her brother.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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  1. Wow i love chan chan she is so pretty! and this serial is my fav!

    1. Thats great! mee too

  2. Cc looks jst like a barbie doll.I like her.

  3. I love chanchan she is my fav I watch all her series

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