Kya Hua Tera Vaada 15th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 15th April 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 15th April 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Mona’s and vihaan’s residence
Bulbul and are very angry and irritated at each other, after they both keep trying each other’s number anf inally get through. He asks if it was something important. She fumbles but then asks whats his reason. he said he called just like that. She said she too just like that. While both are eager to talk, but noone wants to take the first move. finally he says that he knows she wanted to hear his voice. But she refuses. He says that he wanted to hear hers anyway. She says that now can she keep the phone. He says that now there’s a problem, he has heard her voice, but now he want to meet her too. He asks her to hurry up, as he wont wait long.

Scene 2:
Location: Anushka’s residence
Anika comes at the breakfast table, and asks the butler who the extra plate is laid out for. When rano tells anushka’s daughter, anika, that she’s expecting her brother, hence the extra plate laid out, they get into a verbal scuffle, where anika keeps lowering her so down and insulting her and her family badly. unable to take it any longer, anika is told the truth about her background by rano, that she actually was from an orphanage, and that she herself is far better off than anika, as she had parents and a good upbringing atleast, unlike anika who was taken from and hails from a childhood spent in an orphanage. when anika refuses to believe her, rano asks anika to go inside and ask her mother herself. Horrified that she knows it, Anika goes inside anushka’s room.

while anushka tries to ward her off citing a headache, anika confronts anushka about what rano told her. Anushka is shocked but calmly tells anika to stop believing anything anyone says. but on continued insistence of anika whether anushka told rano or not, anushka blurts out that she indeed told rano, as she was at a loss of words, to explain anika’s relationship with her. anika reprimands anushka for this and asks her is she’s ashamed of her daughter. Anushka, dealing with tremendous stress lately, tells aniuka that he is in fact ashamed, and had to give birth to her in helplessnes, as she wouldnt have otherwise, if she had another option. In vengeance, she goes onto tell her the entire story of her conceiving, and then pradeep getting married to mona, her pregnancy at an advanced stage that it couldnt be aborted, without risking her own life. Hearing all mother speak spitefully of her, anika storms out of the room. after she’s gone, anushka realises the implication of what she just did. She reprimands herself for letting her stress for mona get over her, and cloud her judgement and reasoning. she pacifies herself saying that she would apologize to anika once her anger has calmed down, and win her over.

Scene 3:
Location: Mona’s and anushka’s residence
while mona and her mother engage in family banter, they are surprised to see anika standing on their door, after mona opens the door, hearing the doorbell ring. Her mother asks mona to throw anika out of the house in hushed tone, after she insulted them so badly, but mona says that she cant be that rude, and would atleast listen to her purpose of coming here. As she turns around to talk to anika, unaware of her presence, mona’s father in law walks in and is surprised to see anika sitting there. Befoe anyone can say anything, anika clarifies that she is highly apologetic for the way she treated them and her misbehaviour. She says that from very early on, she was instilled with hatred for them, by anushka and she grew up with that only. Mona’s father in law, curtly says that whatver may be the reason she’s saying all this, he would still find himself unable to believe her, and goes out of the room. Mona tries to pacify anika saying that whatever may be the case, she should go back to her mother, and should no leave the house in such haste. But anika is convinced that she has her own reasons for leaving the house, which she cant tell them, but she would neevr step foot in her mother’s house again. Mona is tensed that anika has left her house, and she’s new here, so doesnt know anyone too. she decides that she cant let her be alone like this and asks her to stay back. Bulbul comes out of her room and is surprised to see anika there. Mona asks bulbul to keep anika company while she gets coffee for them. Mona tries to tell anika that she doesnt like her mom, anushka, but she is after all anika’s mom, and would be worried that she’s left the house. But anika is very agitatedly determined that she wont go back nor taalk to heer mother, as she hates her. Mona calms her down, and asks her to have dinner.

Meanwhile, Anushka gets mona’s call, and is very scared if mona knows about the fire incident. she wonders what to do. She picks up her call. Mona is about to tell her but anushka tries to clarify that she isnt behind any conspiracy. mona asks her to relax and tells her about the daughter, but anushka refuses to believe her saying that she is just conspirating because mona’s daughter is here. mona tries to give the phone to anika, but anushka hears her own daughter screaming to mona that she doesnt want to taalk to her mother, as she hates her. Hearing this anushka cancels the phone and is very upset.

In bulbul’s room, Anika thinks that these people are very good, and they have forgiven her so easily even after what she did to them, and doubts her mother’s hatred for them. She thinks that now only one person remains, who she has to apologize to. She calls up and asks about her sir, and is told that he has gone out. when anika uses the mirror along with bulbul, she says that she’s beginning a new life with someone, and wants to start afresh. She teases bulbul if she is dressed up for that same hospital guy. bulbul blushes. Anika says that just like her, she too needs to dress up as she too is in love, with the same man, who she ditched at the altar, as she now realises his worth, who used to keep track of even her minutest details, and whims and fancies, and what she wanted when. Bulbul sympathises with her. Bulbul says that its a strange coincidence that they have realised their love today, and they wish each other the best of luck in their love life, without realising that they are in love with the same man. The screen freezes on their faces.

PRECAP: As bulbul and anika approach vihaan together, bulbul is shocked when anika throws herself into hi amrs, and tells him how much she missed him. He too is equally shocked and doesnt understand what to say to bulbul who is baffled aat this recent development.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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