Chanchan 10th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 10th September 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 10th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chhan Chhan asking Mokut did Manav get bail. He says yes, we can take him home. Chhan Chhan sees Manav and he looks sad. She holds his hand and give him her support. They leave from the police station. The reporters discuss about Manav. They question Manav. Chhan Chhan says let him go. Manav gets angry and shouts on the reporters. Rupali sees this and smiles. Kaumudi and everyone talk about Rupali and her deeds. Sanjana says she was Manav’s friend. Kaumudi says its good Chhan Chhan told us everything. Dada ji says don’t talk about Rupali infront of Manav. Manek says Manav got bail, he will be on the way. Manav comes home. Dada ji hugs him. Matilal says don’t worry, we are with you, we know it was an accident, we won’t let anything happen to you, we will fight and win the case.

Chhan Chhan asks Manav does he want to say anything. She asks him to share his feeling with her as she can’t see him sad. Manav says I can’t get out of the thing that someone died because of me. He says its like a big burden on me, I m feeling suffocated. Rupali calls Manav. He talks to her. She says how are you feeling at home, I hope you are feeling good, this is only for few days, she says my offer is open now, change your decision and I will change your fate. Chhan Chhan says I know what she said. She says don’t think anything, take rest. Chhan Chhan makes him eat food. A song plays in the background.

The next morning, Kaumudi asks Mokut to have breakfast. He says he does not want to. Matilal says why are everyone sad. Matilal says even I don’t want to have food but I will have food for all of you, and you should do the same, eat for your loved ones. Few women come from Umaben’s ladies social club. Matilal says Umaben is not at home. They say we came here to say that Umaben cannot be our head now as we did not hear anything positive about your family. Manav hears this and becomes sad. Everyone are shocked. The women leave. Manav says I can’t bear this, my family is getting insulted because of me. Mokut says its true, we are also sad, but you are not alone, we are together. We can do anything for you. Manav says Rupali is doing this. Chhan Chhan says we will fight against Rupali. She asks him to trust himself.

Rupali is happy about Manav’s state. She talks to the broker and says she is happy and close to victory. He says I need some money. She says you will get it soon. Chhan Chhan talks to the lawyer and says Manav is innocent. Mokut says we can prove that Harish was not our client. The lawyer says Manav has beaten Harish in the police station and he did his accident. He says if Harish’s wife pardons Manav, try it, no other option. Manav says I want to say her sorry. Chhan Chhan says we will go and meet her. Rupali comes to Harish’s house. He says she brought money and its a reason to celebrate. Rupali praises him for working so well.
Chhan Chhan comes there and meets Harish’s wife. His wife also acts and says he has killed my husband, why did you come here. She scolds Chhan Chhan. Chhan Chhan says it was an accident, my husband did not want to kill your husband, it was your husband’s mistake, and my husband is suffering because of it. Chhan Chhan asks for her help. Harish’s son brings a wine bottle. Chhan Chhan says maybe he was drunk while he was driving. Chhan Chhan says tell this in court, Manav will be saved.

Chhan Chhan says I will pay your kid’s fees and gives her some money for telling the trith in court. The woman agrees. Chhan Chhan thanks her. Rupali and Harish say they got saved as Harish saw Chhan Chhan coming. Rupali asks Harish not to duble croos her and gives him much money. She tells him what he has to do. Manav tells everyone what the lawyer said. Chhan Chhan comes home and tells everyone that Harish used to drink wine and I asked his wife to tell this in court and she agreed. Everyone are relaxed.

Harish’s wife speak against Manav and Chhan Chhan and cries. Chhan Chhan sees her wearing Mangalsutra.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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