Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 10th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 10th September 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 10th September 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Nandi looking for flowers for Mahadev for the vtrat. A Dana comes and tells him that his father is sick and has called him urgently. Nandi says that he will go only after collecting the flowers and giving them to Mahadev.
Mahadev who is hearing all this says that Nandi you are a great devotee but you still have to learn the significance of service and devotion
At Nandi’s father’s house it is shown that Nandi’s father is very happy to see Nandi and he says that he is feeling healthy again after seeing him. Nandi feeds him and nurses him. Father says that he has a wish he wishes to sleep. Nandi says today he will get to sleep peacefully. Father asks for a promise that Nandi wont go till he wakes up. Nandi Promises
At Kailash Nandi is shown bringing the flowers. Devi Parvati says why he has not left for home as his dad is sick. Nandi says he will leave after giving flowers to Mahadev. Parvati asks him to give the flowers to her and go
Nandi reaches home and sees another Nandi on his father’s bedside. The others nandi transforms into Mahadev ( one on the bed side)
Nandi is overwhelmed and says this is a wonderful momenta wonderful moment. I understood three things in this moment. A son saw that Mahadev’s hand is on his father’s head. A devotee understood that his Lord is there with him always and a desipple understood that his Guru’s gaze is on him forever. Though he is busy A wise man could have written a Puran on this moment
Mahadev says why is this moment so wonderful? Because you are experiencing something at that why?. But all moments are wonderful.
Know this Nandi that my hand is always on your and all devotee’s head now and forever . When a devotee thinks of the Lord, the Lord thinks of him but when the devotee is not thinking of the Lord the Lord is still thinking of him. Every moment . Yes I am busy. Busy from the start of time to the end of time on taking care of devotees. He tells Nandi to rest as all devotees should rest in the knowledge that someone is there to look after.
Devi Parvati is shown plucking flowers and Andhak comes towards her. Andhak’s consciousness tells him to move forward. Parvati is glad to see him and says so. Andhak says that as she had asked him to come to Himalayas so he has . He is feeling very good. All pain has vanished. Parvati says she will get a hut made for him so that he can come and stay whenever he wishes. Andhak says he can rest under a tree. But Parvati insists
Then she summons Shukracharya and tells him that she has found a student for him and to exept Andhak as his student.
Shukracharya looks through his inner eye and sees all he happenings of the past aHe sees who is Andhak and what is in his heart

Shukra asks Mahadev how in the circumstances he can teach Andhak. Mahadev tells him to do as Parvati has asked

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizaada

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