Chanchan 10th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 10th April 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 10th April 2013 Written Update

The epi starts with umaben entering the computer classes and says that she is also a student and take her photo also. Then scwne shifts to chanchan where she is taking anarkali and suddenly bump into manav who starts sneezing,chanchan scolds him and tell why he always follow her. To which he reply tha he is not as this tent is alloted to him,but chanchan argue and both simple and himanshu reach and try stop them then manav make fun of anarkali. They start fighting for the tent himanshu told anav the he exchanged the tent to watch simple. Then both get embarrased and chanchan leave from there . Manav and himanshu went for search of mansi lover.


Umaben join the class and purvi luk shock .Umaben insults putvi infron of everyone. Shr tells her that she sould take chanchan with her for doing anything as she had done this before.
Because of umaben insult every student start questioning her and leave from there.
Scene shifts to mansi and chanchn bro and manav reaches there and ask what they r doing and after that leave from there.


Chanchan amd simple arranging snacks and talking about purvi classes manav and himanshu reaches simple and himanshu move aside. Chancan turns and find manav and complains why je was listening jer talk
Manav ask for every members details records but she refused and latet hand him the tecords .She notices the gun and
shout and everyone gathers manav tales out and target chanchan she said dont kill her.(funny and gid scene). she sees poloce car coming and shouts for help.Poloce ask manav to put down the gim but he denies aand sjoots oy but it does not happen as it was lighter .Everyone laughs chanchan gets angry

Epi ends.

All playing truth and dare manav got and chancham announcrs she will give the task…

Update Credit to: cute00ish

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